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There’s just something about watching a big black cock creaming inside your wife’s unprotected pussy, isn’t there, baby? I’m guessing she has the same sentiment. I mean, it’s just so obvious when he blows that jizz in her cunt, all that sticky white paste on his thick, black shaft. It’s such a nice contrast and so easy to quantify his load.

You can’t help but wonder as you’re watching your wife get filled to the brim, “Am I witnessing my wife conceiving?” Funny how that makes you hard until it’s too late to do anything about it.

You know who you are..

And you have to wonder too, does the amount of semen matter? Does the fact that she is taking cock after cock, a series of black men drilling her snatch, make the chance she gets pregnant even greater? I think it does. I mean, even if you fucked her before the party, those studs from the hood are just diluting your white boy spunk…four guys, five guys, load after load until it’s drooling out her slit in globs.

How does your cock even compete with that army of black stallions? It doesn’t. They just keep pumping black sperm inside her, then come back for more until they empty their mandingo balls all up in that white girl pussy, stretching and splattering her pretty pink walls.

It occurs to you, I’m sure, the irony of how those black babies will stretch your wife’s fuck slot even further when she pushes them out. Thank goodness she insists on vaginal delivery. Twins. Who could be surprised with such a sea of cum in her pretty white cunt.

Just for fun, let me suggest you have the copulation video available at the delivery. You and the nurses can watch it together. I bet one of them will even stroke your dick while your wife is lying there in the stirrups…while she’s sweating and huffing and crowning that crinkly fro. It’s only right the nurses know what to expect before Snow White plops out both those beautiful black newborns. It’s only proper they should see how those babies got fucked into her ravaged pussy.

I expect the nurses might casually point out how those black balls keep pumping her full and forever, how their sperm curdles up inside the lips of your lady’s cunt. They might snicker at her gash clamping down on each shaft, how her clit seems to throb when she climaxes.

As a woman, I can appreciate how powerless she must be to resist getting blacked after so many orgasms. She just wants it to keep going, cock after cock, load after load of that potent black man sperm. It’s pretty clear when she gives up the fight. Her legs become floppy and pliable for spreading. Her eyes roll back in a black magic spell. Those strong, black hands wrap tightly around her ankles and split her wide open like a wishbone.

She’s loaded well enough already, but they just keep pouring in the custard. How could you think for a moment that she wouldn’t get pregnant?

However long it takes to deliver those babies, you’ve got the footage you need to keep the nurses entertained. They’re going to wonder, with a dick like yours, how you could possibly stand aside for such a black man nut-fest. You wouldn’t dare tell them how hard it all made you.

You’re creaming in your trousers right in front of them. The least they could have done is pull your little white cock out of your pants and let you shoot on the floor. Now you’ve got a great big wet spot, courtesy of the labor and delivery team…courtesy of them scratching your pulsating bulge.

You’ve got two black babies and a vid of their father, if you can just figure out which one did the deed.  That’s the trouble with gangbangs; picking the daddy out of the lineup.

He’s out there somewhere, banging some other white bitch. He’s making her come and getting her pregnant… just like your wife. And you’ll never even know who the fuck he is.

Here’s a Kleenex…

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