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All Good Men Are Perverts 22

This is chapter 22 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

I have been working in this club for the past five years. I have seen so many people come and go. I have seen drunks, addicts, junkies, husbands even wives who were looking for love or some excitement in their lives. A few have found it while many others are still searching. It isn’t easy to find happiness these days but looking at the couple coming into my club I knew they were one of the few. Julie was holding their hands as she walked them inside.

I couldn’t take my eyes of them. I had a feeling this night was going to be special. But….


“Oh hello James,” Julie greeted me at the door, “I would like you to meet my friends,” and she introduced them to me.

“Nice to meet you Mr and Mrs Smith,” I welcomed them to the club, “all friends of Julie’s are friends of mine,” I added, “please make yourselves comfortable and the first drink is on the house.”

“Thank you James you’re very kind, we’re all friends here so please call me Mike,” Maggie’s husband answered. “This is a nice club you have here. I am sure we will enjoy ourselves. I think we’ll be coming here more often,” he added.

Julie walked the nice couple to the round corner booth. She liked those seats because they were a little secluded at the back but you can still see all the action in the club as well as on stage.

They sat down and ordered drinks. Mindy and Mandy came over to say hello to Julie. I was eavesdropping on them from where I was standing. I couldn’t help it. I had a strange feeling about those folks. I liked them so I wanted to know them better.

Julie and Maggie stood up to greet the twins as they approached the booth. They all kissed as if they knew one another very well. However I could see Mike was the only one left out. He kept looking at the girls with a surprise smile on his face.

“Oh Mike,” Maggie turned to her husband and said, “I would like you to meet Mindy and Mandy, the lovely twin sisters,” and she introduced the girls to her partner.

“Nice to meet you two,” Mike replied then he turned to his wife and asked, “how come you didn’t tell me that you knew these beautiful girls in here other than lovely Julie of course,” he told his wife with a grin on his face.

“Oh honey, you’ll be surprised how many beautiful people I got to know since your revelations,” she said, “and yeh they are beautiful. Aren’t they?”  that was the first time I got to see the twins blush.

“Yes dear you’re full of surprises,” Mike answered and turned to face the two sisters.

“Have a seat girls,” he said, “and please don’t hesitate to tell me how you got to know my lovely wife who I see is keeping many secrets from me these days. I am dying to know.”

“Be careful girls,” Julie intervened, “don’t give in to Mike’s charms. He has a tongue that can eat you up,” and she blinked.

“Oh you should know,” Maggie laughed, “but don’t listen to her. He won’t bit if you don’t,” and they all laughed together.

“Anyway enjoy your time with Mike girls” Julie added, “I want to take Maggie back stage and show her how we prepare for the show,” and the two friends left Mike alone with the twins who sat on either side of him.

The house was almost packed that night and the front tables were full. The back booths had a few customers who were all waiting for the next show to start. I had always prided myself on getting the club to where it is right now. I worked hard to establish the club’s reputation as a classy establishment catering to customers who want to see good solid erotic shows with beautiful girls and boys dancing on a grand scale.

The music started and I couldn’t hear what Mike and the twins were saying anymore. However my job as the club manager was to make sure everything was ok and everyone was enjoying themselves in the most comfortable way. But I kept my eyes on Mike and the twins. I had a feeling something was about to happen.

The curtains to the stage went up and I saw the outline of two girls standing face to face waiting for the lights to begin the show. The bright spot light lit up shining directly on the two girls. Well what do you know? I was the club manager and I didn’t expect who I just saw standing on stage. No one told me there was going to be a change in the shows itinerary.

Julie and Maggie were standing on stage holding the dancing pole between them. They looked lavishing. I’ve seen many dancing girls come and go but these two radiated so much sexual energy no one could keep their eyes away. They were dressed up in matching two piece outfits, a skimpy bra and a thong. I was curious to see what they were up to. Julie never seizes to amaze me.

I was curious to see Mike’s reaction to his wife dancing in front of all those strange people. I looked at him and saw a huge surprise on his face. His wife must not have informed him about this but he wasn’t angry or mad. He just smiled and waited to see what she was up to. He was sitting still between the twin sisters who had their legs rapped underneath their bodies. They were snuggling against him with their hands on his chest.

The show started and the girls on stage started to swirl their bodies around to the sound of music. They held the dancing pole with both hands and bent their bodies as two athletes in motion. Then Maggie stood with her back to the metallic pole while Julie started to caress her hands on her friend’s body. Maggie was swaying slowly as Julie’s hands touched her body. I saw Maggie’s looking at her husband who was rubbing the outside of his pants.

Mike’s cock must have been dying to spring out. I knew mine was, but I was an expert in hiding my arousal so no one would notice. I am used to ladies doing all kind of erotic dances but Julie and Maggie were exceptional. If Maggie wants a job I wouldn’t hesitate to give her one.

Then I noticed one of the twins whisper something in Mike’s ear. I couldn’t hear what she was saying but I saw the reaction on his face. His wide grin almost touched his ears as he pulled his hands away from his dick to be replaced by those of the twins. They started to caress his cock from outside of his pants. Then one of the girls slowly pulled his zipper down and inserted her hand inside to reach for his cock.

I looked back at Maggie to see her grinning back at her husband and his two companions. Did she arrange all this or did it just happen? I wondered. No one was able to see what was going on at the back booth since the club was dark and the only lights were the ones directed at the front stage. Besides everyone’s eyes were fixed at the two exquisite ladies dancing around the pole. I was the only one who noticed the whole scene at the back since I was constantly moving about. I stood a few feet away admiring both shows. 

Mike must have noticed me staring at him. He looked at me waiting for my reaction. He was afraid I might not approve of what was about to happen. I just smiled back and walked away to give them more privacy. He relaxed his head back on the seat and looked at the twins who were sitting next to him about to give him one of the best hand jobs in his life. 

As for Maggie she was enjoying herself with Julie. They danced and twisted their hips at the customers who were sitting right in front of them. Suddenly Julie pulled the back strings on Maggie’s top and yanked it away exposing her friends breasts. But Maggie immediately put both of her hands on her chest to hide her embarrassment. I thought Maggie was about to walk out. But Julie grabbed Maggie’s hands and pulled them towards her, and the audience cheered. What? I wouldn’t have guessed that that was part of the show. Oh they were good.

Further aback Mike’s eyes were enjoying his wife’s show. Only he was also being treated to a another treat. His dick was now out of his pants and the sisters hands were working at his cock and balls from all directions. Then I was surprised to see one of the girls bend down and put his dick in her mouth meanwhile the other reached out and kissed him on the mouth. If I didn’t know that those three had just met I would have sworn they were long time lovers. Mike didn’t take long to surrender his seeds into the sister’s mouth. He flung his body backward and his hip buckled upward pushing his dick further into the twin’s mouth. She must have gaged at this sudden move but she didn’t take away her mouth from his cock until she drank every last drop of his cum. Meanwhile her sister’s mouth was locked on Mikes until his orgasm subsided.

The show was over and the music went back to normal. Maggie and Julie returned back to their seats.

“Did you enjoy the show honey?” Maggie asked her husband as she was about to sit down.

“Oh yes dear you were wonderful,” Mike replied, “and the girls and I spent a great time.”

“I am sure you all did,” Maggie said, “but please honey don’t forgot to close your zipper before we leave here.”

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