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All Good Men Are Perverts 29

This is chapter 29 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

The only thing that matters in the world to me is my daughter Maggie. She had been the center of my life for a long time. She was my companion as well as my confident for many years and I value her opinion above all else. I have raised her to be a strong and independent woman and I am proud of her and her family. But now I am about to embark on a new journey and I want her blessings. 

I want to introduce her to Brian. I am sure she will like him as much as I do. But….


“Stop fiddling,” Brian kept telling me all the way as we drove to my daughter’s house.

“I can’t help it Brian,” I said, “oh God, why do I feel like I am going to a damn exam?”

“Come on we’re all adults here,” he said smiling, “I am sure I will like her.”

“It is not you I am worried about,” I finally replied.

We rang the bell at almost eight in the evening and stood outside the house like a teenage couple waiting for our parent’s approval. Only it was the other way around.

“Elizabeth!” Mike greeted us with hugs and kisses and welcomed us into his house, “so you must be Brian, I’ve heard so much about you,” and they shook hands. On first encounter the men seemed to like one another. But where was Maggie? She must have been with the kids.

She came walking down the stairs and greeted us a little colder then usual. After we kissed one another, she stood in front of Brian shaking his hands from a far. I knew my daughter well and there was something wrong with the way she welcomed us. This wasn’t her usual self.

“You must be hungry,” she said, “I’ll bring out the roast chicken from the oven and we can have dinner.”

“I prepared the visitors room for you,” she addressed Brian, “you don’t mind if you share a room with my mother? Do you?”

What the hell was that all about? She knew about Brian and me. I have told her that I was intimately seeing someone. So why was she acting like that? I wanted to introduce Brian to my family and my only daughter. So why is she treating him this way?

“Oh don’t mind me,” Brian replied, “I can sleep anywhere,” and we went up stairs with Mike to put our things in the spare bedroom.

“Is there a problem with Maggie?” I asked her husband before we went down.

“Oh no. She is a little stressed out lately,” Mike answered, “she was taking care of a friend so she must be a little tired.” But I didn’t buy his crap.

We had dinner almost in utter silence. Only the men talked about their jobs, kids and of course sports. After dinner they retired to the living room to watch more sports as we remained in the kitchen to wash the dishes.

“So how do you find Brian?” I asked Maggie.

“He’s ok I guess but how did you two meet?” She coldly asked.

“He’s a friend of Sonya and Jake,” I explained, “you know my new neighbors.”

“Oh yes I known them too well,” Maggie said, “the threesome neighbors.”

“What?” I was shocked with her response, “how did…., oh hell so you know about….”

“Yes I know all about you three,” she said.

“Oh shit. But honey, let me explain,” I wanted to tell my daughter about Sonya and Jake but I couldn’t. How can a mother do that?

“So is Brian another one of your fucking participant?” Surprisingly she said.

“MAGGIE,” I shouted at her. This was the first time I had done that since she was a small child but I couldn’t help myself. She knew she had crossed the line.

She just stood up and left me sitting in the kitchen. 

A few minutes later Brian walked in and sat with me, “so it didn’t go as you had planned.”

I didn’t answer him. I just sat there silently wondering what went wrong. Did I make a mistake bringing Brian here? Hell did I make a mistake even being with Brian in the first place? How did she know about my threesome with my neighbors? Was I loosing my daughter as a result of my indecent behavior? Is it indecent for me to have a good time? This was the only time I’d been happy for quite awhile but why do I feel so miserable right now? This was all a mistake. But which one? I just sat there thinking about my life and my choices. Am I destined to be alone for the rest of my life? Is it worth it to loose my daughter over this? Oh God why me?

More than an hour passed by and I remained in the kitchen thinking about my life and my daughter when she suddenly she came back into the kitchen and sat in front of me.

Brian who had remained by my side all that time stood up and said, “I’ll leave you two. You still have so much to discuss,” and he left us alone in the kitchen.

Another few minutes passed by in silent but I couldn’t look my daughter in the eye. Was I ashamed for what I have done? I don’t know how to begin to explain myself to her.

“I am sorry mom,” she suddenly said, “it wasn’t my place to judge you,” she added, “hell, it isn’t my place to fucking judge anyone.” 

I didn’t know what she was talking about. But I was relieved she was speaking to me again.

“How did you know about…?” I asked.

“What? About your threesome?” She asked, “oh it was when I visited you last time with the kids. I just saw you all from the bedroom window.”

“Oh God,” I inhaled, “I am so sorry honey. I just messed up. I wasn’t in my right mind, I …., I …”

“It is ok mom, really it is ok,” she stopped me, “it’s not like I haven’t done the same.”

