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All Good Men Are Perverts 28

This is chapter 28 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

I don’t know what would I’ve done if it weren’t for Julie. She has helped me every step of the way since I discovered about Mike and his secret apartment. She has opened my heart to a world of passion which I didn’t know existed. Who would have thought she would help me unravel my true self. She is my friend, my guide, my muse as well as my lover. Every action, every experience and every encounter I embarked upon was inspired by her.

I would do anything for her and I would protect her with my life. But…..


It was late at night and I received a call from Julie, “help me Maggie…” and she just hung up.

I sprang up from bed. Mike was startled by my sudden movement. He woke up and said, “what is it?”

“It is Julie. She’s in trouble,” I simply said as I was putting my clothes on in a hurry.

Mike jumped out of bed upon hearing this, “What? How? Where?” He asked

“I don’t know! I just received a call from her asking for help,” I snapped at him.

He ran to look for his pants and he dressed up as quickly as I did.

We almost stumbled on the stairs going down to the car, but Mike stopped and asked, “but where is she?” He was almost half asleep still trying to comprehend what was going on.

“She is home,” I said, “I just checked on the ‘Find Friends’ app,” 

By the time we were in the car Mike asked the last of his stupid questions, “but the kids, what will we do with the kids?”

“Don’t worry about the kids just drive,” I yelled, “they’re asleep. I’ll call Cindy and she’ll be here in a second. She has the key. Just drive will you?”

And he did. He must have driven at two hundred miles per hour. I didn’t know he could drive so fast but I didn’t complain about his driving this time. I called Cindy and told her what was happening and she said she’d be at our house in a minute to stay with the kids.

We stopped the car in the middle of the street in front of Julie’s building and jumped out. Mike opened the trunk and took out his baseball bat. I didn’t know what he was expecting but I didn’t argue with him. I also had a bad feeling about this. We ran towards Julie’s flat and took the stairs in a few strides. 

“Maggie,” Mike was warning me as we were running upstairs, “when you open the door I walk in first. Do you understand? We don’t know what to expect inside,” he added.

Of course I had a copy of Julie’s keys which I used to open the door to her apartment. And of course I walked in first running and not listening to my stupid husband who was swearing at me as he followed me inside.

We were shocked at what we saw. Julie was naked on her bed, her face was all bruised up, her hands were tied over head and a man was holding her arms and slapping her on the face. Another man was positioning himself between her legs. He was almost naked and was about to thrust his cock inside of her.

I just didn’t think what I was doing. I ran and kicked the naked man with all my might right into his ass. I was wearing my cowboy boots with the metallic pointy front which went straight into his rectum. He fell forward on Julie’s body. He tried to regain his balance but I didn’t stop. I kept kicking and kicking with both my feet. He turned around to face me. And that was his second mistake. I kicked him again only this time it was right on his hard dick and I heard a pop.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck she fuck, the bitch just broke my dick,” he yelled so loud. 

I didn’t know a dick could break but I didn’t care. He was screaming and cursing at me but I didn’t stop. He fell on the floor yelling and shouting. But I kept kicking and kicking. I kicked him in his stomach, in his chest even in his face. Every time I kicked I saw my boots enter his skin and draw blood. By the time he was able to stand up he was all covered in holes and my boots were covered with blood.

Meanwhile my brave husband was hitting the other guy with the bat. He hit him so many times I think I heard a crack of something breaking. I was sure it wasn’t the bat but the guy was as bruised as his partner. They tried to collect their clothes as they crawled out of the flat screaming, “You son of a bitches, we’ll get you for this. She broke it, I think she broke it.”

I jumped on the bed and held Julie’s face in my hands as Mike tried to untie her hands.

“JULIE, JULIE,” I screamed, “are you ok, talk to me.”

“I think we should take her to the hospital,” Mike interjected.

“NO,” Julie finally spoke, “NO, no hospital,” she cried out.

“But you’re hurt,” I shouted.

“NO, no hospital please Maggie,” she pleaded, “I am ok. I just need to rest.”

“Who the hell were those guys?” Mike exploded and Julie just moaned. She wasn’t able to answer any questions right at that moment. she just needed a few minutes to regain her strength.

“Take it easy Mike,” I intervened, “take it easy. She’ll tell us in a bit.” And I held her face in my hands like a mother holding her child. Mike was furious as he kept pacing back and forth in Julie’s bedroom 

“They were two clients of mine,” she suddenly said. 

“But how did you let them hit you like that,” Mike yelled again.

But this time I yelled back at my husband, “SHUT UP MIKE, let her speak.”

He just froze and looked at me. He knew he was loosing his temper so he stopped talking and slumped on the only seat in the room.

Julie looked at me and said, “thank you for coming so fast,” and my tears came pouring down my eyes. She was so vulnerable in my arms. Why wasn’t I here before to save her from this?

“I am sorry Julie,” this time I cried, “I am sorry we couldn’t get here earlier.”

“No no honey,” she said, “you’re here now.”

“But why?” I wanted to know this time.

“James tried to warn me about those two but I was stupid,” she explained, “I thought I could handle anything.”

“Mike bring me some water so we can clean her up,” I said as I was wiping my tears from my eyes. We cleaned her face and changed her clothes and lay her on the bed so she could get some rest. I lay next to her holding her again in my arms as Mike returned to sit in his seat. 

