All Good Men Are Perverts 8

This is chapter 8 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

Mike was a successful marketing manager working in a well established company. He has worked hard to get to this position and he couldn’t afford to make any mistakes which would jeopardize what he has built so far. His present secretary was a sexy looking young lady. However his previous assistant was even much hotter. He also knew his kid’s babysitter has had the hots for him for some time. He can’t help it if women fall for him.

He has had ample opportunity to cheat on his wife. But…..


“Did Maggie call this week?” Mike asked Lily his new secretary. She has started work only a few months ago after his previous assistant suddenly quit. It was always his company’s policy to hire good looking secretaries specially in the marketing and sales departments. It is not that HR was biased but their argument was that these positions required skills complemented by appearances and Lily certainly didn’t lack any of the professional capabilities nor any of their other requirements.

“No. She hasn’t,” she replied. Lily liked working at this company. It wasn’t one of those large conglomerate but big enough with good opportunities for growth. She also liked working for Mike. He was a good boss, fair and polite but most of all he was a good looking guy. She had always preferred older men herself unfortunately he was a married man and to make things worse she even liked his wife Maggie. She had seen him looking at her legs and cleavage on several occasions but he has always been a good gentleman not to stare too much.

“Well if she does please put her through even if I am in a meeting,” Mike informed his secretary. 

It is strange why Maggie called him to the office a few times last week. She could have called him on his cell phone but instead she used the office land line. This was the first time she did something like that. Lily even told him that Maggie came by one afternoon when he wasn’t in the office. Could she be checking up on him? He had always suspected that she felt a little edgy about his secretaries. Well which woman wouldn’t be but she hadn’t shown any great concern before now. Could she be on to him? Does she suspect anything? 

He tried to ask her about this and she shrugged it off. “Oh it was nothing. I was visiting Julie and I happened to be in the neighborhood so I thought I’d surprise you,” Maggie explained but Mike was still a little nervous.

Mike left the office at 5pm as he usually did. He drove to the apartment which he was renting not too close to the office. He couldn’t afford anything better then this but it was adequate for the things he wanted to do. He parked the car and went inside.

As he entered the flat an ire feeling suddenly went through him. It was as if he was being watched or as if someone was behind him looking over his shoulders! That was ridiculous of course. He had spent many hours inside this apartment for the past couple of years and it was the first time he felt anything like this. He walked around the flat making a quick inspection of the sex toys and accessories displayed on the shelves. Why does he feel like someone was in here? It was a strange unsettling feeling to say the least but this was all in his head.

He proceeded to inspect every contraption he had set up in this flat. This was a ritual he always did upon entering the flat. They were all perfect. He turned the lever of the suspension frame and saw the metallic bar with the attached straps rise up slowly. He smiled as he envisioned his lover suspended to the metallic frame and slowly being lifted up until she was almost standing on her toes.

He went over to another piece of metal frame which stood at the other side of the room. It was the steel cage which he had to construct one single bar a a time. But it was worth it. It looked like was a long metallic box with a gate to one side. He opened the door and looked inside. It was perfect. He again pictured her inside the cage sprawled naked on her hands and knees lusting to grab his dick and suck it from behind the metallic bars.

After finishing his inspection tour of all the things he previously setup in this apartment it was time for him to relax. He took of his clothes and carefully laid them on the back of the chair. Now he stood naked in the room looking over his collection of DVD films. He chose one film and inserted it in the DVD player and sat on the plump sofa to watch the film. He must have seen this one a dozen times. All porn films look the same to him now, but he needed a stimulus for what he was about to do.

Mike opened the box which he brought over with him from one of the shelf racks. The box contained a flashlight. The flashlight is a vibrator for men. It is called a flashlight because it looked like an actual flashlight with an opening on one side which resembled the entrance to a woman’s vagina. He put a little lubricant inside the opening and switched it on. As he inserted his dick inside the entrance he couldn’t help but envision his lover’s pussy engulfing his cock which was already starting to get very hard. 

On the far corner of the room he spotted another of his favorite devices. It was the ‘fucking machine’ which he was so eager to try on her. It was a small pillow-like device with a vibrating dildo protruding from the middle of the unit. Again he couldn’t help but imagine her on her knees straddling the machine and inserting the dildo into her pussy. As she goes up and down he would use the flashlight to pull his cock up and down sucking it away. She would be holding her breasts with both her hands and pulling her nipples as she rode the vibrating dildo into submission. The was enough to make him come inside the flashlight in just a few minutes as the image of his wife collapsed on top of the fucking machine.

At 6pm he drove back home. “I hope Maggie is home this time,” he said to himself, “I don’t want to see Cindy with her big boobs dangling in my face.” For the last week the babysitter was the one who greeted him as he entered the house. “She makes me so uncomfortable,” Mike sighed.


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