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All Good Men Are Perverts 27

This is chapter 27 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

I am getting out of here. I can’t stand being in this house anymore. She is a drunk and will always be a drunk. My father ran away ten years ago and my brother followed suite. I am the only one left so I better run before I become like her.

Oh why does life keep screwing me up. The local state college just gave me a scholarship but I am going to decline. I have always been good in art. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to become an artist and I taught myself how to paint. I guess my portfolio must have impressed someone. However I can’t afford to pay for accommodation if I have to study full time. If I accept the scholarship then I have to stay here. I just can’t.

I can’t leave before I say goodby to Maggie and Mike. They had been so good to me. But…


“Cindy, what is? Why did you want to see us?” Maggie was very concerned. I called them up and told them I wanted to see them urgently at the flat.

“I am leaving town,” I said.

“Why? Where are you going?” Mike asked. He was as worried as his wife. After our frolic together we had become good friends. Mike and Maggie had become almost like a brother and sister to me.

“There is nothing for me here,” I was about to cry. 

I didn’t want to bother them with my problems. I hadn’t told anyone about my mother and her addiction to alcohol specially to Mike and Maggie. I am sure if I did they wouldn’t let me in their house anymore. As for my college scholarship it wasn’t their concern. They knew how good I was in art and they even bought a few of my paintings to hang in their house. I was ever so grateful. So why would I bother them with my problems. Besides they wouldn’t be able to do anything about it even if they knew.

“I just finished high school and I want to move out to try my luck somewhere else,” I lied, “this is a small town and I might have better chances with my art in a bigger city,” another big lie.

I could see Maggie didn’t buy my crap. But Mike was much more gullible. He just wished me luck and said, “be careful you don’t get into too much trouble in the big city.” 

I looked at Maggie again hoping to get her approval to what I was about to do but I couldn’t look her in the eye. She knew I wasn’t telling them the whole truth.

“You know you’re full of shit,” she suddenly said, “I am really disappointed in you.”

I jumped off my seat and yelled at her, “don’t talk to me like that. I am not a child.”

“Yes you are Cindy,” she said in her normal tone of voice, “you are running away from something. What is it?” She simply asked.

“Maybe I am running away from you bitch,” as I said that I knew I’d hurt her. I didn’t want her to meddle in my life anymore. I only wanted her to back off and leave me be.

“You’re not my mother so why do you bother.” I said. Oh God. I didn’t want to end our friendship like that but my life was so screwed up right now I might as well screw up the rest.

What Maggie did next surprised the hell out of me. She just stood up and slapped me on the face. The fucking bitch just slapped me on the face. It wasn’t a hard slap but non the less a slap on the face. 

Even Mike was shocked. He just yelled out at his wife, “Maggie! Why did you do that for?”

“Don’t you ever talk to me like that!” Maggie shouted at me as my tears came trickling down my cheeks. 

“MIKE,” she shouted to her husband, “I want you to take her and string her up from her feet.”

“Honey,” he implored, “this is too much.”

“MIKE,” she yelled at him again, “by God if you don’t do it I am going to string you up next to her.”

Mike looked at his wife trying to understand what was happening. He had always trusted her judgment but her action was a big surprise to him. He knew she wouldn’t do anything to hurt me so she must have something in her mind.

As for me I just didn’t know what to say. I was in a mess. My tears were flooding down my face and I was crying my heart out. I just fell on my knees in front of her and held her hands and said, “please don’t Mistress.” I wasn’t sure why I called her that. I guess I was also afraid to loose her as a mistress as well as a friend and a lover. I craved for her touch. I wanted her to do the thing she ordered her husband to do yet I also wanted to run out of here. 

Mike took me by the hand and pulled me to the suspension frame. I had always liked to be strung on this structure but why did it feel different this time? He took of my clothes and strapped my feet from my ankles on the metallic bar and slowly began to turn the lever to raise me up in the air. This was the first time we had done this upside down. It was much more humiliating being suspended upside down and Maggie knew it.

“So you think I am a bitch,” Maggie said as she slapped my ass with her hand.

I was looking at her from below. My eyes were at the level of her hips. I was completely naked but she was still clothed. Mike retired to sit on the chair waiting to be summoned when needed.

“I am sorry mistress,” I cried, “I didn’t mean it.”

“Oh but I think you did,” she said, “I think you have so many things you still haven’t told me.” She slapped me again and again as she began her interrogation.

“I am sorry mistress, I told you I am sorry,” I cried out again.

SLAP on my ass again.

“This is not what I want to hear Cindy,” Maggie shouted at me.

SLAP yet again on my ass which was starting to get red and hot.

“I said I am sorry, what else do you want from me?” I continued to cry out.

“I want you to tell me why you are leaving,” she said.

I knew in my heart what I had to do but I couldn’t tell her. I just couldn’t.

“MIKE,” she called her husband, “bring the flogger and the wand vibrator.” She ordered and he ran to obey.

