All Good Men Are Perverts 4

This is chapter 4 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

Elisabeth works as a receptionist at a local doctors clinic in a quite neighborhood. She moved to this area a few months after her daughter got married. Elizabeth didn’t want to live in an empty house after her only daughter moved out so she rented a smaller apartment in this district. She found a nice job at a local clinic and started a new life on her own. Everyday except on Sunday’s and for the past ten years she would walk the few blocks from her small apartment to go to work in the morning and come back at five in the evening. She would cook dinner and eat alone while watching the TV. Then she would sit to read a novel or a magazine for a few hours before she goes to bed.

She was content with her life but…..


Elisabeth was browsing a magazine as she often did in the evenings. She loves to look at the young and beautiful celebrity couples adorning the pages of those magazines which she buys every week. These magazines were her only companions in her lonely evenings. She also loves to read trashy articles as well as romantic novels which she buys from her local book shop. 

“Oh shit, faster, faster oh Shit Jake. Give it to me harder…” a woman’s shouting echoed out.

“Oh here they go again,” Elizabeth said, “don’t these two ever have a break?” Elizabeth wondered.

Sonya and Jake her boisterous neighbors had moved to the apartment across the building from hers a few months ago and almost every night Elizabeth has had to endure the noises coming from their flat.

“Come on, come on, that is it, I am coming, I am coming, oh shit,” Sonya shouted again.

“This is ridiculous,” Elizabeth exclaimed, “they are like chickens these two,” she sighed.

Elisabeth has met Sonya and Jake the day they moved in. And as a good Samaritan she immediately invited them to a cup of coffee at her flat. They were a middle aged couple who met a few years ago and decided to live together. This is what Sonya had told her as she was serving them their coffee. By the time Sonya finished her cup Elizabeth knew every thing there was to know about the couple. She liked those two but it is their constant love making which annoyed her sometimes. They were a little younger then her probably in their mid forties but why does she feel much older?

Elizabeth ran to her bedroom window which looked straight across into Sonya’s and Jake’s apartment. She opened the drapes slightly trying to secretly get a glimpse inside the neighbor’s bedroom and she was greeted with the full show. The window of their apartment was relatively large which offered a full view all the way inside. She just couldn’t comprehend as to why those two always made love with the curtains open. This wasn’t the first time she had seen them making love but every time she did it made her blush. She smiled as she remembered the first time she saw the two at it. She couldn’t make eye contact with either of them for a week. However after a few more rounds of constant banging she got used to it.

“Oh yes baby. Suck it good,” Jake said, “oh yes all the way inside your throat,” he encouraged her.

‘Oh God, how can they do this every day?’ Elizabeth asked herself as she watched them from her window. Jake is on his back and Sonya is sucking his cock. She stops every few seconds to lick the shaft all the way down to his balls then back up again to the tip. With her tongue she licks the sensitive area of his dick as if she is eating a lollipop. Then she takes it again in her mouth. 

As Sonya is sucking Jake’s cock Elizabeth can’t help but feel the tingle in her pussy slowly building up like a bottled up soda can. She unconsciously puts her hand down where the sensation is at its most severe.

Elizabeth’s concentration was suddenly interrupted by the rigging of her cell phone. It is her daughter. She pressed the ok button to answer as she continued to look at Sonya and Jake from across the building while her hand still kept caressing the entrance of her vagina from outside of her night gown.

“Hi Mom. How is it going?” Maggie asked.

“Oh hi hon. I am glad you called. I haven’t heard from you for weeks. How’s Mike and the kids? Hope you are calling to tell me you are coming for a visit?” Elizabeth asked.

“We are all fine. Just calling to say hi,” Maggie answered.

“Are you ok honey. You don’t sound fine. Everything ok with Mike and the kids?” Elizabeth was worried.

“Oh no no. I just missed you and I am thinking of visiting next week,” Maggie said.

“Oh yes I am coommming,” Jake shouted as he blew his large load in Sonya’s face and all over her breasts.

“Oh shit,” Elizabeth shouted out in simultaneous ecstasy forgetting what her hands were doing between her legs. 

“Are you ok Mom?” Maggie worriedly asked, “you don’t sound ok.”

Elisabeth took a deep breath to clear her head before she answered, “I am ok really, I just dropped something,” Elizabeth lied as she closed the drapes and walked away from the window.

“Never mind Mom. I’ll call you next week, bye” and Maggie hung up the phone.

Elizabeth stood wondering what just happened right now. Of course she could sense that her daughter was worried about something but Maggie was a big girl and she can take care of herself. Well she taught her how to handle herself and she is proud of how Maggie turned out to be. After all Elizabeth had to learn everything herself after her husband died in a car accident leaving her to fend for herself. She was married young and had Maggie almost a few months after finishing high school. She had to raise a daughter by herself. But that is all in the past right now.

However what really surprised her was the sudden orgasm she just experienced. She hadn’t had one of those for a long time. She was a southern gal and had been raised in a catholic school as a child. It is not that she hadn’t had a few sexual encounters while she was raising her daughter but she always fell back on her upbringing and tried to restrain herself. But seeing her neighbors fucking each other like that must have ignited the spark once again.

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