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All Good Men Are Perverts 5

This is chapter 5 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

Julie and Maggie graduated from the same high school. They had never been close friends before but when they met a year ago at one of their high school reunions they hit if off and they have been friends ever since.

Julie has had a turbulent life throughout her early adulthood. She was married by the age of eighteen and divorced a year later. She fell again a victim to a loveless marriage which she immediately cut short a few months after.

She now considers herself a happy and a free woman. But….


“I think he is cheating on me,” Maggie said.

I wouldn’t have guessed Mike would do something like this but from my personal experience I think that most men are jerks. I should have seen this coming, poor Maggie. “But are you sure?” Julie tried to condole her friend.

“I don’t know but I know that he goes to some place after work,” Maggie replied, “I have seen it myself.”

“What! You have seen Mike with another woman? Where? What happened?” Julie tried to learn more.

“No. No. But I did what you told me and I downloaded the ‘Find Friends’ app on both our phones. It was so easy. I didn’t really have to do much because it was already downloaded in Mike’s phone. I just had to activate it and it worked,” Maggie explained.

“And what happened?” Julie was eager to know all the details.

“The first week I only switched the application on and followed the dots on the map. It showed him going to the same address for an hour every single day. But I wasn’t sure where. Of course I had to find out. So I hired Cindy for a week and followed him after work,” Maggie went on.

“And who is Cindy?” Julie was lost there.

“Oh you know the babysitter for the kids,” Maggie replied.

“Yeh the blond bimbo with the big boobs,” Julie exclaimed.

“She is not that bad. Although I admit she likes to wear tight clothes when ever she comes to our house but she is a good kid,” Maggie continued, “anyway I followed Mike to that apartment and waited outside in my car. He goes there every day after work and stays for an hour before he comes back home.”

“And what happened next?” Julie asked again.

“I waited for a whole week outside of that flat,” Maggie recalled. “One day after Mike left I tried to knock on the door to see who was inside but no one answered. Isn’t this strange? I even tried to take a peak inside the flat but the lights were turned off. But what is surprising me even more is the apartment itself. It is in one of those old condominium buildings in a rather rundown neighborhood.”

“And what are you planning to do next?” Julie asked, “have you checked his pockets or wallet for anything. You could look for the keys to the flat and make a copy if you can.”

“I don’t know,” Maggie chocked, “won’t that be to much?”

“Come on girl. You have to do everything you can to know what is going on,” Julie exploded, “this is your marriage we are talking about,” as they rapped up their weekly get together.


Poor girl. I know what she is going through. I’ve been their myself. It is awful. That is why I am through with marriage. But sex is something else. Now that’s a thing I can’t live without.

Julie kept thinking of her friend as she drove away. She has been advising Maggie on men and infidelity when she herself was the scourge that women abhor. She hadn’t even told her friend what she does for a living lest she runs away. Maggie thinks that she works as a waitress or a bartender. She knows how conservative her friend can be so why stir the pan. It has been a long time since she had a close friend like Maggie and she doesn’t want to loose her if she could.

The lights outside the gentleman’s club were switched on indicating that it was open for business. It was a classy joint that catered mostly to middle aged men and sometimes couples who want to expand their horizons in a nice discreet environment.

“How is it going today?” the manager asked Julie as he saw her come into the club.

“Great James. Are the girls inside?” She asked and James affirmed with a nod of his head.

The lights to the stage lit up and three ladies enter the spot lights. They were all dressed up in leather outfits that brought out all their bodily charms. The one holding the long whip was a blond dressed in a red shiny half cup corset that pushed her full round breasts all the way up revealing her red nipples every time she bent down. The red suspender belt held up her two black stockings by nylon straps as she wore a knee high red leather high heel boots. The other two girls were young brunettes who looked very much alike. They were wearing simple black matching leather outfits with open breasted bras, panties and fishnet stockings with high heals. Their nipples where hidden behind two crosses of black sticky bands.

With the crack of the whip the music starts and the two girls go down on their knees. They start to grope the red woman in an act of body worship. With her left free hand she grabs one of the two brunettes and pushes her between her legs. That is when the other girl stands up and proceeds to squeeze the red woman’s two breasts. She starts to twist and turn the two exposed nipples then pulls them towards the audience. Meanwhile the other girl on the floor is using her tongue to wet the red woman’s panties. A few seconds of this stimulation and the red woman tilts her head back in an act of arousal and final surrender to her ecstasy. 

The red woman backs up and cracks her long whip once again and the music changes rhythm. One of the brunette girls bends down with her legs wide open and her ass fully exposed to the audience while the other girl sits between her legs. She sits still starring at the other girl’s two wide open legs with her back to the audience and awaits the command of the lady in red. The red mistress approaches the girls and pushes the checks of the standing girl so wide that the audience could almost glimpse a peak of her dripping pussy. Then she pushes the head of the kneeling brunette between the two cracks until her mouth and nose find the entrance. The audience cheer as the girl being stimulated shouts out at the moment the music explodes indicating the finish of the act.

“Another excellent show with the girls, Julie,” the club manager cheerfully approves.

“Yep Mindy and Mandy are turning out to be great,” Julie added.

“We have a full audience tonight. Many of your regular customers are already here. Go and get them girl,” James encouraged. 

“Thanks,” Julie replied, “when have I ever disappointed you,” she smiles back as she walks down the stage trying to decide which one she would rather go home with tonight.

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