Brothers Wedding

Asshole Brothers wedding 

So as I pulled the big bike into the parking lot of the hotel that I had reserved for this nightmare of a week ahead of me I for the life of me could not understand why he invited me to his wedding and he even asked me to be the best man. Now for a little history, my brother and me were never close and I mean never. He is a few yers older than me and he felt this gave him license to torture me my whole life. He was the absolute worst and I just kept putting ups with it. Finally I graduated high school and I left the small city that I grew up in to get the fuck away from all this shit. I went to university and after that graduated I was able to finally secure a very decent job. Then later in life after the parents had passed away I had no reason now to ever return to the home city which is where this dick head never left. I have other family living there but due to this asshole in the area I did not visit them either. Years passed without so much as a hello word passed between the two of us. He had had a few failed marriages. I on the other hand was living the bachelor life and bouncing from one bed so to say to the next. Then in my early 40’s I really struck it lucky and I won a huge lottery that finished my working life and I was now living the dream. I traveled the work and so to say I had a different lady in every port. Hell for that matter I had a different lady for every night in a different port. I made a few friends that were friends and not just there for my money and parties. One thing I will admit I kind of wanted to rub in my good fortune to this asshole. So when out of the blue I got the wedding invite and the request to stand up for this dick I actually accepted the invite. Yes in the back of my mind I had all kinds of evil plans to ruin his week and especially the big day but little did I know that other pans were in the works that I was not going to have to do anything but enjoy the train wreck that was about to happen. 

I parked the big black Harley under the entrance carport and I grabbed the packed leather bag off the back seat of the bike. I through the bag up over my shoulder and I walked into the lobby of the, actually, very nice hotel for this city. I approached the front desk and registered. I requested a safe place to park the bike and the very pretty young girl signaled for the porter to take my bag to my room and that she herself would show me how to get my bike into a safe secure spot in the hotel’s underground. I could not help but notice that this pretty young girl had a rocking body and her ass was definitely on display in her skin tight skirt that she was wearing. After I parked up the bike she had waited for me and I noticed that she was actually flirting with me and I was for sure not letting that effort go to waste as I returned the flirts back. We entered the elevator and when the doors open on the lobby floor she pushed the penthouse floor for me to continue up to my room. Before she left the elevator she slipped a business card to me and I noted on the back was a cell number. I was certain that this number was her personal number and not the work number. The doors closed and I leaned back against the rear of the lift. I took note of my well defined physic in the mirror opposite me and I was quite proud of the body that I had sculpted over the years in the gyms and good eating habits. I was for sure not looking my age of mid forties. 

I hit the shower in my room that turned out to be very nice. It was actually a suite and it was very well stocked with everything that a playboy like myself was going to need to have a very active week. I cleaned up put on some cologne and headed down to the bike. This night there was a meet and greet for the families of this shit show that was about to take place. 

I arrived at the appointed time and restaurant not really expecting to much. I identified the party I was looking for to the hostess and she guided me to the rear of the restaurant where then gathering was taking place. I noticed the bar to the left as soon as I entered the room and I made a beeline for it. I shot back a hit of Johnny Black and ordered a rye and coke. I leaned against the bar to survey the room before I made too much of an entrance. I could see the dip shit at the bar and he was talking to a lot of people. Right off I had to smile as I could see that he had not changed he was still an overweight piece of shit with long hair that I noticed he was thinning a lot. He was not wearing a great outfit and it was miss sized to his body as I am sure it would have challenged the best of tailors to get him a normal fit. I recognized some relatives that I had not seen in a very long time and there was a few old people from the city that I recognized from my youth but not too many. I turned back to the bar order another shot and pounded it back then gave a huge sigh and turned to enter the fray. I made my way across the room and made sure that I did not make to much of a commotion. I reached the asshole and he looked up and with a grin he approached and reached out his slimy sweaty fucking hand for a shake as if nothing was wrong and like we had just been together last week. I remember his favorite act was to grab my hand and crush it in what he always thought was a grip of death. I grabbed his hand and before he could attempt to tighten his grip I applied a surprising amount of force of my own to his hand I felt his grip weaken immediately as I folded his hand on itself. I noticed a flinch in his face and I was grinning as I greeted him. My smile was bright on my face but inside I was laughing my ass off as I had already set the stage for the week. There was no way I was ever going to let this shit head intimidate or inflict any kind of embarrassing acts on me this week. I released his hand and I noticed that he shook it a bit and grabbed it in his other hand and gave it a rub. He turned and started to introduce me as his little brother even though I was quite a bit taller that he was and it was obviously that I was in so much better shape and condition that he was. He introduced me to his wife to be and I was actually surprised she was quite a looker and it also seemed like she had a head on her shoulders. I mingled a little with one goal in mind to work my way back to the bar. I needed another drink. 

I reached the bar ordered another shot and a highball. I turned to scan the room and hoping for a early exit. 

“You must be the black sheep.” I heard a voice. 

I turned to see a very cute blonde sitting at the bar. She was nursing what looked like a screwdriver. I just nodded my head. 

“Hi I am Cindy, I think we are paired up in this fiasco. I am the maid of `Honor.” She announced. 

I turned to her, “Nice to meet you I am Brad, and yes the I servailed black sheep as you so politely put it.”

We both touched out glasses together and cheers one another. Cindy and I quickly got to know one another and I discovered that she also was very surprised to be asked to be the maid of honor as her and her the sister the bride were not that close. I took note of Cindy’s appearance and I was quite taken by her fucking awesome looks. Cindy was quite short, she was blonde and I was pretty sure it was natural, her eyes were a light blue so light they were almost white, Sh was wearing a low cut top that showed off her very ample breasts and her deep cleavage. Fuck I knew my cock would look good between them. She had a slim waist that was exposed with her crop top and I could see that she was an avid gym goer also. Her abs were very well defined, she was wearing a pair of skin tight jeans that showed off her apple shaped ass and on her feet she was wearing a pair of high heeled ankle boots. Cindy’s make up was perfect and very sexy. I also noticed her perfected manicured nails as she tapped her ring against her glass. In short Cindy was my perfect example of a wet dream in real life. 