Maggie now held the flogger in her hand and Mike had the vibrator in his. 

“MIKE. Put the vibrator on her pussy and don’t let go even if she explodes her head off,” she commanded her partner and he sprang to comply.

Oh shit the moment the wand touched the entrance of my vagina my orgasm erupted. “Oh shit, oh shit, take it off, take it off, please,” I screamed. I guess he was more afraid of his wife then of me.

Then I felt the strike of the flogger on my already sensitive ass. Oh shit another orgasm was preparing to come. Why was she doing this to me? She wanted a confession which I couldn’t give.

“Why do you want to leave?” Maggie shouted at me once again.

STRIKE. And the vibrator kept grinding on my pussy.

“Why Cindy?” 

“Because I have to,” I shouted.

STRIKE. Grinding and pushing.

“Oh shit I am coming again please stop Mike please stop,” I shouted but he didn’t. Oh shit I came another time.

STRIKE. The vibrator was still on my pussy grinding and pushing.

“Why Cindy?”

“I just can’t stay here,” I tried to explain.

STRIKE. Grinding. Grinding. Grinding.

“Why Cindy? Why?”

STRIKE. Grinding and pushing.

“I don’t want you to hate me,” I shouted.

STRIKE. Grinding and pushing.

“Why Cindy? Tell me,” she was shouting as hard as I was yelling back at her.

“It’s my mother,” I cried as loud as I can.

“It’s my mother,” I cried again, “she is a drunk and I just can’t stay here with her,” I blurted out my confession and my tears started to flow once again out of my eyes like a gushing river.

The strikes and the grinding suddenly stopped and I could breath again.

Maggie knelt in front of me and whispered in my ears so very softly, “why are you running away Cindy?” 

I couldn’t lie to her anymore. She was my mistress, my lover but most importantly she was my friend. My only friend. I couldn’t hurt her with my lies anymore so I just confessed, “it is my mother. She is a drunk and I have to leave home. Otherwise I might end up like her. I don’t want to become like her. Please help me Maggie. Please.”

“But why didn’t you tell me the truth?” She asked me as she held my face in her hand so delicately as if she was holding a china vase.

“I was afraid you’d hate me if I tell you,” I replied, “I was afraid you’d kick me out of your home. I was afraid Maggie.”

“You know I’ll always love you Cindy,” she replied, “no matter what,” and I couldn’t stop crying. However I was even more surprised when her tears came running down her face and we sobbed together as our tears mingled on our faces.

Mike brought me down and lay me on the bed. Maggie lay next to me and we began to talk.

I told her about my alcoholic mother and why I wanted to leave home. I told her about my college scholarship and why I couldn’t accept it. I told her I couldn’t afford to rent my own place. I told I needed to get a job to support myself. I told her everything.

“Cindy,” Maggi suddenly said, “I have a proposition for you. Why don’t you stay here.”

“You mean here as here in this flat?” I asked.

“Yes here in the flat. This way you can still go to college,” she said.

“But how am I supposed to pay rent?” I asked, “besides this is your private flat I don’t want to impose on you with my presence.”

“Nonsense. You won’t be imposing,” she said, “besides you can pay rent with the services you provide us. We also need someone to take care of the apartment.”

“But I had always given you myself for free and I always will. You are my friend Maggie and my mistress,” I said.

“I know you will. But having a permanent sub in the flat might not be a bad idea,” she added, “I know Mike would also be delighted.”

“Are you sure about that?” I couldn’t believe my ears. My dreams were starting to become true. I could go to college and I could leave home and I could have a place of my own. A special kind of place. A place that every sub would only dream of.

“I won’t take no for an answer,” she finally said, “tomorrow you bring your stuff here. This is your home from now on Cindy.”

“Please hold me Maggie,” I surrendered to her embrace, “please hold me and don’t let go,” and I slept the first time in the bed which I hope was to become my own for the coming years.

I thought I was dreaming as I heard Mike and Maggie talking quietly in the flat.

“How did you know?” Mike asked his wife.

“Honey, Cindy is a natural born sub. It is in her nature. She needed to be pushed to tell us what she felt,” Maggie explained, “I was just the conduit.”

“But weren’t you afraid that you might have over reacted?” He asked again.

“I did at first, but when she called me Mistress, I knew she was calling for help,” she said, “and when she didn’t use her safe word I was certain deep inside she wanted me to push her to confess. Otherwise why would she have called us here.”

“Speaking of here, are you sure you are ok with her staying in the flat?” He asked.

“Yes, I hadn’t hesitate one bit,” she said, “and I am sure you’d back me up on this.”

“Oh course dear. You know I always will,” he said, “besides it would be nice to have someone in here with you.”

“Yes Honey. I can see you are getting a hard-on just think about it,” she finally said.

“How can I help it dear? You keep surprising me every single day,” he said.

“Poor man,” she said, “why don’t you bring your dick over here and let’s see how we can help it get over its predicament.” 

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