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All Good Men Are Perverts 6

This is chapter 6 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

Isn’t it strange how people often change their convictions when faced with a dilemma or a conflict. We are always forced to modify our habits or beliefs as we go through life’s choices. I had never thought that I would ever stoop so low even if my life depended on it but I did and it made me sick to my stomach.

However I had to knew all the details? But…


As Julie suggested, I managed to make copies of Mike’s keys in order to enter the apartment which my husband visits everyday after work. Making those copies was an act that any spy would be proud of. I took Mike’s keys very early on Saturday morning and drove fast to the key shop. Mike likes to sleep late on Saturdays and Sundays. I made copies of all the keys I wasn’t sure about. There weren’t many. Three keys at the most but I hoped that one of those would open the door to the mysterious flat. Then I hurried back home before Mike even woke up.

A few days later I drove to the flat in the morning to see if my plan worked. I parked the car and ran to the apartment like a thief afraid to be caught. First I knocked hard on the door and waited outside but no one answered. I knocked again and again and still no one came to the door. I used the first key but it didn’t work. Then I tried the second key and to my surprise the door clicked open.

What was it that I was expecting to see in there? I was shivering outside the apartment reluctant to go in. That was a pivotal moment in my relationship with my husband. Love, trust, security, commitment, companionship…all those ideas crept into my mind at that instant and everything was about to change in a second. But I had to know. I had to know what my husband was hiding from me.

I entered the apartment closed the door behind me, switched on the lights and froze up.

What the hell was this? It was as if I was entering a porn shop. I had never imagined I would be seeing anything like this. The apartment was only a one large open studio with a small bathroom and a kitchenette located in the far corner of the open space. In the other corner I could see a large steel bed and a sitting area with a two seater sofa, a small desk with a chair, and an old TV. 

However I was bewildered by what I saw scattered all over the apartment. All around the walls I found shelf racks which displayed all kind of adult toys and accessories imaginable. I don’t claim to be an expert in those things but I wasn’t that naive either. I had browsed the internet before and had entered a couple of those sex shop sites but I hadn’t imagined I would be seeing the extent of such a collection in one place.

In one shelf rack there were all kinds of different vibrators and dildos. Long ones, small ones, plastic ones, glass ones, ones that looked like real cocks while others that resembled space ship for all I knew. I also saw bullet vibrators, remote control vibrators, wand vibrators, cock rings, vibrating butt plugs, vibrating anal beads, vibrating strap-ons, oh my God how many different kinds of strap-on could there be?

In another shelf rack I saw all kinds of BDSM toys and accessories. Whips, floggers, canes, handcuffs, restraints, masks, gags, ropes, tapes and God knows what else. I saw fucking machines, chastity cock cages, nipple clamps and all kind of electro torture equipments. Could these be real?

In yet another corner of the room I saw racks with hangers that held all kind of sexy attires. Lace lingerie, leather and vinyl outfits, corsets, bras, thongs, outfits of maids, schoolgirls, nurses, cops as well as all kind of clothes imaginable and unimaginable. Who were these for?

But what struck me the most were the large contraptions which occupied large sections of the room. I saw a bondage chair, a cage, a suspension frame, a cross with straps, as well as weird looking round benches that made my mouth dry.

I just fell on the carpeted floor and cried. I must have cried for hours and hours just curled up in the middle of the studio with my hands on my face. I don’t know how long I stayed like that until my tears dried up. I opened my eyes while still sprawled on the floor looking all around me. The first thing that caught my eyes was the metallic suspension frame. It was right on top of me. For minutes I looked at all the pieces of pulleys, ropes and suspension bars dangling from the well built metallic frame. OMG I was admiring the craftsmanship of this metallic contraption. It must have cost a fortune. Suddenly an image flashed into my mind of a naked woman being suspended in the air by her hands and feet. Her face was covered by her scattered hair. I don’t know why but I felt a slight tingle deep inside my pussy. She lifts her head up and looks at me. Oh God. I recognized her face. It was me up there and I felt sick.

I ran to the bathroom and washed my face. I was surprised that there were no towels in there. I wiped my face with paper tissues which I put in my pocket. I didn’t want to leave anything behind. I went out to inspect what I could find in this damn awful place. I was looking for condemning clues to my husband’s infidelity. I walked to the bed and to my surprise again I saw that it didn’t have any pillows, bedsheets or covers. Even the mattress was still rapped in nylon cover. This bed has never been used before. But why?

I returned to the sex toys on the shelves. I picked up the largest looking dildo vibrator and switched it on. It didn’t work. It didn’t have any batteries. Most of the toys didn’t either. They all looked almost brand new. But I kept searching for a vibrator that worked until I found one. It was again one of the big ones with a protruding tongue to one side. Has Mike ever used this on another woman? How did it feel? I don’t know why but I brought the vibrator down to my itching pussy to try it out and it gave me a jolt. It was a strong vibrator. I immediately put it back exactly where I found it. But who needs all these toys? And why?

Who the hell was my husband? Did he bring any girls to this place? he must have otherwise why hide all this stuff in here. But why?

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