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All Good Men Are Perverts 20

This is chapter 20 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

This can’t be what I had planned for my life. I have a bachelor degree in business for heavens sake and I am working as a secretary. It seems someone up their doesn’t like me. I have so many student loans, mortgage payments, car payments and who knows what else. The bills keep popping up in the mail and I am loosing count of them all. I can’t afford to loose this job. When I applied to work here I was counting on getting a fast promotion. Yeh as if this is ever going to happen.

Of fuck Maggie just walked in. Oh shit I think I’m going to have to look for a new job. But….


“Lily. Can you please come into my office,” Mike called me on the communication unit and I panicked.

I didn’t like the way Maggie looked at me when she walked into her husband’s office. Her eyes were shooting straight at me with a strange smile on her face. I thought she might come over and strike me dead. Yep I was about to get fired. I could almost feel it.

As I entered my boss’s office I heard him say, “please close the door behind you.” 

Shit I was definitely out of a job. I had been so stupid to spy on my boss and his wife making out in the office last week but the worst part was that I was stupid enough to get caught by his wife. If I was her I would definitely make my husband fire the slutty secretary. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

I walked towards Mike and Maggie and I stood in front of them waiting for the inevitable. Mike was at his desk while Maggie was sitting with her legs crossed on one of the visitors chairs on the opposite side of the desk.

“Sit down please,” Maggie pointed at the other chair in front of her. Oh fuck here we go.

“My wife just told me what you did last week,” Mike said, “anything you would like to say for yourself?” 

“Oh I am sorry. I didn’t mean to pry on you,” I apologized, “I couldn’t help it. I stumbled into the office by mistake,” I tried to lie my way out of it, “please don’t fire me Mike,” I pleaded, “I really need this job. I can’t afford to loose it, please don’t fire me,” now I was begging.

Maggie stood up and approached me. I was sitting right on the edge of my chair with my hands on my knees. She came forward and put her hands on the arms of my chair and looked me straight in the eyes, “why would we?” she just asked.

“Please Maggie,” I was now addressing her and not my boss. I knew the decision was hers and not his, “I would do what ever you want,” I added. Oh fuck. Why did I just say that?

“Are you sure about that?” Maggie asked, “you might not want to,” she was warning me. I should have listened. I should have backed out of this. But I was ever the pig headed stupid girl.

“Try me,” I surprised myself again. What the hell did just happen? Why was I giving myself up to her so easily. 

Maggie straightened her back, crossed her hands over her chest without taking her eyes away from me. I knew there was no going back.

“Mike. Please come over here and drop your pants down,” she ordered her husband who was silently sitting on the other side of his desk.

“What?” Mike was shocked, “are you sure about that honey?”

“MIKE,” she yelled at him. 

Then the tone of her voice dropped down, “please honey don’t argue with me. Come over here and drop your pants down,” and she repeated her order again.

Mike came over and stood between us. I was still sitting on the edge of my chair while Maggie was standing up. He unbuckled his belt, brought the zipper down and pulled his trousers together with his under pants all the way down exposing his cock. It was still pointing down but it slowly began to grow. Maggie and I remained as we were staring at each other as Mike’s dick gradually started to go up. Maggie’s eyes remain locked on mine. She didn’t blink nor did she look at her husband’s penis for one minute.

What the hell was I to do? I could sue them for sexual harassment at work. No I couldn’t. It was I who started all this with my over active curiosity. Since I worked here Mike had always been the perfect gentleman. He didn’t have anything to do with this. Technically it was his wife who was making the sexual insinuation. She could probably sue my ass off.

Mike’s dick continued to grow and grow until it reached its full potential right in front of us. But we remained fixed in our positions. Mike must have been infuriated.

“Fine,” I gave up. I didn’t know what came over me but I just grabbed Mike’s cock with one hand and looked at Maggie. Shit this woman was a fucking ice block.

“Should I suck it?” I asked her while still grabbing Mike’s shaft in my hand.

“Be my guest,” she replied as she sat down on the chair crossing her legs back again while her hands remained entwined on her chest. She remained silent looking at us.

I pulled Mike’s cock to me and inserted the upper head in my mouth tasting his pre-cum. It wasn’t bad. I kept it in my mouth and I used my tongue to lick it and suck it in circular motion. I held his balls in my other hand and squeezed them a little. I immediately got a moan from my boss. Then I began the milking process. With my right hand I pumped Mike’s dick up and down while my left hand kept working on his balls. My mouth didn’t remain idle either. As my hands were frantically working his shaft my mouth was going lower and lower trying to engulf as much of his cock into my throat as I could. 

Through out the show Maggie remained silently fixed in her seat looking directly at me. Her smile didn’t waver from her face. What the hell was she thinking? I was giving her husband a blow job right in front of her and she was doing absolutely nothing. I wanted so bad to entice a reaction from her but I couldn’t. 

Just before I felt Mike’s eruption approaching it climax I said, “do you want me to drink it all?” I thought I’d shock her. Well let her think about that. Bitch.

“I couldn’t stop you if I could,” she replied. Oh fuck. I could swear she didn’t even blink.

So I frantically increased the pace of my work until I heard Mike cry out, “oh fuck her it comes,” and he shot his load straight into my mouth and throat. Yep I just confirmed I was a fucking slut in front of my boss’s wife. What now?

Mike almost collapsed after his orgasm. However he collected himself, stepped back and put his trousers on. Then he returned to sit in his chair. 

What the hell. I might as well get this over with, “ok, so where do I sign my resignation?” I asked.

“Who said anything about resignation?” Mike replied.

“But. But,” I stuttered, “I thought you were going to fire me.”

“We didn’t say that,” Maggie replied this time, “no one said anything about firing you.”

Oh fuck. She was fucking playing with me. I tried to rewind in my mind what she said earlier and…nothing. She said nothing. Oh fuck. How did she manipulate me into giving her husband a blow job. And she said said absolutely nothing.

“So I still have a job?” I wanted to make sure I was hearing this correctly.

“Well that is if you still want it,” Mike replied.

“However we were wondering if you want an extra part time job,” Maggie finally said, “it is strictly voluntary work,” and her smile grew wider.

Who the hell was this woman? How did she make me surrender to her like that? Of course I accepted. I wasn’t that stupid.


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