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All Good Men Are Perverts 30

This is chapter 30 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

Freud said that we are all sexual perverts. I had just experienced that first hand. We all have our secret desires which we try to bury deep inside. But I know now how foolish it is when we don’t try to fulfill them as best as we can. When I first learned about my husband’s secret apartment I was devastated. I was convinced he was a pervert. However it turned out I was the one who should be labeled as such. And I am proud of it.

I had always believed we were the perfect couple. But now I know for certain that we are.


“I am glad you could all come,” I was beaming from delight at the sight of all my friends under one roof. They had all jumped at my invitation to come to our secret apartment when I told them about my party.

“We wouldn’t miss this for anything,” Julie said, “Mike started this and we’d be foolish to skip his birthday.” She was holding James’s hand as they stood together looking at me.

“I couldn’t miss my boss’s birthday either,” Lily concurred.

“Maggie,” Dave added, “your get togethers are always a delight. Aren’t they James?”

 “Yeh yeh yeh just don’t forget I also live here now,” Cindy was jokingly reminding everyone, “and you’re all going to help me clean up the mess after this party is over.”

“Don’t worry Cindy,” Mindy jumped up. “We’ll help you lick every thing clean,” Mandy said. “If you agree to lick back. That is,” Her giggly sister added.

“Hay hay girls,” I interrupted, “we’ll see about who licks who once we finish with the cake.”

“Oh Maggie. Why do you have to go and spoil all the fun?” Mindy replied and everyone laughed at our exchange.

“Honestly guys,” Mike was almost chocking as he said, “I am really honored that you could all come to my birthday.” 

He was holding his drink in his hands wanting to propose a toast, “I want to thank you all for being here. And I want to thank my lovely wife for arranging all this. But mainly I want to thank her for putting up with me, with the kids, and with all my friends. I would also like to thank her for letting us play in her apartment. Yes for those of you who don’t know about this, everything you see around here is hers. Every toy every equipment I bought was for her. So I propose a toast to my beautiful wife Maggie. May we all continue to love one another as she showed us how.”

I didn’t know that my tears were flowing down my face until he finished his speech and raised his glass in the air as did all my friends. I was out of words. I didn’t expect that. This was my husband’s birthday and he was proposing a toast to me. What can I say. I had my hands on my face as I was about to cry.

“Look at her,” Julie pointed at me, “now she’s lost for word.”

“Come on everyone,” Mike yelled out, “I have a cake to cut. Will you help me honey?” and he grabbed my hand and we proceeded to cut the cake and enjoy the party which was about to start.

After we finished eating I sat on the sofa with Mike, the love of my life, my husband who I’d kill to be with and of course who I’m going to kill after this is over. We were holding hands admiring our friends who scattered around our flat enjoying themselves. 

Julie was sitting with James on the bed talking. The twins were running around with Cindy who was showing them some of the toys and the equipments in the apartment. Lily was sitting on Dave’s knees on the only other chair in the flat.

The twins came running to us holding Cindy’s hand between them and they both said in one voice, “Maggie, Maggie. Can we please play with Cindy? Can we? Can we?” But Cindy remained silent. She had her head bent forward looking straight at the floor.

“And why are you asking me that for?” I replied, “why don’t you ask her?”

“But she said we needed to get her mistress’s permission,” Mindy said, “so can we? Can we? Pleeeease,” Mandy followed. 

I almost burst out laughing as did everyone in the room. But I had to keep up with the act if that is what Cindy wanted, “so Cindy. Do you want the twins to play with you?”

Cindy only nodded her head with out looking up at me but I could just see a little grin right at the corner of her mouth, “ok go play go go,” and I gave them my permission.

“Oh Gosh, if I didn’t know that those three are adults I’d swear they should be under night curfew right now,” Mike said. This time I couldn’t hold myself and I burst out laughing.

I looked back at Julie who was now sitting up straight in the middle of the bed with her legs spread in front of her. James body was pressed next to hers with their mouths locked together. Dave was still sitting on the chair with Lily on his knees and we were all staring at Julie and James who were about to start making out. Lily leaned into Dave and whispered something in his ear. I couldn’t hear what she was telling him.

After they finished talking Lily looked at Mike and said, “Boss, can I ask you something?”

“What is it Lily?” Mike replied.

“Can Dave and I join Julie and James?” She surprisingly asked her boss then she looked at me. She was taking my permission more than that of my husband’s but I didn’t say anything.

“Lily dear,” Mike replied, “you’re of duty now. So you can do whatever the hell you want.”

So Lily stood up took Dave’s hand and pulled him towards Julie who was waiting for her on the bed with a welcoming smile.

Meanwhile Cindy and the sisters had decided on what they wanted to do and were already on their way to trying something new. Cindy wanted them to tie her up on the bondage wheel. This was another one of Mike’s insane contraptions. It was a large metallic wheel where you strap someone securely in the middle and you can turn the whole wheel freely around in any direction you want. It is like a bondage equipment from the space age. And of course Cindy loved everything that involves being tied up in any way or form. The twins were joyously giggling as they were strapping my naked sub on to the bondage wheel. Kids!

I looked back again at Lily and she was now sitting next to Julie who already had her shirt off and Lily was sucking at one of her breasts while James was sucking on the other. As for Dave he was pulling Lily’s jeans down to get access to her pussy from behind. More kids!

“So who do you want to join?” Mike asked me. He was still holding my hand as we sat on the sofa looking at the two shows in front of us.

“I don’t,” I simply replied.

“You don’t?” Mike was surprised, “this is a first,” he added.

“Yes, I don’t,” I confirmed, “I want to stay and suck the birthday boy’s cock.” Let him think about that!

“Hmmm. I think the birthday boy wants to lick his wife’s pussy,” oh fuck Mike was good. That is why I love this man.