Cindy and I clicked and we sat and enjoyed each others company also enjoying the drinks as we told shitty stories about the bride and groom. It was starting to get late and I noticed that the crowd was starting to thin out and I suggested that her and I continued out little party back at my hotel. Without even glancing toward the soon to be wedded couple the two of us left the restaurant. I approached the bike and Cindy did not even hesitate as I handed her the spare Helmut and she swing her hair out of then way and she placed the helmet on her head. I fired up the big machine and motioned for her to get on. She was so tiny I could barely feel her on the back of the bike as I wheeled the big machine out into traffic and headed for the hotel. I pulled the bike into the underground parking and together we made out way to the elevator. I stopped at the lobby to retrieve the key card, I always left the card at the front desk of the hotels I was in so I would not have the opportunity of loosing it. The cute young hostess from earlier was still on shift and she smiled and winked at me. See looked at Cindy over my shoulder and definitely gave me a very sexy biting of her lower lip signal. I smiled and leaned over and whispered.

“You know the room number.”

Cindy and I made out way to the elevator and I was looking back at the front desk as the door was closing and the cue girl gave me a smile and a nod. The door closed and in my mind I was already fantasizing of the possibilities of the night. Cindy and I made our way to the penthouse suite and as soon as we entered I turned to her and pulled her into an embrace while lowering my face to hers and giving her a deep passionate kiss. Out tongues twisted and swirled and rubbed against each other. I slid my hand up her side and rubbed my fingers against her tit. Cindy let out a moan into my mouth and I felt her hardened nipple beneath my touch. She dropped her purse to the floor and her hand came up between my legs rubbing my rapidly hardening cock. We broke out kiss and I guided her to the couch and gently pushed her back. Cindy fell on the couch and her legs spread giving me full access the her nether regions still encased in her jeans. I kicked my boots off and unbuttoned my shirt and threw it to the side. My well chiseled body was now on display and my chest arms and waist were very well defined. I grabbed one of Cindy’s legs raised it up and unzipped her boot pulling it off and dropping it to the floor. I performed the same action with her other leg. She reached down unfasten her jeans and lifted her hips off the couch and I grabbed the legs of her jeans and pulled them free of her body. Cindy was wearing a micro mini pair of panties that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. She slipped her hand under the tiny waist band and she slide her fingers over her slit making a moaning sound a she did so. I stood over her watching as she teased her pussy and unfasten my belt and jeans, I pushed then sown over my hips and them them fall in a pile around my feet. I stepped out of the jeans pulled off my sock and I was now just wearing a pair of jockeys. My rather large cock was hard and was being directed to one side by the tight waist band of the jockey’s. Cindy bit her lower lip in anticipation of me exposing my member to the night. I slipped my thumbs into the waste band and in one motion I bent over pulling the shorts down to my ankles and as I straightened back up I stepped out of the shorts. I was now completely naked to her. I reached down and grabbed my rock hard cock and gave it a few strokes. Cindy sat up on the couch and she reached out to take a gentle grip on my member. Her hand barely reached around the girth and the head of my cock almost made her mouth look small. Cindy was admiring the size of my cock and she looked up into my face as she first kissed the head of my cock. Her pink tongue gently licked the head and I I felt the roughness os her tongue on the sensitive head. Cindy now looked at my cock and she took a more determined grip on it and she started to take the head into her moist hot mouth. Cindy was a cock sucking master as I soon found out and she was bobbing her head up and down on my shaft taking more and more into her mouth with every downward motion. I placed my hands on the top and back of her head and I started the thrust my hips in and out of her mouth fucking her face and starting to reach to the back of her throat. Cindy gagged a bit at first on the size but she quickly adjusted. I was amazed as no one had every been able to take my whole member before but Cindy took it all until her nose bumped up against my pubic area. I could feel her throat muscles massaging the shaft of my cock and she wiggled her head back and forth a bit. Then she quickly pulled the entire length out of her mouth and she took a huge gulp of air. Her hand was stroking my shaft. Cindy looked up at me with a great big smile on her face, she looked at my cock and with another motion she took me right to the root again. Fuck me she was a cock sucker. Cindy was now bobbing up and down on my cock and with her other hand she was finger fucking her pussy. The two of us were so engulfed in out fucking that neither of us heard the door open and close or the girl from the front desk as she obviously undressed. I rolled my head back enjoying the feeling when I felt her hands reach around my chest and start to rub my nipples and pinch them. I opened my eyes and rolled my head to the side and she gave me a deep tongue French passionate kiss. I dropped my hand down and back and I felt her thighs . I moved my hand over to the middle and I slipped my middle finger up over her clit. She moaned into my mouth. Her pussy was soaking wet with anticipation of the coming fucking that was going to happen. Cindy pulled my cock out of her throat and mouth again and I quickly pushed her back onto the couch. Cindy’s eyes opened with a little bit of surprise when she saw the other participant in out now threesome. 

