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All Good Men Are Perverts 2

This is chapter 2 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

Maggie was Mike’s sweetheart. They met in college, fell in love, got married and have been happily married ever since. Mike was lucky to get a good job in this wonderful town where he built a good home with his wife and their two kids.

Mike goes to work every day at seven in the morning and comes back home to his lovely wife around seven in the evenings. Five days a week for the past ten years he has kept this schedule to the hour and he likes it this way.

His life was perfect but…


“It is your fourth visit to the store this month and you haven’t decided what to get your wife this time,” Dave the adult store manager and owner said. 

Mike was his best customer. He has known him for several years now. He has seen Mike come into the store every month to buy a sex toy or an accessory of some kind. He sometimes bought lubricants, books, magazines as well as all kind of sexy outfits and lingerie clothes. Mike has bought almost the entire collection out of Dave’s sex store. On few occasions Dave even helped Mike order several large accessories or contraption online which Mike used to collect from Dave’s sex store. Not once has Dave seen Mike’s wife but for sure they must have had a lot of fun with all their huge collection.

“Do you need any help this time round Mike?” the manager asked.

“I am just browsing. Did you get anything new other then those vibrators on display out here? I almost have most of these already,” Mike replied.

“She must be some special lady for you to get her all this,” Dave said.

“Yep she is,” Mike’s reply was hesitant. His mind wasn’t into it this time. 

“What was the point,” he kept thinking to himself. It was the first time he was questioning what he was doing. He has been buying all those sex toys and accessories for years but he is not sure if this has all been for nothing. 

“We just got in this duel vibrator. It is really new. I haven’t put it on display yet but it is a little expensive,” Dave tried to show Mike his latest product.

Mike walked over to the counter and examined the duel vibrator. It was a U shaped device that can be used to stimulate both partners during intercourse. Mike has always been fascinated with vibrators. They were his favorite toys. But not today. His heart was just not into it.

He remembered the first time he gave Maggie a small vibrator as a gift for her birthday. At first he thought she liked it. It was the first time she had ever used a vibrator. Well that was what she told him anyway. So he tried to put it on her pussy and caress her clit and he gently inserted it in her pussy. He remembered that she came hard that night screaming out his name. She even reciprocated by using it to rub his cock until he came as well. It was a wonderful sensation and one of the best sex sessions he had ever experienced. Unfortunately he has never seen that small vibrator again since that time. 

Once he asked her to bring it out but she didn’t. “Not tonight Mike. You don’t want the kids to hear us and come into the door. Would you now?” was her excuse then and what a lame one it was. 

He has often wondered if she has been using that vibrator to secretly masturbate herself when he wasn’t around. Maybe she broke it and didn’t want to tell him. Oh how he wanted to catch her in bed with it. He tried to many times unfortunately he couldn’t. It would have been great if he did.

On other occasions he wanted to spice up their sex life with other sex toys specially vibrators and tinglers but again they used them once or twice then seldom ever used them again. 

“Ok I will buy this,” Mike finally told Dave.

As the store owner was putting the vibrator in the bag and inserting the debit card in the card machine Mike’s mind kept wondering about all the things he had been buying all those years.

“I have been getting a lot of this stuff for a long time. I tried to give Maggie some of those but her reaction to the things I bought was confusing to say the least. 

I remember when I brought in the starters bondage kit. I knew that she had been secretly reading 50 Shades of Gray, well what woman hadn’t. So I thought I might surprise her. We loved to play with what few bondage toys were inside the box that night. She liked to be tied up and orally stimulated until she came. I also remember how her body reacted when I hit her with the small whip. Of course I didn’t hit her hard but I thought she cried out from pleasure when I did.

At the end of their sex play it was usually Maggie who hid these toys somewhere in her closet. So I asked her to bring out the kit a few weeks later but she declined that night. ‘We have to wake up early tomorrow. Can we do that another time?’ She told me.

Anyway since then I bought many other bondage accessories but I didn’t have the courage to give them to her. I wonder why?

On other occasions her reaction to some other stuff I bought wasn’t that encouraging. I can understand that she doesn’t like tingling gels. They made her clit and nipples worm. She has a reaction to those. However I am still confused as to what she likes. 

I could swear that she liked vibrators as much as I do. She loved the hand massager I brought last time. Although I can’t comprehend why she doesn’t bring them out often during sex. Or maybe she doesn’t like to use them. Maybe she is pretending she likes them for my sake. I don’t know.

Why don’t I have the courage to give her more of the things I continue to buy from this store? I don’t know. Was it because I am afraid that she would be mad at me or think I was a pervert of some kind or worst leave me as a result. Her excuse has always been the kids this and the kids that. Maybe she was right. I don’t know.” 

Mike’s mind continued to go through many of the events that transpired between the two of them as he drove off from the adult store.

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