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All Good Men Are Perverts 9

This is chapter 9 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

Maggie has never had a serious fight with her husband before. Even when they don’t agree they always solved their disagreements in civilized and open discussions. She has never been an opinionated snob and neither has he forced anything on her before. He has always been the perfect gentleman.

Only this time I am going to kill him but before I do I am going to make him pay. But….


“What is this honey?” Mike asked with a surprise.

“Oh you know. Every now and then you bring me a sexy toy so I thought it was my turn to surprise you,” Maggie said.

“Well I am surprised alright. I would have thought that this would be a bit extreme for you,” Mike added.

“Yeh but I have a feeling you’d like it.” 

Mike looked at Maggie unable to understand this sudden change in his wife heart. It was a shocking surprise but he liked it.

“But honey do you know what this is?” Mike asked.

“Of course dear,” she answered a little offended that he thinks her so naive, “it is a cock cage, and I want you to put it on.” 

Mike gulped, “you want me to put it on NOW?” he asked, “isn’t it still early for sex? It’s Friday night for heavens sake and I just came from the office. Won’t the kids hear us?” making sure he understood what his wife was asking him to do.

“Oh don’t worry honey. They are playing outside. They won’t hear a thing.”

“I want you to go to the bathroom right now and put this on,” as she gave him the box, “I want you to lock your dick inside the cock cage with the key which you’ll probably find inside the box and then I want you to put the key on the dresser over there,” she ordered.

“Ok what else?” Mike asked with a smirk, “you seem to have planned this perfectly,” he didn’t believe his luck. This was what he has always dreamt off! His wife finally playing along.

“Oh I am not going to tell you what else,” she said, “you’ll have to wait and see. Now go and do as I tell you,” she finally commanded.

He ran to the bathroom and opened the box. Of course he has seen many of these devices  before. He swore he had one exactly like this in his apartment. He also knew how to put it on. He had previously experimented with something like this on himself but this was a dream come true.

After he managed to put on the cock cage he made sure it was tightly secured without any possibility of slipping out. He came out of the bathroom, put the key on the dresser as his wife ordered him to do and lay on the bed waiting for her next instructions.

He was surprised when she came in the bedroom dressed up in her normal day clothes. She carried in one hands four professional metal handcuffs and in the other hand a nasty looking flogger. “Oh shit. Where have I seen those before?” Mike kept asking himself. His thoughts were swirling in his mind unable to believe what was happening.

She came closer and started to lock everyone of his hands and feet in the handcuffs then she tide them all securely to the frame of their copper brass bed making sure they were locked up tightly. Then she pulled his dick by the cock cage inspecting that was also tightly secured. She pulled hard again twisting his cock right then left so that he can feel the pain. Was she trying to hurt him on purpose?

She stood over him from one side of the bed and said, “ok Mike. I know what you have been up to you son of a bitch.”

And he just felt his whole life flash in front of him. It is as if a freezing bucket of icy water was about to be dropped on his head.

“I have seen your apartment and I know everything. You piece of shit,” she shouted.

“Come on honey. It is not what you think,” Mike tried to pull his hands from the cuffs trying to stand up but he couldn’t. They were locked tightly to the bed frame, “what the hell!” He exclaimed.

“Don’t you fucking honey me you pervert,” Maggie blurted out and without thinking started to whip him with the flogger which was in her hand.

“Pervert” second strike

“Idiot” third strike

“Sadist” fourth strike

“Fucking son of a bitch” fifth strike stopping to take a breath.

“Oh please Maggie stop,” Mike tried to block her but he couldn’t move his hands to protect himself. It is not that she was inflicting sever pain on his body but he was overwhelmed with her anger and uncontrollable frenzy. He hasn’t seen his wife in such a state of mind and it frightened him.

“Please honey you have it all wrong, I love you,” he tried to beg her to listen to him, “please don’t do that,” he wanted to tell her how much he loved her but she wouldn’t listen.

“I don’t know who you are anymore,” she shouted, “fuck I don’t know what you are.”

“Do you like to hurt girls you fucking pervert,” she screamed as she resumed flogging him again. She whipped him on his body and on his cock. She wanted him to feel the pain of the flogger as it struck his dick which was trapped in the cock cage. 

“Or do you like to be whipped like that,” she screamed again as she struck him hard one last time. She suddenly stopped and threw away the flogger on the floor.

“I am taking the kids and I am going to Mom for the weekend you fucking bitch,” she finally said.

“Oh no honey please don’t,” Mike pleaded. He was about to cry. He was afraid that he might loose her and the kids forever.

“Don’t you fucking honey me again,” she added, “and I want you to think about what you’ve done until I come back,” she said.

“Please get these things of off me,” he implored as he brought his hands forward towards her trying to pull them free from the cuffs.

“Oh no you son of a bitch. You will stay locked up in here like that. I want you to think of all you’ve done,” she cried out again.

“But, but come on honey. I haven’t done anything to deserve this. How can you keep me locked up like this,” he shouted, “what if someone sees me.”

“It will serves you right. You son of a bitch,” she said, “no one wants to see your fucking dick,” she explained, “you will be locked up in here all weekend.”

“Please honey what if I want to pee?” He squeaked.

“Well you should have thought of your fucking dick before you swung it all around. I guess you will have to hold it until I come back,” she wickedly suggested, “this will serve you right for being such a pervert,” as she ran out of the room taking the keys with her and leaving him locked up on the bed.


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