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All Good Men Are Perverts 23

This is chapter 23 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

Am I getting way over my head here? My sexuality keeps on wanting to engulf everyone around me. It is blossoming faster than I imagined. My husband is enjoying himself though. Well he started it all so he better be. But the good news is that my friends are helping me adjust and I love them all. Cindy is helping me balance my family duties with my new insatiable appetite and she is well awarded for her duties. The twins help me relax when I am stressed out. But Julie is my guiding star. She is my twin soul.

Every time we are together I expect her to teach me something new. But….


“You are doing well I see,” Julie said, “but be careful your dominant side doesn’t take hold of you.”

“What ever do you mean?” I asked.

“I have seen this happen to some people,” she explained, “they trap themselves in this role and they don’t know how to get out of it even if they want to.”

“But I like it,” I replied, “and everyone around me seems to enjoy it.”

“Yes you are a natural Maggie,” Julie said, “but you should sample every dish before you chose your favorite. Didn’t you tell me that before?”

She was right of course. But never the less Julie left me in bewilderment thinking about what she just said. I went back home but I kept thinking about everything that has happened in the past few months. The only time I surrendered to anyone was on the torture bench the first time Mike and I fucked in our secret flat. The dominatrix in me has always taken over, but is this what I want to become? What if I didn’t want to be a Dom one day? How would I know?

I grabbed my cel phone and called, “hi Julie, I want you to help me sample a new dish.”

A few days later we were on our knees waiting in our secret apartment for Julie. Mike and I were naked as she instructed us to be. We were looking forward to what she was planning to do. It was obvious from Mike’s cock which was already pointing up in anticipation for Julie’s domination session.

However I was greatly surprised when she came into the flat with Mindy and Mandy. It was their first visit here and they were bubbling with joy as they looked around admiring all the toys and equipments.

Mike and I were still kneeling on the floor waiting for Julie’s instructions when she ordered, “stand up you two with your hands behind your backs,” and the session began.

Julie approached me and groped my breasts and pinched my nipples. I flinched, “still sensitive. Ehh?” She said, “well we have to do something about that.” So she ordered the twins to come over and lick my nipples which they did expertly.

Then I heard Julie’s voice again, “so Mike. I see your cock is looking forward to see me.”

“I didn’t say you could get a hard-on without my permission,” she yelled at him.

She slapped him on his dick then pulled it down together with his balls until she made him beg for mercy, “please Julie I couldn’t help it,” he pleaded.

“I don’t want to hear your pathetic excuses,” she told him, “and you’re not to use that tongue of yours tonight.” She brought a dildo mouth gag and inserted the ball end into his mouth and strapped it behind his head.

Meanwhile the twins had a feast on my breasts until I was tingling from joy.

“Ok enough,” Julie stopped them from playing with my nipples and ordered them on their next assignment, “now make him ready but make sure he doesn’t come until I say so.” 

The sisters jumped on their knees in front of Mike’s cock and started to play with it. They used  their hands as well as their mouths and tongues to suck it and lick it all the way down to his balls. I didn’t know how much he could stand their assault but they seemed to be experts at this.

Then Julie brought two pairs of clamps and attached them on my nipples. I have used these clamps on Cindy a few times before but I never thought to try them on myself. They pinched like hell at first but the sensation became tolerable after a few seconds.

“Open up your mouth,” Julie ordered and she inserted a metallic ring between my teeth that kept my mouth opened wide. The ring gag was attached to straps behind my head so it remained securely lodge in my mouth. However I was even more surprised when she connected the nipple clamps to the mouth ring with short light chains. Every time I moved or brought my head back I pulled at the nipple clamps. It was as if I was continuously pulling and pinching my own nipples. I wanted to scream but I tried to hold it.

“Ok on your knees again,” she said and I complied. “I am going to plug you up,” she explained and she slowly inserted a large butt plug inside my asshole. As she was doing that she rubbed the outside of my pussy which was already dripping wet. Oh shit this was getting unbearable and I shouted, “oh fuck I am about to come, oh shit oh shiiiiiiit,” and I came for the first time that night.


Julie slapped me on my ass really hard after my orgasm subsided.

“I didn’t say you could come without my permission either,” she yelled at me.

SLAP. She hit me again as I was still on my hands and keeps on the floor. 

“You two are incorrigible,” Julie said, “you’re going to get it really good.”

“Turn around and face Mike,” Julie ordered me. I was still on my knees so I turned towards my husband who was standing with the two lovely sisters working at his cock. 