I maneuvered the girl around infant of me and I bent her over and pushed her face down into Cindy’s pussy. Cindy was now leaned right back her legs spread as wide as she could get then and the girl was now kissing and licking Cindy’s very wet pussy. Cindy rolled her head back and let out a groan. I in the mean time had placed the girl’s ass right in front of my rock hard cock and I spread open her legs. I gripped my cock and rubbed the head of I tup and down her wet slit getting the head of my cock slippery with her juices. I placed one hand on her bend of her hip to steady her in place and still gripping my shaft I guided the head of my cock past her pussy lips and into the folds of her young wet cunt. Once I was in I released my shaft and grabbed her other hip now having both hands on her hips I started to slide my massive cock in and out of her fucking her with more intensity with every thrust. She lifted her head out of Cindy’s crotch to let out a moan but Cindy quickly grabbed her head and pulled her face back down into her pussy. It was obviously the tiny little piece of materiel from Cindy’s panties was posing no obstruction of the oral attack this girl was now providing to Cindy. I was gripping this girl very tightly now and I was slamming may cock in and out of her giving her a hard ruthless fucking. Cindy was rolling her head back and forth enjoying the assault she was receiving. There was a fair bit of moaning and groaning going on from all of us as we fucked in this chain position for some time. Cindy grabbed the girls head and held her in place she arched her back supporting her tiny body on her head and heels as she let out a deep groan and started to orgasm. Cindy froze the girl in place and I could see that Cindy was a squirter displayed by some of her juices slipping past the girl’s face spraying into the air. I grabbed her hips and slammed my cock deep into her and started to pump my load of semen deep into her womb. And the girl also started to shake as her orgasm over whelmed her. I twas a few minutes until all of us had calmed down from out massive joint orgasms. I released the girls hips and my cock slipped from her pussy which now allowed my sperm to leak out of her gaping opening. She in turn collapsed to the side of Cindy the was also now completely laid back on the couch with her legs spread wide open and her panties pushed to the side. Her pussy was leaking juices also. I staggered back a bit and came to ret in a large over stuffed chair conveniently placed. I had a huge grin on my face and was quite impressed with the fucking I just gave. 

“Hi,” I finally said what is your name. 

“Gina,” the girl answered and the three of laughed at the connotation of the joke. 

I rose from the chair and made my way into the bedroom where I turned on the shower in the huge bathroom. As I stood under the hot water letting it flow down my body rinsing the sweat and sex off my body I was feeling rejuvenated. I lathered up my body with the soap provided by the hotel and as I was standing under the shower rinsing off the foam I felt hands on my body rubbing my back, ass and reaching around to cup my balls and stroke my shaft . I stepped back out of the stream to see both girls had joined me and I was able to see Cindy’s naked body for the first time. Fuck was she fucking hot. As I mentioned earlier she was my perfect sex dream. I grabbed the soap and I dropped several squirts on both girls and I started to rub their bodies building quite a foam. Both Cindy and Gina’s bodies were covered in suds and I was rubbing my body against them. This slippery sensation was causing my cock to start to harden again and was getting ready to fuck the ever loving shit out of Cindy this time. Gina was taller than Cindy and her pert 20 year old tits did not move even a bit as we shower off all the suds. I gathered the two girls and guided them out of the shower into the bedroom. Out wet slick bodies still dripping with water and I gently tossed the two of them onto the bed. I climbed up the bed onto of Cindy and I squeezed her tits together and slid my cock between her cleavage. Cindy bent her head forward and with every thrust up she kissed and licked the head of my cock. Gina had got behind me and she was rubbing her hand over my balls and gently touching over my anus. The sensation was amazing. I kept titty fucking Cindy and Gina was rubbing my nuts and ass and she also was fingering Cindy’s pussy. 

My cock was again rock hard and fi was  ready to pound some more quim. I reached around behind me and guided Gina to move infant of me facing me. I slid down Cindy’s body and was now between her legs. Gina was straddling Cindy’s head placing her young pussy right over Cindy’s mouth. Pull the whole group of us to the edge of the bed where I was now able to place my feet on the floor and stand between Cindy’s spread open thighs. I gripped my cock leaned forward and gave Gina a deep kiss and in one motion I slammed my engorged cock deep into Cindy’s pussy. Cindy rolled back her head from between Gina’s thighs and let out a deep groan and even a little scream. I kept kissing Gina holding my cock buried deep in Cindy until her pussy adjusted to the size of the attack. I moved my hips in a circular motion causing Cindy to groan and I was mashing my hips as hard as I could into her pussy area ensuring I was as deep into her as I could be. Gina now lowered her pussy down onto Cindy’s mouth and I with drew my cock until I could see the head and then I slammed it back into her as hard as I could. I gripped her hips with her legs up spread wide and I with drew and slammed in with drew and slammed in. I was in a punishing rhythm now. Gina was mashing her pussy onto Cindy’s face barely letting her breath and I was pounding her with all my might now. I was gaining speed slamming into her causing a loud slapping sound with every inward motion. I was not relenting up on my punishment of her pussy and I felt her start to spasm. It must have taking Cindy all her strength but she pushed Gina off her face and let out a scream. Her pussy was in spasm and her juices were squirting out along the sides of my cock shaft. My thighs were getting wet from her ejaculation. Cindy pressed her hands against me trying to stop me but it was no use. I was slamming into her pussy so hard. I was actually pulling my cock all the way out of her on my back stroke then with all my force and body weight I slammed back into her gaping cunt. Her eyes rolled back into her head and just the whites of her eyes were visible she looked demonic. Her whole body was now convulsing as she was unable to stop cumming. Finally she basically collapsed I thought maybe she even passed out. I gripped her thighs tightly and pushed my cock all the way into her as far as possible with my pelvic area pressed hard against hers. I help my cock there and started to pump spurt after spurt of my man juice deep into her. Gina was still straddling Cindy and she was watching my body twitch with every pump of sperm into Cindy’s punished cunt. With my last thrust the last of my cum emptied into her and I with drew collapsed off the bed. Gina immediately bent down her face into Cindy’s pussy was sucking my sperm out of her gaping open cunt. Gina then raised up spun around and help Cindy’s face in her hands and let the cum she sucked out of her pussy drop down into Cindy’s open mouth. Then she bent down and gave her a deep passionate kiss. The two of them settled down in each others arms and continued to make out getting more gentle as the minutes passed by. I climbed back up onto the bed and I spooned up behind Gina and in a short period of time all three of us drifted off to sleep. 

The sun was streaming through the open curtains by the time I woke the next day. I looked around and I discovered I was by myself. At first I wondered if last night even happened and then I saw the evidence of cum shots and stains all over the bed. I slowly rolled over and sat on the edge of the bed before I finally made my way to the shower. After I was all cleaned up again I glanced at my watch and realized I was to be at the local beach for another of the weeks torture wedding sessions. But now knowing that Cindy was a sex freak and that Gina was also available this week was starting not look better. 

