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All Good Men Are Perverts 24

This is chapter 24 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

I met Jake a few years ago a little after my disastrous divorce. I have always been an out going woman and my ex-husband didn’t live up to my expectations. I tried to remedy the situation on many occasions but he wouldn’t participate in any of my solutions. It was my great mistake marrying him in the first place. Now Jake was a different ball game. The first time we met I knew he was the one for me and we have been living together ever since.

When I first met Elizabeth she reminded me of my ex-husband. But I was surprised how she turned out to be. She was a classy lady and a good friend. But I wished she could meet someone like Jake so she would be as happy as I am.

Now why didn’t I think of that before. I had a great idea to help my friend. But…..


“No Sonya,” Elizabeth refused, “I am ok as I am and I don’t want to have a date.”

“But honey. He is a good man. And I really think you need someone to satisfy you,” I told my friend.

“It’s not like you’re not giving me all the satisfaction I need,” she replied, “besides I am fifty one years old for Gods sake, who in his right mind would want to go out with me.”

I was surprised how low she thinks of herself sometimes, “Elizabeth,” I cried out, “you’re a fucking gorgeous woman with a lovely body and a hundred men would line up to have the chance to fuck you if they can.” Ops I didn’t mean this to come out like that but Elizabeth smiled at my over active imagination.

She remained quiet for a few seconds then she said, “do you think so?” 

“I know so girl. I’d be at the head of the line,” I tried to ease her fears.

“Yeh. I am sure you would,” she replied, “so who is this guy you want me to meet?” 

Finally, she was about to accept my proposition, “he is a good friend of ours.”

“Hem. And how good a friend is he?” Elizabeth looked at me sideways. Shit did she suspected something?

“Oh he is just a nice guy and we like him. He works at Jake’s office and he is almost your age,” I explained further, “don’t worry girl. We’ll have a good time together.”

Elizabeth kept looking at me suspiciously and said, “that’s what I am afraid of.”

A week later I invited Brian and Elizabeth to dinner. Of course I was a lousy chef. I couldn’t cook dinner if my life depended on it. So we all went to a local Chinese restaurant and had a great time. Well Brian and Elizabeth certainly did. It turned out they had a great deal in common. They were both widowed at a young age and they both had a daughter which they had taken care off most of their adult lives. And now their kids are married and they both live alone by themselves.

We went back to our flat to have a few drinks and continue our conversations privately.

Elizabeth and Brian were sitting on the large sofa while I was huddled with Jake on the smaller one facing each other. The evening progressed beautifully and I think the drinks must have gone to our heads. Jake started to kiss me and grope my breasts from outside my blouse.

Meanwhile Elizabeth and Brian kept looking at us probably enjoying the scene in front of them. My head was a little hazy from the last sip I just had but I was even more horny for Jake’s cock that I almost forgot about our guests in our living room. I unzipped Jake’s pants and brought my hands inside as he continued to play and squeeze my breasts in response.

Every now and then I would take a peak at Brian and Elizabeth to see what they were doing. They were nervous at first but Brian was courageous enough to react to the situation, “So. How much do you know about these two?” and he pointed at us.

“Well more than you think,” she nervously replied. She was way past the blushing point at this stage.

“You mean they already sucked you into their happy land?” He sweetly tried to describe in his elegant way how much we enjoyed threesomes and group play. I just knew Elizabeth and Brian were good for each other and they had participated in our foreplay although not with one other.

“What about you?” She asked without giving anything away.

“Oh they sure did,” he said, “they are like fucking sex magnet these two,” he added.

“So what do we do now?” She asked Brian.

“I don’t know. We either sit here admiring the show or we participate somehow,” he was proposing to have sex with her. So sweet. I love those two.

“And how do you propose to do that?” Elizabeth asked in return.

Now as Brian was the gentleman he snuggled closer to her and kissed her on the mouth. A kiss which lasted a hell of a long time. 

“So I guess you chose the participation part,” she said and returned back his kiss.

Meanwhile Jake had already unbuttoned my blouse, unhooked my bra and had full access to my breasts. His head was buried in my chest sucking and licking his way around. 

I for one was still curious about how my friends first sexual interaction was progressing.

Suddenly Brian stopped and said, “maybe we are going too fast here. I don’t want to rush you into anything,” he address Elizabeth.

“No Brian,” she replied, “I am fed up with just sitting around and watching all the shows go passing me by without participating.” Now if that isn’t an invitation for Brian to continue I don’t know what is.

He looked at her and smiled. Then he started to unbutton her blouse as she sat idly watching him with a grin on her face. She looked at me and saw me staring at them and we both smiled together. This was turning to be a wonderful night.

Jake was tired with my breasts so he went down on the floor, lifted my skirt up and pulled my panties all the way down to my feet. He didn’t waist time to spread my legs apart and dive into my love triangle. I put my legs on his shoulders and locked them behind his head. It was now lodged between my thighs and fixed exactly where I wanted it to be. He proceeded to lick my entrance and suck on my clit and in a few minutes I was coming all over his face shouting out loud, “oh yeeeeh.” I have always been the boisterous one.

I pushed Jake on the floor and made him lie on his back. I pulled down his already opened pants and sat between his legs playing with his dick. I positioned him so I could see what Elizabeth and Brian were doing on the other sofa. I was surprised to see Elizabeth was also sitting on her knees between Brian’s legs with his cock already in her mouth. I didn’t expect her to reach this place so fast. I guess I didn’t know how horny she must have been.

“Honey,” I whispered to Jake, “I want you to slide a little towards Elizabeth and put your head underneath her pussy,” Jake immediately did what I requested. As for Elizabeth she heard what I was asking Jake so she removed her panties and waited for him to come forward so she can sit on his face. Once they were comfortable I returned to sucking on my man’s cock as he licked my friend’s pussy. As for Brian he was watching us positioning ourselves around but Elizabeth didn’t take her mouth away from his dick for one second. A few minutes of this furious action three of us were shouting out their screams of joy. Brian was shooting his load into Elizabeth mouth. Elizabeth was coming over Jakes face and Jake was blowing his semen all over my breasts. 

This was the first round of group sex that night. We had to rest to regain our strength for the second joust. For heavens sake we were all more than forty years old and we needed to rest between rounds. Don’t you think?

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