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All Good Men Are Perverts 25

This is chapter 25 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

Mike took me to a boys night out at a local bar. He introduced me to his friend James who was the manager of a gentleman club. I have heard about the club before but I hadn’t been there myself. We had a great time at the bar and we all became good friends. Through out the night Mike could not help himself but talk about his wife Maggie. I knew she was a wonderful woman. I got to sample her touch myself when she came to see my sex shop a few weeks ago.

Maggie’s birthday was coming up and Mike wanted to surprise her with a special gift. But….


I hadn’t seen where Mike had kept all the toys and accessories he bought until that day. Mike invited James and I to see his collection at this private apartment which he liked to call his secret flat. It was really impressive. I knew every piece of equipment which he bought but seeing all of this in one place was amazing.

Maggie walked into the flat as we were examining some of the large suspension structures nailed to the wall of the apartment. 

“Well well,” Maggie exclaimed, “what are you all doing here?” She said as she put her purse on the floor. She was surprised to see all three of us as she came in.

“Oh. Hi dear,” Mike welcomed his wife, “I was just showing the boys what we have here,” he explained.

“hope you find everything ok?” She smiled as she said that.

I walked towards her with James at my side and I said, “actually we didn’t come here for the toys. We came here for you,”

She took a few steps back with her hands in the air and said, “and should I be running?”

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you dear,” Mike said from across the room. He sat on the chair and waited to see what was about to happen.

“Wow, is that a threat honey?” She asked her husband and barely hiding a smirk on her face.


“Oh no dear, it is only a recommendation,” he explained.

We approached her as she was still standing with her back to the door. Both James and I grabbed her hands and nailed them to the wall. Then we started to squeeze her breasts from outside of her blouse. We had rehearsed what we planned to do and so far everything was going perfectly according to plan.

“Careful boys. I don’t know what my husband might do to you if he sees you groping my breasts like that,” she joked.

“Don’t worry dear,” Mike yelled back from where he was sitting, “I’ll be right here if you need any help. She’s all yours boys.”

“Thanks honey. What a great help you turned out to be,” she said. We were almost on the verge of laughing at the husband and wife exchange. Then the action began.

I started to unbutton her blouse as James knelt down and pulled her jeans down. In a few seconds she was completely naked in front of us. Then we took our clothes off and retired to the only bed in the apartment. Maggie sat on the edge of the bed as I knelt between her legs and spread them apart. Her pussy was already wet so I tried to lick as much of the flowing juices as I could. Meanwhile James climbed on the bed and shoved his cock in Maggie’s face. Of course she grabbed it and put it in her mouth and started to suck on it.

Then we switched places. James took my position and I sat with my knees on the bed and my dick thrust into her mouth. After a thorough workout on my cock she took it out of her mouth pulled it up to get better access to my balls. She sucked each one trying to engulf as much as she could in her mouth. I think James must have been an expert in oral pleasure for Maggie’s body started to shack as her first orgasm quickly erupted. I was afraid she would bite my balls off as she strongly came in James face.

Of course we had just started. James stood up and inserted his large cock into her pussy and she gasped. She was still sensitive after her first orgasm but this didn’t stop her from continuing to work on my cock. Then we switched positions again. We had her sit on her hands and knees on the bed while I inserted my cock in her pussy from behind doggy style. As for James he returned to stand in front of Maggie’s face and pumped his cock all the way into her throat. She almost gaged on it.

That is when we heard Mike bellowing his instructions from where he was still sitting at the back of the room, “she likes to be fucked in her tight ass.” He was masturbating his cock as he said that looking directly at his wife being fucked by his two male friends.

“Honey,” Maggie reacted to her husband’s remarks, “when this is over, We’re going to have a serious talk you and I.” I don’t know what kind of talk Maggie had in mind but Mike’s smile summed it up.

I took this sign to be an invitation for my next assignment. So I removed my cock from one hole and slowly inserted into her upper one. This was my first ever anal sex play and I loved it. She was so tight I could hardly move my dick in and out of her pink hole.

“Oh shit honey,” Maggie cried out, “I am REALLY going to make you pay next time,” I thought she was in pain but when she said, “oh fuck Dave give it to me harder,” I knew she was enjoying my anal assault.

“I also want a piece of that ass,” James said.

Of course I couldn’t say no to a friend, “be my guest,” I said as I pulled out of her ass and we switched places once again. I held her face with both hands and guided my cock which just came out of her asshole into her welcoming mouth. As for James he had a much larger dick than mine so it took him a few seconds to get his full length all the way inside of her tight asshole.

“Oh fuck honey,” again she was addressing her husband, “he has a much larger dick than your small one,” she said. 

Maybe this was the first payback which she promised her husband earlier.

But he wasn’t the one to let her get away with it, “glad you’re enjoying yourself dear,” he struck back.

“That is my jealous loving husband for you,” she said and returned to sucking my cock again.

Then we switched positions another time. I lay on my back and Maggie jumped on me and quickly sat on my penis facing the other side. James dick which was a few seconds earlier in Maggie’s ass was again back into her mouth. She was insatiable. We were continuously changing positions fucking her in every possible way and she kept wanting more. We couldn’t keep up with her. She wanted to try out every possible position mentioned in the Kama Sutra.

James was getting tired standing on his feet so he said he needed to rest for a minute but as I was a little more comfortable on my back Maggie wouldn’t let me escape. She turned her body around to lay on my chest and repositioned my cock back into her pussy. She ordered me to commence fucking her again. I didn’t have a choice in this matter. I had still not ejaculated so I needed a little more stimulus. I wasn’t very far away.

Suddenly I saw James approaching Maggie from behind. He must have seen her gaping asshole looking back at him and he couldn’t help himself. He grabbed hold of her and pushed his dick into her anus once again and she cried out.

“Oh fuck boys,” she yelled out, “not the two of you together. I don’t think I can take it,” she screamed but she wasn’t the one to back out of a challenge. So we continued to pump our cocks in both of her holes at the same time as she squirmed from lust and ecstasy sandwiched between us.

“HONEY,” she yelled again to her husband, “get your fucking cock in here and put it in my mouth right now.”

Well what husband would have ignored such a request from such a passionate wife.

So Mike ran over and stood on the bed and thrusted his already hard cock into his wife’s open mouth.

Now she was being fucked in all holes by three men. I think she must have been filled up to the brim as we all came together. I pumped my seed into her pussy while James filled up her asshole with his semen. As for Mike he splattered his cum in her mouth and all over her face.

Maggie also came when we all did. Oh my gosh, how hard she came. I thought she was about to combust right in front of us. We all held her so tight so she wouldn’t fly out of the bed. She bucked and swayed. She yelled and cried. She swore and cursed as she almost died between our arms.

“Honey,” Maggie finally said as she was resting on my chest.

“Yes dear,” Mike replied.

“Honey,” she said again, “please remind me to kill you if I am able to stand up after this.”

“Yes dear,” he said, “oh and happy birthday honey. I hope you liked your birthday gift.”

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