I pulled the big bike up to a parking spot reserved for bikes by the beach. I could already see the group of people that I was to join. Thank god today was a beach day I would be able to hide my eyes with my shades. I grabbed a beach towel from the hotel and made my way to the area that was where the group had staked out. I dropped the towel and peeled my t shirt off over my head and also removed the sweat pants the I wore today because my swim shorts were on underneath. I dropped my clothes in a pile by the towel and I made my way into the group. I saw a cooler open and I grabbed a beer and twisted off the cap. The first pull on the bottle felt great and I felt the cold amber liquid run down my body and felt it hit the heat of my stomach. I surveilled the area and there was no sight of Cindy. I thought to myself with a grin I doubted she would be walking straight for a while after the fucking I gave her last night. 

“Are you Brad,” I heard a voice from behind me. 

I turned to see a stunning woman with fiery red hair all styled and perfect make up on. She was wearing a beach wrap that did nothing to hide her great tits and slim waist. Her ass was barley concealed in a tiny bikini bottom and her ass looked firm and strong. 

“Yes I am.” I answered her question. 

She reached out her hand and stated “Hi I am Debbie, mother of the bride.” 

I fuckin near dropped my beer. If this cougar was the mother I understood where Cindy and the bride got their looks from. This woman was stunning. 

I accepted her hand and gave her a gentle shake making sure that I applied just the right amount of pressure. 

“Well, I see where your daughters get their stunning looks from.” I stated still holding her hand. 

Debbie checking me out from head to toe and she stated, “I can’t say the same about your brother.” 

I grinned and flexed my pectoral muscles to make by chest bounce. 

Laughing she moaned and slowly withdrew her hand from mine.  

“Get a lady a beer would you.” She said in a sexy sultry whisper almost. 

I went and grabbed two more beer as mine was almost empty. I returned to Debbie’s side and twisted off the cap on both beers and handed her one. I touched the neck of my bottle to hers. 

“Here to an eventful day at the beach,” 

“Not sure what you mean by that,” She said moving her sunglasses down and scanning my body from head to toe. 

I laughed at her obvious gesture and we both took a sip of cold beer. I motioned for her to follow and we moved to the edge of the group and I spread out the large beach towel/blanket that I brought from the hotel. The two of us settled down on thew blanket and I could not help but stare at this woman perfect body. Now I was wearing my mirrored biker glasses so she was not able to see my eyes but I distinctively got the feeling she knew exactly what she was doing. We made small talk as we got to know one another and I discover that the father of the bride was not going to be around as I guess he was a dead beat dad his whole life and was just not a part of the family. Debbie had been single for a while and she made a pretty good living in the makeup world which answered the level of skill Cindy and her had the art of makeup application. I have no problems with woman using make up to make themselves more beautiful in fact I actually encouraged it. After I bit I was really getting hot and I told Debbie I was going in for a swim of course she declined which I knew she would. Make up and all. I jogged down to the water and waded out into lake before I dove into the water. I surfaced and turned over on my back making sure that Debbie was able to see. She was playing the role of not paying attention but I caught her several times checking me out. I was staring at her and she crooked one finger and gestured toward me to come closer. I was still in the water and I slowly started to float closer to shore. No one else on the beach was paying any attention to Debbie and she picked up on this. Debbie slightly spread her legs and she slipped her well manicured hand down between her legs. Skillfully and stealthy she slipped the bottom of her bikini to the side and I watched quite intently as she slipped her finger along her seam. I was the only one with this view and now Debbie was staring straight at me and she pushed her finger into her pussy. Still being very careful not to be seen she started to finger fuck herself right there on the beach. I lay motionless in the water with my eyes glued to her pussy. Debbie was starting to pick up some speed but still being very careful not to be seen. She locked her eyes with mine and I watched as she brought herself off. Her thighs squeezed closed on her hand as she came and I thought I even heard her gasp at the time of her cumming. 

I wetted my body one more time and then I stood and walked out of the lake. Water was dripping off my body and the swim shorts that had brought that day clung to my muscled thighs and causing them to outline my cock quite nicely. Debbie tipped her glasses again and she was staring straight at my cock as I approached her. I playfully shook some of the water off my bod on her and I quickly lay back down beside her. I grabbed my beer and put my glasses on and I turned toward her and I whispered.

“Thanks for the show. I hope next show I am a little closer and participating .” 

Debbie laughed and said, “Well let’s make this an eventful day.” 

