“We know all about you”
“You have been a naughty girl”
“You have been cheating haven’t you?”
“You know what we are talking about”
“We know all your dark secrets”
“You have been sending dirty pictures of yourself over the internet”
“We have all seen you naked”
“Naughty. Naughty. Naughty……”
“We have read all your dirty emails and your erotic stories”
“We know all about your fuck bodies on the internet”
“What do you think we will do to you?”
“Oh you’re going to pay and we are going to collect”
For days I had been receiving these messages on my phone. They were starting to make me nervous. Who the hell was sending me all these messages? I wondered. My computer was hacked some time ago. Could it be those guys who have hacked my emails? They must have read all my dirty secrets and they are going to blackmail me. Oh fuck.
I started to think every kind of bad thought until I received this final message and all my suspicions were justified. Now I panicked.
“If you don’t want us to expose all your filthy secrets then you will go to Motel 6 in Raleigh to find out what we have planned for you. Go to room 201 at 12 noon next Friday otherwise we are going to tell on you”
Another episode of panic grips me. Should I go there? What if I get hurt? I don’t have a choice now do I? So I finally decided to accept. I am a married woman and I have kids. I had to face this or my whole life would be ruined.
At 12 noon exactly I entered the dark lit room. The curtains were all shut and I couldn’t see who was in the room. But I could hear their voices.
“Strip down all your clothes, Moon” a man ordered.
“I am going to put a mask on your eyes, don’t panic” another man added.
Who the hell were those guys? I shouldn’t have come here. This was a huge mistake. I was almost about to cry. But it was too late. I couldn’t possibly escape these men. There was two of them and I was just a little woman. Yes I could kick and scream but in the end they would hurt me more. So I had to do as they say. They put the mask on my eyes after I took of my clothes and stood completely naked in the middle of the motel room.
“On your knees Moon,” the first man ordered and I did as he said.
“Open your mouth wide” the second man said then he thrust his huge cock in my mouth. Oh Shit. Of course I was expecting something like that but I wasn’t prepared for the size.
I gaged on it but I took it and sucked it like I haven’t sucked or eaten anything for days. However what surprised me was that I started to enjoy it. I haven’t had such a large cock in my mouth for a very long time and I worked at it like a slut in heat.
Then the second man started to grope at my breasts and pinched my nipples as he stood behind me but I was busy giving the best blow job of my life.
The second man went down on his knees and started to rub my already wet pussy and I moaned out load. I came here wanting to fight these men who had hacked my email and stolen my identity and here I was fucking them on the damn floor. What a slut I turned out to be.
“Moan louder Moon. We want to hear you scream,” That was another order by one of the men. So I moaned as he requested humming as I sucked on that huge pole.
Suddenly I was shocked out of my mind. I didn’t expect him to do that. I was surprised when the second man inserted one of his long fingers inside my asshole. He must have used some kind of lubricants for I felt it slip inside of me so effortlessly. But again what was surprising me even more and more was that I was actually enjoying everything they were doing to me.
“How do you like that Moon?” the man asked, “Are you enjoying your first anal as much as you thought you would?” And I nodded my head without stopping what I was doing. Oh fuck this was getting out of hand but I’d be damn if I was going to stop. The huge cock in my mouth was so tasty I just didn’t want to take it out. But nothing lasts forever. What came next was even better.
They made me stand up and moved me to the bed while I was still blindfolded. The first man must have laid on his back on the bed as the second man positioned me on his hugh cock. His long shaft went all the way inside my pussy and I started to moan loader. But not as loud as when the second man came behind me and started to push his cock inside my asshole.
“Oh shiiiiiit,” this time I screamed out. This was my first double penetration and I had not expected it. I was shaking from pure lust and ecstasy as both cocks entered me and moved in rhythm. “Oh fuuuuuck. You are tearing me apaaaaart,” I cried out but I didn’t want them to stop. I had been dreaming of something like that for a long time and now all my dreams have came true even though I was being blackmailed for doing it.
I thought that this was the best fuck I have had for years but I was wrong again. I was surprised when someone grabbed me by my hair and shoved his cock inside my mouth. Oh shit not again.
What the hell!!!!! There was three of them. This was more then I ever dreamed off. All my holes are now filled up and all three men were shoving their dicks as far as they could go inside of me. I could not last for long as my first orgasm exploded in a fury.
“Mmmmeeeeee,” I screamed out but the man still had his cock inside my mouth so my voice came out as a squeal. Meanwhile the other two men continued to pump inside of me until I started to feel my second orgasm starting to erupt and I wanted to fly away. I frantically tried to take out the cock from my mouth but the man didn’t allow me to do it. He still had not finished himself and neither did the other two.
After a few minutes of this pumping and sucking, the guys started to reach their goals. The first pumped his load inside my ass then the second ejaculates inside my pussy and finally the third shot his huge load inside my mouth and I drank every last drop before I collapsed on the bed almost passing out from exhaustion.
Suddenly I felt someone taking the mask of my eyes and I could see all three men in front of me.
“Hi honey,” my husband said, “we hope you liked your first DP.”
“Oh by the way, let me introduce you to your two best friends, Ethan and Sam,” my husband adds, “they have flown all the way here to help me give you the best fuck of your life. Happy birthday my love.”

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