More than an hour passed by as she slept in my arms and we just sat there waiting for her to wake up.

“I am sorry I dragged you here so late,” Julie woke up and we both jumped to look at her.

“No honey, ” I replied, “it is ok. Thank God you’re ok.” Mike stayed silent this time.

“When they started roughing me up I tried to push them away,” she explained, “the only one I thought about calling was you.” Julie was speaking directly to me as my eyes burst out in tears again. “I only managed to make this brief call before they tied me up,” she finally said.

“I am going to call James and tell him what happened,” Mike said as he walked out to the living room. Guess he didn’t want us girls to see his tears. 

“Why are you doing this Julie?” I wanted to scold her for bringing such men to her home, “please promise me you’ll stop.”

“You know this is my job honey,” she explained, “besides I love what I do. They’re not all bad. It is not that I hadn’t had a rough time before but you have to expect a few bad ones with the good.”

Mike returned back holding his cell phone in his hands and said, “James was furious. He wanted to come here but I told him you were ok. He said he knew where these two live and he was going right now to have a serious talk with them.”

“Ouch,” Julie cried out, “I pity those guys after James finishes talking to them.”

“You pity them?” This time I couldn’t hold myself, “you pity those fuckers.”

“Yeh I do. What you did to those two is nothing compared to what James will do,” Julie said, “they might not be able to walk for a long time.”

“Well it serves them right,” Mike said, “the only thing is that you’re ok,” he added.

“I am ok guys. Really I am,” she said, “go home to your kids. I only need to rest. I am ok.”

“We’re not leaving you alone tonight,” I was surprised Mike said that. His feelings for Julie must have been as strong as mine. Oh God how I love my husband.

“Please guys I am ok,” Julie said again.

“Mike. I’ll stay with her and you can go home to get some rest,” I offered. Julie didn’t say anything this time. Deep inside she must have wanted me to stay with her. 

“Are you sure honey?” Mike asked.

“Sure. Go home. Cindy will take care of you,” I wanted to liven up the mood in the room a little.

Mike knew when I rub him around and he smiled at my last comment, “yeh I need to relax after all this and I might as well ask Cindy to give me a massage.”

“I think you need more than a massage honey,” I said

“Oh gosh. You two are incorrigible,” Julie laughed at our sexual insinuations.

“What? I didn’t say anything,” I pretended I was innocent, “just look at the bulge in his pants. Am I right or what?”

“I’m leaving before I put her on my knees and spank her in front of you,” Mike finally said addressing Julie, “but are you sure you’re ok?” He wanted to confirm for the last time.

“Yes yes go,” Julie replied, “and Mike thank you for everything,” he smiled back at her and left the room.

I followed him outside and snuggled to him as he was about to leave and I gave him a long hard kiss, “you were brave back there,” I said, “my hero husband.”

“You weren’t so bad yourself mistress Maggie,” he joked, “but lock the door after I leave will you?”

“Why? do you expect these idiots to come back here again?” A little fear crept into my loins.

“No no. As Julie said after James finishes talking with them they will probably be leaving town. Heck maybe the state. But just in case.”

I kissed him again and bid him farewell, “go enjoy your yourself,” I said as I flung my final jab before he left, “and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” I grinned.

“Honey I wouldn’t dream of doing anything you wouldn’t do,” he swung back at me and I loved  his quick wit. He kissed me again and left.

I returned to Julie’s room took of my clothes and snuggled next to her.

“I was right,” she suddenly said, “you have a wonderful husband there,” 

“I know.”

“Please hold me Maggie,” Julie said. She wanted to feel she was safe again. And as I did I felt her start to shiver in my arms. The shaking subsided after a few minutes and we stayed locked in each other’s arms for quite some time.

Suddenly she looked me in the eyes and kissed me a long soft kiss on the mouth. I didn’t expect that. She was so vulnerable right now and I thought the last thing on her mind was sex after her bad ordeal. I guess I was wrong.

“What was that for?” I asked her.

“I need you Maggie,” she said, “I need you to touch me.”

“But honey you just had a bad night,” I didn’t want to exploit her right now.

“No. I want to know I can feel love after what I just been through,” she said.

“Honey what you’ve been through isn’t love it’s sick,” I said, “and we all love you no matter what.”

“Please Maggie touch me,” she pleaded again.

I didn’t have a choice. I had to show her that she can always rely on my love and support. So I started by touching her breasts very gently. I caressed them so very smoothly as if I was touching one of my children. I touched her nipples as delicately as I could and I heard her moan. She wanted me to continue so I did. I leaned on her chest and licked her nipples one by one with the tip of my tongue. She moaned again.

She grabbed hold of my head and pushed me down to her entrance. I knew what I had to do. I sat between her legs which she already spread apart inviting me to proceed and I did.

I was right at the entrance of her pussy but I didn’t touch it. I just blew at it. I blew at the entrance to stimulate her already throbbing parts. She moaned again. Suddenly she grabbed my head and thrusted it into her wet pussy. I started to lick and kiss every inch, every bulge, every crevice I could reach. She was thrashing and swaying as she came into my mouth screaming out my name, “Maaaaggiieee, oh fuck Maaaaagggiiee.”

 A few seconds passed by and she said again, “thank you Maggie. I love you.”

“I love you too honey,” I replied as my face was still trapped between her thighs.  

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