With that I quicken grabbed my sweats pulled them on over my wet shorts and pulled my t-shirt over my head. Debbie was kind of looking at me a little surprised and I stood and reached out for her hand. I assisted her to her feet and we grabbed out beers and I told her to follow me. I quickly rolled the blanket and we walked off down the beach towards the trees. After a short walk through the trees I guided Debbie up a small rock climb and we hiked back into the woods. Finally we arrived at the spot I knew. It was a beautiful pristine widening of the slow running creek that we had being loosely following on our little hike. I am certain others knew of this little pieced of paradise but nobody was here today. I spread the blanket on a small piece of grass and I again peeled off my t-shirt, sweat pants and this time my shorts also. My cock was swinging in the breeze so to say and I hinted with a shrug at Debbie to follow suit. I moved down to the small pool created by the creek widening here and it was surprisingly deep and the water was cool. I waded in and turn to float as I watched Debbie look around cautiously and then she dropped the beach wraps from her hips. With another quick glance around she quickly removed her bikini top and covered her tits with her arm. I was watching closely and I could feel my cock hardening in the cool water. I lowered my hand to my Johnson and I was slowly stroking it. Debbie now quickly untied her bikini bottom and dropped them to the ground she cover her pussy with her hand and almost ran to the edge of the water. Loosing her balance a bit she had to abruptly pull both her hands away to regain her balance. I did not miss this opportunity to stare at her perfect body and take in all her beauty. Debbie had a great set of tits most likely augmented but I sure did not care. Her nipples were cute and a little darker than her all over body tan. I thought tanning salon of course. Her waist had defined abs even for a woman of her age which I was putting at early forties. These abs lead down to a well sculpted pubic area that was completely void of any hint of hair. Waxed I thought for sure. Debbie slowly sand her body down into the cool water and I was right there to envelope her into my brawny arms. I pulled her close and I knew she could feel my cock rubbing against her thighs. I gave her a deep kiss and our tongues battled with one another as we kissed. I could taste her sweet breath mixed with a slight beer last and I could also Tate the lipstick on her lips. Her perfume was gently wafting around her and it all just heightened my arousal for this woman. We broke apart from our kiss and looked down as her hair was floating and gently resting on the tops of her tits. I slowly moved one hand from her back and slid it up her side to gently cup and then pull and twist her nipple. Debbie let a groan escape her slightly parted lips and I bowed my head and trapped her nipple between my teeth. I gently suck and licked the trapped little nugget between my teeth causing her to let out another moan of arousal. I was now alternating my mouth from nipple to nipple and also I had moved my hand down between her legs. I slipped my middle finger into her pussy and in the cool water I could feel the difference in temp from cool to fucking hot in her pussy. Debbie rolled her head back and I bit on her nipple a little harder. I started to finger fuck her pussy and she was gyrating her hips on my hand. I grabbed my now hard cock even in the cool water and I guided it to her opening. Debbie flipped her head forward and stared right in my eyes as I slipped the head of my cock past her pussy lips and she lowered her weight down taking the full length into her pussy. Debbie opened her mouth but no sound came out of her throat as she settled on my cock. I gently started to rock her back and forth letting the full size of my unit touch every part of her cunt. Debbie wrapped her legs around my waist and she wrapped her arms around my neck interlocking her fingers at the back of my neck. Debbie then started lifting her body off my cock and easing it back down fucking herself on my cock as she was building pressure. Slowly she constantly build up speed and intensity of her thrusts as she fucked herself on me. I was not moving very much at all just letting her fuck herself. She was building building building and she folded her head forward in the space that she had created with her arms. Then she gripped my neck hard and pulled herself forward lowering herself down hard onto my cock and I felt her whole body start to shake as she came. I supported her body on mine and she continued making little whimpering sounds as her orgasm slowly subsided. She looked up at me and I gave her a deep kiss. When we broke apart I looked at her and smiled. 

“Lets fuck now.” I said and I carried her up out of the water. 

I walked her over to the blanket and laid her down. I spread her knees apart and I lowered my face into her pussy. I gently sucked her lips and licked her from top to bottom with the flat of my tongue. After a few minutes of this I had got her sufficiently aroused that her clit was poking its little head out from under her perfect little hood. As I mentioned earlier her pussy was as smooth as a baby’s bum so I knew that either waxed or sugared but definitely well looked after. I sucked her clit into my mouth and I felt her sharply take in a breath of air. I trapped her clit gently between my teeth like I had earlier with her nipple and I rubbed my tongue all over it. Debbie was squeezing my head with her thighs as I continued to tease her little man in the boat. I released her clit from my mouth and I gently blew cool air on her pussy. I pushed her legs apart freeing me to move up her body. I kissed my way up and spent some more time with her tits and nipples. I reached to her mouth and gave her a deep kiss. I supported my large frame on my hands and I hovered over her staring in her eyes. 

“Ready.” I asked but not really asked more like I told her. 

There was no words from Debbie just a slight nod and I reached down and grabbed my cock and guided myself into her spread open pussy. I was ;moving just my hips as I slid in and out of her and she gripped my powerful arms with every thrust. Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a movement but I ignored it as I was intent of seriously fucking this woman. With every movement into her I sank into her deeper and deeper. Again something moved to my right. I made sure that I had blocked her view and I sank my cock into her and I turned my head to check. Sure enough there was young couple hiding in the trees watching me fuck this woman. I could see that the guy had his hand down the girls shorts and that she was getting off on his fingers and watching me fuck this woman. I smiled to let them know I knew and I turned my attention back onto Debbie. 

I now had a little more energy in my fucking knowing that we had an audience but that Debbie did not know of the horny couple watching us. I started to pick up my pace and urgency with my fucking and I was starting to slam into her. I was giving her a good fucking as I had promised. Debbie hooked her hands around my neck again pulled my face down to her and she gave me a deep kiss as I felt her body quiver as she came again. Wow I was not even close yet and this nymph had already cum two times. Debbie released my neck and she lay back down on her back and I started to fuck her again. She closed her eyes and I started to move in and out sliding my full length in and out of her. I was starting to pick up speed and power and was now starting to move into what I would call fucking. Debbie med my thrusts with slight movement of her own and wee were in unison as we fucked. I placed my hands on both sides of her headband I started to really move faster in and out in and out building up momentum when all of a sudden without warning Debbie again grabbed my neck and hauled me close as she again had yet another orgasm. I froze and did not move while she calmed down from her third ecstasy. 

Once Debbie had stopped cumming I could feel that my thighs were wet and there was definitely a large wet spot on the blanket. I thought I heard a moan and I glanced over at the trees and I the guy had his hand clamped over the girls mouth and obviously she was cumming also. This time I was not going to show mercy to Debbie. I withdrew my still hard cock from her drenched pussy and I leaned over and I told her. 

“No mercy this time babe you are going to get the fucking of your life.”

