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All Good Men Are Perverts 21

This is chapter 21 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

I think someone must have kidnapped my wife and replaced her with this exquisite creature.  A creature so full of love, compassion, lust and excitement. Mind you I am not complaining. I don’t want my old life back but I am still struggling to comprehend what is going on sometimes. It is as if I am being propelled on a rollercoaster with Maggie at the helm. I had been such a fool to have waisted all those years but now I can’t wait to finish work to run to her. 

She called me at the office and told me to come to the flat. Of course I ran. But….


As I was about to enter our secret apartment I was stopped by Maggie on the entrance, “here honey put this on,” and she gave me the leather head mask. We have used this mask many times before in our play and I always liked it. The feeling of surrendering to your partner without being able to see what they were doing to you was a huge turn on. I have also used the mask on Maggie and she loved it. It was one of her favorite accessory.

So she wanted to play. Well she always does and I was to surrender my body as well as my full senses to her this time.

She took all my clothes off and guided me to the cross on the wall. I remember the day I bought this equipment. I so wanted to bring my wife here and strap her to it. But now she was about to tie me up and I wanted to cry. From joy of course.

Suddenly I felt a slap on my dick, “oh shit,” I cried out. From pain this time.

“I didn’t say you can get a hard-on without my permission,” and she grabbed my dick and pulled it towards her. I didn’t even know my cock had become hard in the first place.

SLAP she hit it again then she squeezed my sack of balls and pulled them downward. Oh shit this was even worse. But I was grinning from joy.

“Don’t smile. I don’t want to see that stupid grin on your face,” she reprimanded me. “It is his cock. We need to do something about it,” and I felt my dick being grabbed once again and she put it in her mouth. She was planning on blowing me off to bring my cock back to its normal size.


What the hell? I felt the hit of a flogger on my upper body as I was strapped to the cross. Who the hell? If my wife was jerking me off then who the hell was hitting me. She couldn’t possibly do both at the same time. Or maybe she was the one hitting me and someone else was licking my cock. But who? I so wanted to tear the mask away to see what was going on but I couldn’t.


This was insane. I was being whipped while my cock was being eaten. How the hell was I not supposed to smile at that. But Maggie was about to do something about that and I shot my load in whoever’s mouth was down there.

“Good. he’s done,” Maggie said, “you can continue your work,” and she wasn’t addressing me.

STRICK. STRICK. STRICK. STRICK. Oh fuck my body was on fire but my cock was satisfied.

“That is enough. He is ready,” my wife said, “you can bring him to the bench.”

I felt someone unstrap me from the cross and lead me to the torture bench. Oh. How I love the bench. It was the first equipment Maggie and I used in here. But this was the first time I got to be strapped to it myself. I was sprawled face down with my ass in the air, my legs spread apart and my cock dangling like a dog in heat. She tied my hands and feet and left me there. 

And yes it was definitely a she. The hands holding me were feminine but I wasn’t fooled by her soft touch. They could certainly carry a wallop. I could still feel the effect of the flogger on my body. But who was she? Was it Cindy or Lily? It didn’t feel like Cindy. This wasn’t in her nature. As for Lily I don’t know what she was capable of. So who was it?

SLAP. I was being spanked on my ass. SLAP. And again until I felt my dick start to move again. How the hell could it respond so fast when it had just been sucked dry?

“Isn’t he adorable?” Maggie said standing behind me. She pulled my dick towards her. Then SLAP. Yep that was my wife’s hands and my cock grew another inch. Oh fuck.

Suddenly I felt liquid being spread on my tight asshole. It must have been anal lubricant. She slowly started to insert her finger inside my hole almost to the hilt. We had done something like that before so I wasn’t surprised by this action. Then she pulled out her finger and stopped for a few seconds.

“Honey,” oh shit when Maggie says that word I know I am in trouble. I couldn’t see her but I could hear her. Only this time she was right in front of me. She was whispering in my ear as she said again, “honey we’re going to treat you to something I know you’ll like. Are you up to it?” 

Was she taking my permission or just telling me what she had planned to do? But who could have said no to such a proposition under these circumstances. Even though I didn’t know what she was planning to do but I was completely under her mercy and I knew Maggie wasn’t the one to disappoint. So I nodded my head and said, “ok.” I almost squeaked. 

Then I felt more lubricant being spread all around my asshole and all the way inside the entrance of my slightly opened asshole. Could she be planning what I thought she would?

Oh fuck yes, she fucking did. I suddenly felt a dildo invading my ass. It was painful at the beginning, “oh shit,” I cried out loud.

“Honey,” I heard Maggie again whispering in my ear, “honey I am right here. The pain will go away in a minute,” she said. Of fuck if she was here then who the hell was back there. Oh fuck.

She was right. The pain slowly faded away replaced by a different kind of sensation. Not a feeling of arousal but a strange feeling of lustful submission which I didn’t want to stop. Oh fuck my cock grew another extra inch just from the idea of being fucked by some stranger.

“Oh shit honey,” I cried out again, “this is incredible,” I exclaimed. 

“I knew you’ll like it,” Maggie confirmed and she put her mouth on mine at the only place not covered up by the head mask.

This was really unbelievable. I was being fucked by some lady in my ass while my wife was kissing me on the mouth. I thought nothing could be more erotic than that. But I was wrong again. 

Suddenly I felt a hand grab my dick and start to pump it again. It must have been the lady with the strap-on. She was pumping my ass and jerking my cock at the same time. Oh fuck.

“Honnnneyyyy,” I shouted into my wife’s mouth as my cock exploded once again and the strap-on lady pulled out of my ass.

A few minutes passed away until I could regain my breath back. The two ladies untied me from the bench and held me between them so I could walk to the bed and lay on my back. I must have nodded of with the mask still on my head. I thought the night was over but I was wrong again.

I woke up to feel a pair of pussy lips on my mouth, “honey, open up your mouth and start licking,” Maggie ordered as she grinned her pussy on my mouth. Oh fuck. 

My tongue sprung to life and I began to lick where she ordered me to do. I knew Maggie’s pussy by heart and I could guide my tongue exactly to every hot spot even with my eyes closed.

“Oh yes honey,” she cried out, “oh yes, that is it,” moaning away, “oh yes open your mouth and drink up. Ooohhh SHIIIIIIIITTTT,” and she came in my mouth.

“Oh no honey, you’re still not off the hook yet,” Maggie said and she slipped of my head to be replaced by another pair of pussy lips. What the hell. Don’t these two ever rest.

“Ok honey,” Maggie said, “I want you to show her how good you are at eating pussy.”

And I started once again. I tried to push my tongue as far as it could go inside the woman’s pussy and swirled it around to stimulate her most intimate parts. She was more than ready. She was almost dripping wet inside and outside. I didn’t have to do much to make her come as well.

“Oh fuck,” the lady yelled out, “fuuuuuuuck yes,” and she held my head and pushed it as far as it could go between her legs.

A few minutes passed by and I felt the mask being pulled of my head while I was still on my back on the bed. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the light to find two lovely ladies sitting on either side of me.

“Didn’t I tell you how wonderful he is Julie,” Maggie addressed her friend.

“Yeh, you sure did,” as they kissed each other right in front of me.

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