Big Ask

He asks to fuck me with my woolly hat and socks on. I find this a big ask, if I am honest, as I love to thrash my head and legs about wildly, screaming blue murder while I am being fucked in the arse by his colossal, fat, ridge-veined cock. I have a bald patch at the back of my head, knobbly feet he finds ugly.

He loves the feint smatter of moles above my breasts, though. Loves to lick them before we fuck, sucks my puffy pink nipples, makes my teats stand up erect, kisses my spoilt brat face, rubs my puffed-out lips, my hurt, pleading, ‘fuck-my-arse’, face.

I suppose he’s only being kind and considerate of me. I admit, I suffer the cold, blue tinges in my toes and fingers. He never lets me wear my mittens. My head gets cold when he fucks my arse.

He always lets me wear my woolly hat. I give him that and I give him my arse and cunt to fuck.

‘Thank you for being so kind to me when you fuck my arse,’ I say, propping myself up on my elbows and spreading my legs as he prepares to slide his ten-inch, wide-bore cock into my arse.

He tells me I’m no problem, typical! Where I come from men fuck my arse, cunt and gagging mouth, fuck me on the bed with the heated blanket switched on. I never wear my hats and socks when they fuck me, and it’s colder than it is here.


His hands push my legs wide apart, waggling my feet in the air, showing off my green woolly socks. He spreads my legs wide, splaying my squiggly cunt lips, flapping them open from my erect clit as far as my arsehole. I feel his hands grasp my soft fleshy inner thigh as he slides his rigid tarse inside my arse, constipating my anus, making my rectal muscles contract and grasp his fucking cock.

I feel his fucking cock right up my arse and start to tweet, his little bird, ‘su, su, su, mm, mmmn, mmmn, ya, ya, yes, feels really good, mmmn.’

He ploughs my convulsed arse, ruthlessly, forcibly swelling my anal fuck-hole to take his girth. I hold my inner thigh, hold myself open, exposing my peeling furls of cunt, my raw red steak flesh, my erect clit: the little penis I adore, and squeal, ‘Oh, my god, yes, yes!’

He plunders my arse, pumping spunk and cum inside my pulsing shithole, I squeak, ‘Thank you, for being so kind to me, yes, please, please, oh fuck, oh fuck.’

My cunt splays, my buttocks clench, I purse my love-hole lips and squirt, soaking his stiff cock, ‘Really fuck me. Fuck my arse. Feels really good, please, god, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh, ahhh, ah, oh, fuck!’

I lean back on my elbows, let him shoot his load of semen up my arse, roll my eyes, and squirt.

Then, he fucks me with my woolly hat and socks off! I find this a big ask, too. if I’m honest, but I manage. 

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