I could seed that Debbie had a bit of a look of horror in her face and I reached down and I turned her over onto her stomach. I lifter up her ass and she was in a kneeling position. She reached back between her legs and she was running her fingers up and down her slit. I grabbed my cock shaft and without warning I pushed my cock into her from behind in a perfect doggie position. There was no way she was going to be able to stop me this time and I was going to fuck her to orgasm. My orgasm. Debbie buried her face down into the blanket I was now facing directly towards the young couple in the trees. I gave them a smile and I slid my cock into Debbie. She grunted and I grabbed her raised ass by the hips and I started to pump her. I built up a little speed then I slapped her bare ass hard and she jumped with the shock of the slap. I grabbed her hips and I was pulling her back onto me hard as I was slamming into her. Her upper body pretty much went limp. He face was on the blanket and I was fucking her harder and harder, then another slap on her ass. This time a jump and a moan. Debbie reached out above her head with her arms. She made a fist and gripped the blanket din her hands and pulled back. I felt her body start to convulse and she was cumming again. I did not slow down and I fucked her hard right through her orgasm. She Wass moaning into the blanket and biting the rolled up material in her mouth as she tried to stifle a scream. I kept fucking her. She again reached out above her head and again she balled up her hands into fists of material and she started to shake as she came again. I looked at the couple in the trees the guy was now fucking the girl, and she Wass not taking her eyes off of us. I could see that shed was not really into the fucking she was getting but more into the fucking she was watching. Debbie’s pussy thighs ass and her back were all glistening from sweat and the excretions from her pussy. My hips were making a loud slapping sound with every thrust forward colliding with her ass as I pulled her backwards onto me. Debbie pussy was now just a steady leaking of fluids, she was unable to stop cumming. I gripped her ass slammed into her as deep as I could and I pumped my load finally into her. With every pump she moaned and I knew she could feel me cumming in her. After my last pump I pulled out and collapsed on the blanket. Debbie just dropped her ass and did not move. I was able to see the couple in the trees and the guy shot his load and I was pretty sure she did not. They gathered their things and they sneaked off out of site. 

Debbie and I lay on the blanket for some time and finally we both started to move. I pulled on my shorts and sweats and Debbie tied her bikini back in place. Sh wrapped her beach cover around her hips and ass and we gave one another a quick once over. I grabbed the blanket and we start the hike back to the beach. When we finally got on the beach we could see that out party had already left which was probably a good thing as then Debbie would have to explain her messed up make up. We kissed and she headed to a car and me to the bike, Yep an eventful day for sure at the beach. 

I got back to the hotel and I just collapsed on the bed. I slept that night  missing the activities that were planned that evening. Well my week pretty much went like that with either Debbie, Cindy or Gina in my bed and sometimes a combination but never mother daughter together. It was obvious that Debbie and Cindy knew I was banging them both but it was all very civil and it was all just about the sex. 

Finally the night before the wedding. I was to take the asshole and a few of his buddies out for one last hoorah so to say before he was married. I was really not looking forward to this at all and it also meant that I was not going to be fucking either Debbie or Cindy tonight as they were on their own last night out with the bride. I took the guys to a few of my old stomping grounds and I made sure that I was feeding the idiot so pretty heavy shots to get this night over with a soon as I could. I figured I might be able to at least bang Gina tonight and that would be about the only bright spot in the evenings activities. It was actually pretty early when the dick head was at the point of barely being able to stand and his buddies decided that they had better take him back home and call it a night. I was actually pretty proud of my self to be able to get this train wreck over pretty early. The guys took the rented car we had for the night and I called a cab to get away from him as fast as I could. In a few minutes I was back at the hotel and I had already made a signal to Gina for her to come up later after her shift for a good fucking. I went to the suite and turned on the sports channel and lay back on the bed waiting for Gina to get off shift. 

There was a knock at my door about thirty minutes after I had laid down and I knew it was not Gina as she just would have used her management key and walked right in. I opened the door and there to my surprise was Heather the bride to be. I was quite surprised to see her and it was obvious that she had had a few drinks but she was not drunk. 

“Can I come in,” Shen asked. 

“Sure, sorry I am just a little surprised to see you here.” I stammered 

She came in went straight to the fridge and grabbed a beer.

“Want one?” 


She grabbed two and headed for the couch. I still in a bit of shock moved into the living room also. 

“Can you put on a shirt.” She pointed at me. 

I had not even realized that I was not wearing a shirt.

“Of course sorry.” 

“Oh fuck it,” she said “Its your place wear what ever you want.” 

“Whats up,” I asked abandoning the shirt task. 

“Well this is my last night before you know I get married to Doug.” 

Fuck I even hated hearing his name. 

“Yes.” I squeaked out. 

“Well both Cindy and mom have told me that you are a fucking incredible fuck and well he is not.” 

“Whoa,” I said “Too much information.” 

“Well its true. He is fucking dead in the sack.” 

Mental note fucking eh something else I know I am better than he is.

“Hey where is your bathroom.” I pointed the way to the washroom and Heather got up and disappeared into the room. 

I grabbed my beer took a long pull on it and I was just leaning back on the couch when Heather yelled from the other room. 

“Hey I need some help.”

I jumped up and went to investigate what the issue was. I rounded the corner into the bedroom and there laying on the bed was Heather bare ass naked and rubbing her pussy with her hand. 

Now as I mentioned I though Heather was a pretty good looking girl for the asshole to have been hooked up with and I was not wrong with my first impression. Heather had beautify light brown wavy hair, her hair gently cascaded sown her shoulders and the ends gently rested on her ample breast. She had those type of tits that the nipples turn upwards and almost point towards the sky all the time. Her nipples were a light pink as she obviously had not had any kids yet and her skin was flawless. Not a mark insight, her waist was well toned and that lead down to her very beauty and again very well manicured bald pussy. Which as I mentioned her fingers were doing a good job on. Heather also had perfect makeup, obviously a trait learned from mom. Her legs were well toned also and they were longer than Cindy’s but just as toned. 