“Ok girls put his dick inside her mouth and make him come,” Julie instructed the twins who pushed Mike towards me and inserted the head of his penis just inside the metallic ring. As I was sprawled on my hands and knees I had to lift up my head to receive Mike’s cock into my mouth and I kept pulling at the chains connected to the nipple clamps. With every effort to stay in that position and with every move of Mike’s dick I could not help but pull at the clamps almost tearing my nipples off. I was almost on the verge of another orgasm. But Mike was even closer. It only took him a few seconds after his cock entered my mouth with the expert hands of the sisters pumping at his shaft and playing with his balls to shoot his load into my mouth. He almost knocked me away. My mouth was now full of his cum and it was dripping out of my mouth.

“Don’t swallow it,” Julie shouted. 

How the hell was I to hold it in my mouth. I kept playing with the liquid with my tongue so that it didn’t escape outside. I was also afraid to choke on it if I attempted to swallow. So I had to keep it in there somehow.

Then Julie grabbed me by my hair and walked me to the suspension bar. As she was tying up my hands she said to the girls, “take him to the bed and tie him up.”

In just a few seconds we were both tied up. I was suspended by my hands up in the air with my feet almost touching the ground and Mike was tied on the bed with the twins sitting between his legs waiting for Julie’s next instructions.

“How do you feel being the one strapped in here?” Julie asked me. I didn’t think she was expecting an answers. She knew I couldn’t speak with the ring gag in my mouth which still had some of Mike’s cum inside. Most of the liquid had already escaped out and dribbled on to my breasts. I was also trying not to move my head too much so I would not pull on my nipples which were starting to get soar. Besides I didn’t know what to answer even if I wanted to. My feelings were all confused. I was enjoying what she was doing to me but I also wanted to be in her place. How could I have both feelings at the same time?

Julie was an expert dominatrix and she knew how to use every piece of equipment in our collection. But I was surprised when she brought out one contraption which we have not used before. It was a fucking machine with a dildo attached to a long rod that goes straight up and down. When this is over I am going to kill Mike for his over zealous imagination. What the fuck was he thinking about when he bought this fucking machine. 

Julie put the equipment between my legs and adjusted the rod so that the dildo went half way into my pussy. Yep Mike is dead. Only he must have been enjoying himself sprawled on his back on the bed with the dildo gag in his mouth and the twins lightly playing with his deflated dick. They were only touching it with their fingers waiting for Julie to tell them what to do. However Mike and girls were all looking at me being suspended in the air.

“Ok girls he is all yours,” Julie finally gave them her permission and they immediately went on the attack. One of the girls put his limp cock in her mouth sucking it while the other played with his shrunk up sack of balls. Of course Mike was up to the challenge and his cock started to respond very quickly. I was looking at the scene in front of me and my pussy started to react as well.

Then Julie switched on the fucking machine and it started to go up and down pumping inside my pussy. I was fucking being fucked by a fucking machine while I was standing on my feet with the dildo fucking machine inside of me and the butt plug in my ass. How fucked up was that. My second orgasm was about to explode. Oh shit oh shit but I could only shout out, “aaaaaa,” as I came on the fucking dildo. Yep Mike is definitely dead.

I thought Julie was about to remove the fucking machine but I was surprised when she increased the pumping speed again and I was propelled towards my third orgasm. 

“How do you like your husband fucking the twins,” Julie suddenly asked me. And again she wasn’t expecting an answer. The girls were now both naked. The first was imbedded on Mike’s cock while the second had inserted the dildo strapped on his head inside her pussy. They were facing each other going up and down at the same time and playing with each other’s breasts and nipples.

Then Julie increased the speed of the machine yet another time. Oh fuck. The dildo was rubbing so fast in me I was starting to feel it burning me up. With every thrust it was going deeper and deeper inside and rubbing with the butt plug in the other hole. Then I felt the strike of flogger on my ass and I immediately came, “Julieeeeeeeeee,” I screamed out and all of Mike’s cum came shooting out of my mouth.

“How do like being whipped while your husband is being fucked,” Julie yelled out, “tell me what you want,” she kept asking me again and again, “tell me what you feel,” as she brought the flogger down on my back then on my ass, then on my breasts and nipples. 

This was the most extraordinary feeling I have ever experienced in my life. However my emotions were so jumbled up I don’t know how to begin to explain them. One second I wanted to go and push the girls of and ride my husband’s cock to smithereens, another second I wanted to stay where I was with the dildo pushing me into another orgasm. Another wave of emotions engulfed me again. This time I wanted to take the flogger and whip Julie as she was doing to me. Then I wanted to whip the twin sisters for fucking my husband. Then I wanted to whip Mike for enjoying himself underneath those girls. No No No I wanted to remain here to be whipped again and again and again. What do I want to do? What do I want to be? A Dom, a sub, a slave, a mistress, a dominatrix, ….I fucking wanted them all. I needed them all. 

Suddenly I knew what I am. I knew what I want to be. I am a switch. A fucking switch and I wanted all the above. I surrendered to the inevitable and I came again and again and again, “oh fuck, oh fuck oh fuck,” I yelled out as I experienced my first ever multiple orgasm in my life.

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