“YOU WHAT???” I yelled out, “How? …..Where?… With Whom?….”

“Yeh yeh yeh, like mother like daughter eh,” she said, “I fucking had a threesome, a foursome, a Lesbian…”

“Eh Eh Eh I don’t want to hear about it” I yelled out again and put my hands on my ears, “no mother wants to hear about her daughter’s screw ups.”

“Yeh I understand,” she said, “hopefully I’ll have a chance to tell you all about it someday. What a screwed up family we turned out to be. Eh mom?”

“Yeh but at least we’re having fun,” I said and we burst out laughing on the kitchen table.

“Can I ask you a question Maggie?” I couldn’t help myself for wanting to know about my daughters behavior earlier, “what made you change your mind and talk to me again?”

“Oh it was Mike,” she said, “yeh don’t be so surprised, he just reminded me that I was being a hypocrite and a moron. Frankly I don’t  know what came over me. I had always pictured you as my angel, my Virgin Mary and I was shocked when I saw you with.. you know who. Yeh them. It is not that you were doing anything wrong. It is just…. I don’t know mom. Maybe I was afraid if you had someone you’d leave me and I wouldn’t see you again. Fuck. I don’t know what to think any more. Please forgive me mom.”

“It is ok honey. You know I love you and what ever happens I will always be here for you,” I tried to ease her fears. But I was still worried about my daughter and her husband. Last time I saw her she told me he was having an affair, “So Mike also knows about your eh…,” I was trying to dig out some more information from her.

“Oh he sure does,” she said, “he’s one of the fucking gang. But don’t worry about us mom. We’re ok.”

Finally Maggie wanted to change the subject so she asked “So you and Brian are moving in together?”

“Yes we are,” I answered, “I hope this is ok with you?” I really needed her blessing for what I was about to do with Brian.

“Sure mom, as long as you’re happy,” she replied, “he seems like a good guy.”

After our long talk in the kitchen we all went up to our rooms to get some sleep. It was almost two in the morning and we needed to leave at six in the morning if we were to make it to work the next day.

Of course Brian and I went to sleep in the guest room and we snuggled in the queen size bed trying to get some shut eye. Suddenly we heard her.

“Oh fuck Mike I’m coming,” Maggie shouted out, “lick me honey. I am coming I am coming.”

Brian and I heard my daughter from the other room. She must have not known that the echo of her voice could reach that far. Or maybe she did.

“I am sorry honey,” I wanted to apologize to Brian for my daughter’s unscrupulous behavior.

“Why are you sorry hon?” He said.

“I just don’t want you to get the wrong impression, I am sorry,” I apologized again, “oh shit. What the hell is happening here. She’s never been like that before. I don’t know what is happening to us, Brian.”

“This is quite normal dear,” he said, “I know it is hard for a parent to accept that their child has evolved beyond their expectations. But she is an adult and this is her house and she can damn well do what she wants to do in it.”

“Does this mean you’re not going to fuck me in my daughters house?” I tried to surprise him.

“Oh no dear. This only means that you can shout as loud as your daughter in the other room and we won’t have to worry about it.” Only he surprised me even more.

Oh fuck. He suddenly jumped over me and kissed me a long and hard kiss. And since I was already naked he didn’t waist time to go down on my breasts and suck them like two ripe melons. He continued to go down below until he reached my pussy and began his elaborate oral assault. I wanted to shout with joy but wouldn’t Maggie hear me?

What the hell. Let her hear her mother being fucked. Why not. I don’t care and I yelled out in pure ecstasy, “faster Brian. Lick me faster,” as I came into his face in several quick bursts.

“I want you inside of me Brian, now,” I yelled again and he sprang to stick his large hard dick inside my pussy in one fast thrust.

“Oh shit,” I screamed only our bed was squeaking even louder. The head board was also hitting the wall amplifying the sound even further.

As Brian was pumping away I heard Maggie’s voice once again, “fuck me Mike, push it inside, more.” 

This was insane. I was being fucked by Brian and my daughter was being fucked by Mike. As my daughter just said, What a fucked up family we turned out to be.

“This is it pump it harder, oh shit I am coming again oh fuuuuccckkkkk,” and I came again but Brian hadn’t reached that place yet. It took him a few more seconds and he was loading his semen inside of me shouting as well, “I am coming I am coming I am coming.”

We collapsed on the bed in each other’s arms panting from exhaustion.

“Brian,” I said, “I think we’re going to be kicked out of here in a few minutes,” and we laughed our brains out. Isn’t life wonderful !?!? 

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