Well, I seriously hate my brother so I had absolute no bad feeling about what I was about to do to this hot little nymph laying on my bed. I unfastened my jeans and pushed them down my thighs I was going commando today so my cock came into view. `heather never adjusted her gaze as she was staring right at my member. I kicked the jeans to the side and I moved to the foot of the bed. I started to crawl ip the bed and I pulled heathers legs apart. She stopped fingering her pussy and raised her arms above her head and watched as is closed in on her garden of eden. I placed her legs up over my shoulders and I now tore my eyes away from her face and I looked down at her moist pussy that I was about to enjoy. I had quickly devised a plan that I was going to make this night the best fuck that heather ever had in her life and that she would never forget. I kissed the inside of her leg and I slowly lowered my upper body not ,missing an inch of her thigh as I moved down toward her pussy and my ultimate goal. Heather took in a sharp breath and I rubbed my fingers down over her pussy all the way to her taint and lightly brushed over her asshole. She gave a little shiver and I looked up at her face perfectly framed in her waves of hair, she was biting her lower lip and making a humming noise. I smiled and lowered my head onto her pussy. I opened my mouth and lick her pussy from her taint up to her clit and stopping on her clit to circle my tongue over it to ensure that I was getting her attention. I did not need to look hip at her face as she moved her legs further apart and she moaned and I started a second lick from her taint up to her clit. This time lightly sucking her pussy lips into my mouth and gently biting them. Another moan escaped her lips. I reached over grabbed an available pillow and I lifted her ass off the bed and slid the pillow under her ass now fully exposing her little brown balloon knot to my probing tongue. I pushed her legs up and apart by sliding my hands up the underside of her legs to her knees and with her knees bent giving me the perfect pushing point to spread her legs and roll her back a bit farther almost onto her shoulders. Again in this position she was completed exposed to my oral attack that was about to begin. I gently blew cool air onto her anus or balloon knot as I like to call it and then with just the very tip of my tongue I lightly probed her very tight opening. The shock of my tongue on her forbidden opening caused her to jump with the sensitive nerves being touched. I continued my lick now again right up to her clit and stopping for another suck. Heather let out a moan and I smiled as I retreated back to her butt. Heather now reached down and with her hands she pulled her already spread ass cheeks even farther apart. But her tight little brown hole stayed sealed tight. I closed my mouth over her anus and I forced my tongue now into her opening. Heather gave a little jump with the shock again and this time I stayed in place and I probed her ass with my tongue in and out. Finally I moved away from her ass and I continued my klick up to her clit. Once there I lifted my head and I smiled. 

“That will get a lot looser tonight,” I winked. 

I again lowered my head back down to her pussy. I was going to make tonight all about her and she would never have sex again ever in her life without remembering tonight and me. After several more probing sessions with her ass I released her legs and let them fall back down. I slowly slid up her body kissing her all the way over her very smooth taught abs, up the just under her firm perky tits and onto her upturned light pink nipples. I moved to the nape of her neck  and lightly sucked her ear lobes into my mouth. Then I moved over to her mouth and I kissed her. I made sure that it was the most soft gently kiss that she had ever had. I then slowly parted her lips with my tongue and I kissed her again a little deeper this time. Heather was kissing me back with a great deal of passion and I kind of already knew that she had never been fucked like she was about to be tonight. I got up off her and the bed and I went to my drawer where I pulled out four ties. I tossed them on the bed and I smiled as I straddled her chest. My hard cock was bobbing around right in front of her face but I was not letting her even touch it as I pulled both her hands up above her head and in ties then together with one of the ties. I then secured her hands to the head board of the bed. Next I got off her and I ran my hands all the way down her body over her pussy to make sure that I gently rubbed her slit and then down her left leg. I slipped the tie around her ankle and I secured her leg firmly to the foot board. I moved around the bed to the other side and again I ran my hand down her body starting at her neck and over her tits and over her abs gently brushing her pussy lips down her right leg. After I secured her right leg to the foot board I then took the fourth tie and I lifted her head and I secured the tie over her eyes effectively blindfolding her. Once I had her like this I quickly checked the time and I went to open the door for Gina. I pressed my finger to my lips signaling for her to be quiet. I kissed Gina and I helped her to get undressed in the living room before moving to the bed room. Gina saw Heather in her condition and a huge grin came across her face. I signaled to her that Heather was the bride to be tomorrow. I leaned onto the side of the bed to let Heather know that I was back in the room. I gently rubber her neck and the tops of her chest. I made sure that she could feel both of my hands on her body. Then I signaled for Gina now to lay her hands somewhere on Heathers body and when she did Heather gave a little jump as now she knew that there was at least one other person in the room. 

Heather was obviously on a heightened sense of arousal now and also not knowing who else was in the room she was very alert. I leaned over and I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth while I rolled her other nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Her nipples responded immediately and they became very erect. Gina was now gently massaging the insides of Heather’s thighs and she lowered her head down and kissed and licked her inner thigh. Heather gave a slight jerk at the sensation. I moved my hips closer to heathers face and I guided my hard cock over her lips letting her have a slight taste and lick but not very much. I did this a few times to get her used to having my cock close to her face. I then moved off to the side and I signaled for gina to move over and lightly brush her pussy lips over heathers mouth. As gina was maneuvering into position. I slid my hand down between Heather’s thighs snd I rubbed my fingers over her slit but not penetrating her. When I could see that Gina was in position I stopped and I watched as Gina lowered her pussy onto Heathers lips very gently and not letting her lick or kiss her pussy. Heather kind of jumped a bit at first then she realized that the other person was a woman and she smiled and asked for more. Gina again lowered her pussy just slightly onto heathers lips and heather attempted to lift her head and get more but Gina was too fast. Gina and I continued to tease Heather with Gina’s pussy and my fingers until Heather was whimpering to have a bit of release. I had retrieved some oil that I had picked up during the week long epic sex that I was having and I gently dripped some oil onto Heathers body. Both Gina and I started to massage Heathers body with the oil paying particular attention to her tits, nipples and her pussy and ass hole. Heather was still in a position with a pillow under her ass lifting her openings for easy access. Once Gina and I had Heather completed lubed up and her entire body was shiny with the oil we started again to tease but this time with a little m ore urgency. I straddled Heathers upper body squeezed her tits together and I slid my cock between her tits and started to give her a good hard titty fuck. Gina now lower her face into Heathers pussy and started to eat her out with great passion. She was finger fucking her also. Heather was moaning and as my cock came through her tits the head brushed up against her mouth. Heather opened her mouth and I started to tit fuck her and have the head of my cock sucked at the same time. Gina was really giving her pussy a going over and I was fucking her tits hard enough that I was starting to feel heat building on my cock. Heather rolled her head back and let out an earthy moan as she came in Gina’s mouth. I reached down and pulled off her blind fold. I dis mounted her chest and Gina moved out of the way and I grabbed my cock lined up to her drenched pussy and I stared at her face as I sound my rock hard member into her to the root. Heather’s body tightened with the shock of the size and how full she was. I placed my hands on both sides of her waist. I was in an upright position and I started to move my body back and forth sliding in and out of her pussy. She was rolling her head back and forth and with every forward thrust she grunted as I hit bottom. Gina moved around to her head and she straddled heathers face facing me as she mashed her pussy down on her face. Gina was kissing me and I was fucking Heather. It was quite the triangle we formed. Gina’s tongue was in and around my mouth and I was building up a strong orgasm as I fucked Heather. Gina was started to breath heavy as she was now vigorously fucking Heather’s mouth. Gina released the lip lock she had on me arched her back and rolled her head straight back groaning at the ceiling as she squirted her orgasm juice on Heather’s face. I gipped the bed sheets and slammed mu cock into her full depth. I dumped my load deep into her pussy and she groaned as I came. I felt her quiver and she was also cumming. 