I put my hand on the bulge of his pants and squeezed his dick from outside. He reciprocated by bringing his hand up my mini skirt to locate my already wet panties. He rubbed his finger on my panties as I was doing to his trousers. I unzipped his pants with one hand and inserted it inside digging further into his underpants to get to his dick. He reacted by having his hand crawl under my panties to find my welcoming pussy but he didn’t stop there. He inserted two of his fingers inside my entrance and wiggled them around. Oh fuck Mike was really good.

As we were sitting playing with each other’s private parts Julie and Lily had already been stripped naked and were enjoying the attention of their men. Dave was eating Lily’s pussy from behind while James was eating Julie’s pussy from the front. The girls were both moaning as they kissed each other.

Mindy and Mandy had also shed their clothes and they stood playing with the large wheel. Mindy would turn it one full circle to her side then Mandy would turn it the other way round. Suddenly they stopped and locked the turning mechanism into place. Cindy’s head was swaying left and right trying to regain her balance but she was enjoying it. The twins started to play with her breasts squeezing and pulling her nipples left and right, up and down and Cindy was screaming, “oh please, oh yes, yes,” she was in the blurry place between pain and joy and she was enjoying both sensations simultaneously.

I stood up and started to take my clothes off. Upon seeing that Mike also pulled his own pants down and quickly unbuttoned his shirt. In a few seconds we were as naked as the rest of our friends in the apartment. This was a party so who needs clothes anyway. I knelt on the floor and grabbed my husbands’s cock in my hands and put it in my mouth. He was still sitting on the sofa looking at me as I played and sucked his shaft. 

He laid back on the sofa and said, “come over here. I want to lick your pussy as you suck my dick,” and I immediately jumped on him as he proposed. I put his cock back in my mouth and positioned myself on his face giving him more access to my pussy. First he licked in long strokes to get the flow running then with his hands he rubbed my clit and inserted one of his fingers inside my entrance. Then he brought his other hand to my asshole and circled it with his thumb. He sucked one of his fingers covering it with a little of his saliva and inserted it into my asshole. Then he returned to licking and sucking at my pussy with his mouth.

Oh fuck Mike was really really good, a fact substantiated by all my friends. Julie, Cindy, Mindy and Mandy had all agree that Mike’s tongue was one of the best. Oh shit I was coming and I must have let the world know as I shouted it out, “I am coming miiiiiiiiikke.” But everyone knew I was a fast comer especially when it came to my first orgasm so what the heck. As I was coming I tried not to bite his cock which was still in my mouth. He was able to hold a little longer but not much. He came into my mouth bucking his hips and pushing his cock deeper into my throat as I swallowed his full load in one gulp.

We sat huddled together on the sofa to enjoy what our friends were doing on the other side of the room. Mike was laying behind me with his hands rapped around my chest. My back was to him and I could feel his dick flickering everyone once in a while on my back side as the scenes in front of us were getting hotter and hotter.

I had my eyes fixed at Cindy. She was now upside down. Her legs were spread wide apart and her pussy was fully exposed. The twins were using a dildo vibrator on her pussy. She was thrashing and shouting at them to make her come. “Oh Mindy please let me come please.” But Mindy would only reply, “oh no no we won’t.” Mindy would put the vibratory on Cindy’s pussy for a few seconds until she felt Cindy was about to come then she would pull it away saying, “oh no you’re not allowed to come no no,” teasing and giggling with her sister. As for Mandy she was keeping Cindy’s pussy lips spread wide open for her sister to get to Cindy’s clit. They kept at this for a while and Cindy kept thrashing about and begging them to make her come. I didn’t know the twins had such a wicked streak in them. They were perfect and Cindy was in heaven.

Oh fuck my own pussy started to act again and I grabbed Mike’s hand and lowered it down to my pussy. If he wants to watch live porn then he has to work for it. His cock grew a little further at the back and it almost reached my entrance. But we were still not there yet. We needed more stimulus.

That was what Julie and Lily were here for. We looked towards the bed to see them on top of on another in a 69 position. Julie was on her back and Lily was sprawled on top of my best friend. But this time it was James who had his cock inside Lily’s pussy and Julie was licking his dangling balls from underneath as he was pumping in and out. As for Dave he was inserting his cock once in Julie’s pussy then he would pull out and thrust it into Lily’s mouth who would suck it clean before it went back again into Julie’s waiting pussy.

That was all Mike and I needed to return to the game. His dick was as rigid as a flag pole and he wanted to insert it in my asshole. Oh fuck he always knew what I wanted before I even thought about it. I lifted my leg up to give him more space and he slowly inserted his big hard dick in my back entrance. Oh shit every time Mike did that I always promised myself I was going to kill him. Oh fuck once this is over he is dead. But now I needed him to make me come, “oh honey faster,” I shouted, ” faster, faster.” I brought my own hand down to my exposed pussy and clit and started to rub them as fast as I can. “Oh fuck fuck, I am coming I am commmmiinng…” I felt his cum flood into my hole and burst out covering my ass as well as the sofa.

I closed my eyes and put my head on my husband’s hand like a pillow. We remained in our positions waiting for our friends to finish. 

“I think we should get a bigger place, what do you think?” Mike whispered softly in my ear.

I looked about the flat thinking about what Mike just said. This is my place. No this is our place. The place in which I was glad to have caught my perverted husband hiding his sex toys. The place where I found out I was as much a pervert as he was. The place where my perverted friends and I come to play. Could I just leave it? Could we?

“Oh no honey. I wouldn’t change this for the world,” I replied.

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    1. Oh wow…I couldn’t stop reading this once I started. I read the whole series from start to finish. I loved every bit of this series. Reading how it all started and following all these people through there journey as individuals and together as pairs or a group. Great writing skills. ?

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