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All Good Men Are Perverts 3

This is chapter 3 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts


Maggie always thought she was happy with Mike. She also believed that he was as content with their relationship as she was. They had a perfect marriage. 

She also believed they had an acceptable sex life until Julie, her friend, informed her that Mike’s sexual fantasies might not be what she thought they’d be.

Could Mike be hiding something from her, but…


“Can I speak to Mike please?” Maggie asked Mike’s secretary to transfer her to his office.

“I am sorry but I just saw him leaving. Do you want to leave him a message?” That was the answer she got again.

“It is ok Lily. I will call him on his cell phone,” Maggie hung up the phone. This was the third time this week that Maggie had called Mike’s office at around 5pm in the afternoon.

A week ago, before this even started, she went to Mike’s office a little past 5pm. She wanted to surprise him at work and try out some office sex if she could. Julie’s remarks about her husband’s sexual appetite were still ringing in her ears. So she wanted to do something unusual for a change. He had often been the one who liked to spice up their sex life so it was her turn to surprise him this time. She had always had a fantasy of sucking a man’s cock while he sat behind his desk. That is why she dressed up in a sexy leather outfit which showed a lot of her curves hidden underneath a long raincoat. Unfortunately Mike was not in the office.

She thought that Mike always left the office at 6 pm because he usually arrives home everyday at seven. The drive home from the office seldom took more than one hour. So for a whole week Maggie had been calling his office a little after 5pm to find out he was not there. She was getting worried.

“I don’t know what to do, have you gone through something like this?” Maggie asked Julie for her opinion after telling her what she had done all week.

“So you don’t know where Mike goes everyday. It is not that he vanishes off the map. He must be going someplace,” Julie tried to reassure her friend.

“I know. This is what is worrying me. I don’t know where he goes during this hour. I don’t want to confront him with this. There might be nothing to this. Well I hope there isn’t. Maybe he goes with his friends for a drink or something,” Maggie’s voice betrayed her feeling as she almost wanted to cry in front of her friend.

“The only thing to do is to follow him,” Julie pointed out.

“What? I can’t do that. I can’t have someone following him either. This is unacceptable,” Maggie shouted.

“Come on girl. This is not the 20th century. We are in the age of mobile technology and you can do that from the comfort of your home,” Julie explained.

“But how?” Maggie asked.

“You both have iPhones don’t you. Have you ever heard of ‘Find Friends’?” Julie continued as Maggie listened carefully to every word, “you just add this application on both of your phones and follow him on the map. It is that simple.”

After her insightful lunch with Julie, Maggie went straight back home, laid down on her bed thinking about what her friend just told her. The kids were still in school and she had a few hours to spare. It was a hot summers day and she liked to dress in light baggy shirts and skinny shorts whenever she was alone at home. She thought of all the sexy things that Mike brought her and ran to the closet to bring out a small case where she put all these things inside. She laid them on the bed remembering when and how they used every one of these sexual aids. She didn’t want to think of them as aids. They were more like sex toppings, frostings, additives, sweets, chocolates…

Just hidden behind one of the lingerie attires she happened to glimpse the small vibrator which Mike had given her for her birthday. It was the first object she received from him. She remembered they had one hell of a night using it. She brought it out and switched it on. What do you know it still worked after all these years. Without thinking she put it between her thighs. What was she thinking? She wasn’t brought up to do something like this. Her mother has always told her that only bad girls masturbate by themselves. Her mother has brought her up to be a good and decent girl so that her husband doesn’t have to look for sex somewhere else. “Oh this is all mothers fault,” Maggie thought. I want to be a bad girl for once and she pulled down her shorts together with her panties then took off her shirt and threw them all on the floor. She laid on the bed completely naked and proceeded to caress the entrance of her vagina with the mini vibrator. With her other free hand she squeezed her breast and pulled on her nipple for more stimulus. The vibrator was very effective for the moment it touched her clit she exploded in a huge orgasm that took her breath away. “OMG this is all mother’s fault. How could she have kept something like this away from her. This is so wonderful,” Maggie cried as she jumped out of bed to hide all the scattered toys and sexy clothes back into her closet.

The map showed two circles, a blue one which indicated her position and another orange circle that was Mike’s. For days she followed the orange dot move across the map. He left the office at 5pm and proceeded to take Kings road. After a few minutes he took a small detour on Fremont street and stopped the car. The circle didn’t move for almost an hour. Then when it did it went back to Kings road then took the interstate home. Now she knew that Mike was hiding something from her.

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