After we all recovered a bit I looked at heather and told her that her night was far from over. I grabbed the bottle of oil and I lubed up my cock and her ass. She looked at me and said that she had never down that before, Gina smiled and she went staring to work licking and spitting and fingering Heathers pussy and ass setting her ready for the assault she was about to receive. I stroked my cock and watched as Gina prepared heather. I moved into position and Gina lifted her head I rubbed the slippery head of my cock over heathers ass hole and gripping the shaft I gently pushed forward waiting for her tight ass muscle to relax and let my cock penetrate. It took a bit but finally she relented just a bit and pop in went my cock. Heather took in a sharp deep breath and Gina moved to her head and soothed her telling her to relax . As Heather calmed down I moved a head a bit more. And a bit more and a bit more and finally I was about half way into her asshole. Heather was calming down and I started to pull back out of her and I squirted some more oil on my shaft and her ass. We were now completed saturated with oil and I leaned forward and watched her face and I sank my cock deeper into her this time. Her face screwed up into a face of pain and I slowed down then withdrew again. She relaxed and I move forward again this time going farther again. She again reacted with a. Face of pain but not as much. Gina was caressing her face with one hand and her pussy with the other. I withdrew and slid into her again this time not stopping until I was aching my pubic area up agains her ass. I was now completely buried in her ass. Her mouth was open in a large “O” but no sound was escaping her throat. Find had slipped two fingers into heather’s cunt curved them upwards reaching her “G” spot. Heather let out a huge groan and she quirted her juices on Gina’s hand. Gina started to rapidly finger fuck her and assault her spot. I was now fully sliding in and out of her ass and fucking her good. Heather was in a complete state of arousal. Her body was covered in a sheen of sweat and oil and she was thrashing her head back and forth on the pillow. Gina was now assaulted her clit with a vigorous rubbing back and forth and Heather’s juices were squirting and fly out all over the place. She was having the best orgasm of her life I was sure of it. Heather slammed her head back down and arched her body using her neck muscles and her heels dug in to the mattress. I gripped her hips held her in the air and I jammed my cock deep into her ass. I started ti shoot spur after spurt of my cum deep into her ass. I held her there as she went ridged with her orgasm. I poured my cum in to her chocolate tube until I was completed exhausted and I pulled out and collapsed. Heather collapsed onto the mattress and Gina also fell by her side. 

We all were gasping for air as we lay on the bed recovering from out sex. I rolled over and untied Heather and I stood and made my way to the shower. I stood with my arms against the wall as the hot water cascaded down my body. Heather joined me and I helped to lather her up and I washed her body from head to toe. I made sure that her pussy and ass where clean. I moved behind her and pusher her face first up against the shower glass and her tits were smashed agains the glass. Gina was on the outside taking pictures and video of my washing heather. I asked her to make sure she got lots of face shots. I reached young and played with Heather’s nipples. My cock growing behind her as I did this. Heather raised her arms above her head and arched her back pushing her ass back towards me. I made sure I was in full frame and I slid my cock into her waiting pussy. I fucked Heather in the shower with Gina video taping the session I fucked heather in the ass and in her pussy and Gina took close up video of it all. She had scenes of my cock sliding in and out of Heather and of heather moaning and groaning and finally recording she said,

“My God you are so much better than your bother.” 

Bam!!! Just what I wanted to hear and to record. I spun Heather around gave her a deep passionate kiss pushed her down onto her knees and fed my cock into her mouth. Gina all the time capturing it all for prosperity.  Heather gave me an awesome blow job and I grabbed my cock and finished myself off jerking until I shot my load on her face. 

After we were done and Heather showered off she said that she had better go and she staggered out of the room and I smiled as I watched her walk rather gingerly as she left. Gina and I spent the night together. 

The next day was the wedding. I was up at the front of the church with Cindy across from me and the asshole beside. He said some stupid shit like glad I was there but I did not care. I looked into the crowd and there standing in front was Debbie and she was making eyes at me. I had to admit I had a pretty awesome week. Finally heather made her appearance at the back of the hall and she walked slowly up the aisle. I was pretty sure that she looked at me a few times as she approached the front. After the short ceremony was over They going arms and led us out. I took Cindy’s arm and as I passed the front row of chairs Debbie stepped out and took my other arm. We walked to the back of the hall and when we were all out of ear shot Debbie turned and looked at me and SAID.

“You know that Cindy is my step daughter right.”

I grinned and thought of the night ahead with these two in my room. 

Maybe the asshole does have one good point. Awesome in laws I thought as I grabbed both Cindy and Debbies asses and we all laughed and left the hall. 

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