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And Why Not? featuring filthy Cherry Red

And why not? After all they keep her feet warm? Other than her candy pink socks, she is naked, pure, ripe for fucking. And she’s about to be fucked, rigidly, deeply, penetratively, harder, than she’s ever been fucked before.

He crouches over her, his legs astride her smooth tight arse, as she squats on all fours for him on their quilted bed. She feels his coarse hand glide up her soft inner thigh, gently,  as light as a feather brushing her flesh, heightening her arousal, ‘Oh, whoa, yes, feel my clit.’

He splays her bald cunt, parting her flappy beige folds, feels the sheen of moisture coating her raw steak flesh, teasing her swollen clit with the tip of his finger. Her clit erect, her pearl bead hardened by his intimate caress, she moans,’ Oh, ah, yes, ma, my feel my cunt, oh, yes, mmmn.’

And why not? After all she’s wet, willing, craving his intervention, her impalement on his cock. He plunges his thick fingers inside her fuck-hole, feeling the slimy mucus lining her inner flesh, her birth muscles clenching him, listens to her squeals of ecstasy, ‘Oh, ah, whoa, mmmn, yes,’ her pled demand, ‘Fuck my arse.’

He crouches astride her smooth tight arse, grips her buttock, splaying her arsehole, revealing her anal sphincter muscle, twitching for his cock, and slowly slides it inside her, bearing down on her, clogging up her rectal tract with his throbbing cock, constipating her, she moans, ‘Fuck me, slow mo, fuck my arse, hard, deep and slow.’

He ignores her pleas, fucking her as if she’s his bitch on heat, his girl dog:

He grips her wrist and roughly tugs her hand, her slim, pale arm, behind her back. He fucks her slimy arse with long, deep, penetrative strokes taking her arse, slowly, fully, grasping her little breasts, kneading her dough flesh, teasing out the teats on her dusky pink nipples: stiff, perked.

‘Hold my neck.’

He grips her neck firmly, yet considerately, settling her blonde head to one side, allowing her to breathe easily.

‘Ahhhh, yeah, ma, ma,’ she murmurs, incoherently, pumped up, with sex, delirious, in ecstasy.

She makes no sense. He fucks her even harder, deeper, feeling her body shudder involuntarily, her rectal muscles clenching his turgid cock, squeezing out his seminal fluid, sucking on his semen, spunk.

She’ll come soon, waggling her feet, showing off her candy socks to the voyeurs watching her perform, wanking. He penetrates her anal channel deeply, forcing her to mucate, secrete lubricious anal slime over his invasive cock, forcing her to plead, to beg.

‘My, my, ma, ma, my, ma, ma-god, man-god’s in me, fuckin me, oh tha’s love, tha’s lovely, fuckin me slo mo, tha’s lovely, fuckin my arse,’ she’s moaning now, whimpering, her eyes are closed, lashes stiff.

He frees her head.

She opens her cunt and squirts, pissing freely down the inside of her soft thigh. She opens her mouth, ‘Squirted for my baby, yeah, sure, mmmn, pissed myself for my man-god.’

He smiles, fucking her harder than she’s ever been fucked before making her plead, crave, beg.

‘Put your thumb in my mouth.’

He puts his thumb in her mouth.

She sucks him, pretending she’s gagging on his cock, ‘aghhh, yeah, sure, ah, yeah, fuck, ahhh.’

He fucks her harder, gripping her waist with his free hand, pressing on her back, crushing her midriff.

She gasps, she squeals, moans, ‘oh, fuckin my arse, fuckin my arse, tha’s lovely, tha’s so fuckin lovely, tha’s my man-god fuckin me,’ feels his finger dragging down her bottom lip, ‘ah, fuck, oh, fuck, fuckin me, comin, I’m comin, comin, mmmn, ahhh, aghhh, aghhh, yeah, ahhh, aghhh, yeah, sure, oh, fuck, let me, let me, fuck me, sure, aghhh, aghhh, yeah, ahhh.’ 

He lets her come. And why not? After all she kept her feet warm?   


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