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As I Watch

I didn’t expect I’d end up in such a room all tied up to this contraption.
We had met online and we had been talking for months now. We became very close friends from the first day. I had no idea why. Maybe it was those piercing  blue eyes or that dark red shiny hair but she was one of the most beautiful woman I had ever met.
One day she said she wanted to talk. Actually talk. Talk like two persons speaking on the phone which was something we had never done before. Most of our conversations were restricted to online chat, exchanging picture, stories, poems and all that sort of thing, much like any normal online friends or lovers. So we started to talk and our relationship got even hotter until one day she told me she wanted to see me.
Again everything we did was as expected but a month before we did she told me not to use my hand to masturbate. It was a surprise to me when she said that. Of course I had been using my hand. Why wouldn’t I not use the only release I had? I was talking to a beautiful woman and seeing her face on my computer screen. So as a normal hot blooded homo sapient I had been using my hand to jerk off like many of my ancestors did ever since they have been denied sex on this Earth. A very normal practice I might add. So when she told me not to use my hand, of course I stopped but only for a short while. I was under her spell so I tried to do everything she told me to do, only not that time. Of course I didn’t tell her that.
Our first encounter was at bar. We spent a wonderful night eating, drinking, chatting, laughing, joking, cuddling and kissing. It was a wonderful night until she grabbed a bottle of Pinot, took my hand and dragged me behind her to her house.
Now I was standing naked, with both my hands tied up to a contraption in her basement, my cock standing up like a flagpole and waiting for her to do something about it.
“You used your hand?!” I didn’t know if she was asking a question or simply stating a fact.
“I wouldn’t dare,” I lied with a smirk on my face. I thought it was a joke. Oh fuck was I wrong.
“You did.” Of course she didn’t believe me, “and now you are going to pay.”
“What?” I yelled out trying to get my hands out of those ropes but I couldn’t. “I swear I didn’t,” my pleads fell on deaf ears.
She didn’t say anything. She slowly removed her clothes in front of me making sure I was watching every move she was making. With each button she undid, with every slip of her pantyhose, with every release of her garter belt clips, my cock became harder and harder until I thought it was going to explode.
I wanted her to touch me but she didn’t. She just grabbed the Pinot bottle and sat on the bed resting her back on the headboard. She opened her legs wide giving me a clear sight to her pussy as she sat up drinking her wine.
“You are just going to sit there?” If my hands were free I would have strangled that slut right there.
“Yep,” she just said.
“And how am I supposed to be paying for using my hand if you are so far away and I am all tied up here like that?” I was really curious to know her torture techniques.
With a wicked smile on her face she spelled it out, “you are just going to watch.” I didn’t realize the extent of such a torture until she began.
As she continued to drink that bottle of wine she put her hands on the entrance of her pussy and started caressing slowly. After a few minutes she increased the pace touching her clit as she moved along. From her eyes I could see she was enjoying herself. Then she inserted one finger inside moaning out of pleasure. There was a little liquid left inside the wine bottle so she poured it all over her pussy and worked the red liquid on her entrance lubricating it very very thoroughly. After that she started to insert the second finger then the third. When the fourth went inside I wanted to scream. I wanted to be the one in there not those long delicate fingers of hers. My cock was dripping ooze as I watched that amazing scene unfold in front of me.
What happened next was my breaking point. I didn’t expect that. Hell I’ve never even seen anything like it. She remove her fingers and replaced them with the bottle. That is right, the empty pinot bottle which was earlier in her mouth. This was one of the most incredible sights I have ever seen. The tip of the bottle just slid inside with ease. The area was well lubricated and dripping wet from the wine as well as her own nectars. That bottle just swam with ease inside her pussy until it went half way through.
As she used it to jerk herself off, my cock was throbbing faster than my heart.  She was using the bottle as a dildo to masturbate herself and I was standing with my hands tied up in the air unable to use them to even touch myself. Oh fuck she was cruel… As the bottle went in and out I was mimicking its movement, moving my waist as if I was physically doing the fucking myself.
When she screamed, I did. She jerked and I bucked standing up on my feet. She cried out announcing she had reached her climax but what I didn’t expect was that I too was shooting out my load in the air as my legs started shaking and my eyes became blurry from the explosion my body was experiencing.
When I finally managed to open my eyes I saw her face inches from mine, “I didn’t give you permission to do that.” she said.
“I couldn’t help myself,” squealing it out.
“I guess you are going to be punished much more severely than I thought.”
Oh fuck …. I love this woman.

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