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My lover’s gaze is blazing sun

as down abandoned beach I run

in search of shade,

of shrouded sky –

I shan’t escape his searing eye.


Alas, the faster that I try

to flee the warmth of his embrace

the further still I’m lost until

my heart surrenders to the chase.


My lips surrender to the taste

of sweet submission’s knotted twine

around my wrists and ankles laced

across his bed – then from behind


I feel his strength, his solemn hand;

the thundered crash of reprimand

against my cheek, across my sex.

And as he swings, my muscles flex


a tightly dimpled glowing ass

that flinches with his every pass.

His fiery fingers singe my mound

and melt my cotton candied down


till dripping syrup soaks the sheets.

Resistance fails; restraint retreats.

His tongue against my throbbing pearl

has lashed my gash

has dipped and swirled.


While pink ambrosia fills the air,

my essence gushes everywhere!

Then standing tall, this gallant steed

impales my well of aching need.


Relentless Thrusts – Euphoric Pain

My core is pouring out his name!

Drained and sated, love’s lament

hath soothed the fire of discontent.


I weep where weeping’s wants are learned

and bask in everlasting burn…

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