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All Good Men Are Perverts 18

This is chapter 18 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

Maggie’s transformation was incredible. If I’d known the extent of my wife’s love for toys and sexy clothes I would have brought her something every single day. She was like a child let loose to play her hearts desire and she was ever so thirsty for more. She loved every single one of these toys and I certainly loved the way she used them on herself and on me. However what fascinated me even more was her eagerness to try new experiences and her willingness to include as many people as she could in her new life style.

She wanted me to show her how all this came to be so I did. But……


We drove to the sex shop where all this started. It was the first time Maggie had ever visited such a place and she was curious. We entered the premises and were greeted by Dave, the owner and manager of my favorite adult shop.

Dave had never seen Maggie before. He wasn’t sure if she was my wife or a girlfriend so he didn’t want to ask any awkward questions. He just welcomed us with his normal business greeting, “how are you folks doing today? Please tell me if you need any help.”

“Hi Dave and how are you today?” I asked.

“Oh Hello Mike! I am fine,” Dave hesitantly replied, “it has been a while since you came here,” he wasn’t sure if he should have said that.

“Yeh I know. I hope business is good these days?” I added.

“It’s very good actually,” he answered, “the fifty shades film is bringing in more customers. How can I ask for a better marketing campaign,” he smiled at us.

However through out our conversation he kept eying Maggie who was dressed in a loose shirt and unbelievably tight shorts. Ever since our first talk in our secret apartment Maggie had become a different person. Even her wardrobe has changed. I don’t know what she did with all her old stuff but now everyday I see her dress up in sexy clothes that always keep my cock on its toes and I love to watch her flirt around. Even in bed she doesn’t wear her old night gowns or pajamas anymore. She has been using many of the sexy outfits which we have in the flat and my dick has been having a hell of a time sleeping every single night.

“Dave. I want you to meet Maggie, my wife,” I broke the silence.

“Nice to meet you Maggie,” Dave said hesitating to add anything more to that.

“It is good to finally meet you Dave,” Maggie extended her hand out to Dave and continued, “Mike has told me all about this place and how he comes here every month,” she was braking the ice gradually, “he says it’s his favorite shop and that you two are friends,” and the last drop melted away.

Dave looked at both of us and smiled showing his big teeth, “oh yes. We’ve known each other for years,” he said, “your husband is one of my best customers and a good friend,” beaming with delight, “so what can I help you with this time?” He asked, “even though Ehhemm I am not sure if my collection is even as large are yours.”

And Maggie smiled back, “Heem, yes I know that Mike has been a busy boy,” she said and we all laughed at my expense.

“I am certainly enjoying all Mike’s gifts,” she wickedly added, “and I know you’ve been a great aid in helping my husband choose every piece.” 

I could see Dave blushing as he said, “oh no no. I can see now where his inspiration came from,” oh my. I didn’t know Dave was such a smooth talker and now Maggie was blushing.

“Ok you two, remember I am still standing right here,” I tried to intervene.

“Don’t worry honey,” she told me, “I am sure we won’t forget you,” and now I was blushing and nervous. Maggie was up to something I could feel it. She keeps surprising me and I can’t keep up with her sometimes. I am not sure if I want to.

Maggie walked around the shop inspecting some of the toys on the shelf racks. She came upon the various dildos on display and grabbed one of the big ones that resembled an actual cock. She held the base in one hand and brought her other hand up and down mimicking the act of a hand job. Oh fuck she was definitely up to something. 

“Oh honey this looks almost like yours,” she surprisingly said and I continued to blush. Yep my suspicions were correct. I just had to wait and see.

“I am looking for something light to wear at night. Can you help me out Dave,” she asked, “do you have anything like fishnets or bodystockings? Mike’s collection doesn’t have much in this area,” she explained.

“Honey we have more than a hundred different outfits,” I said, “and you still want more,” now I was being a tight ass jerk.

“Oh yes dear. I am always looking for more,” she explicitly explained, “besides most of what you brought aren’t made for sleep. I need something light and comfortable.” Well that made sense.

Dave walked over to the other side of his shop and pointed out, “you will find all you need here,” he said. 

Maggie stood next to Dave and started to look over all the different boxes of outfits. She picked one and opened the box. It was a single piece crotchless fishnet bodystocking and she examined it closely, “can I try this somewhere?” She asked.

“Sure we have a fitting room in the back over there,” Dave pointed to the other side of the shop.

“Lovely wife you have there,” Dave told me as we were waiting for her to finish trying out.

“Oh Yes. She doesn’t  seem to amaze me,” I replied and I was definitely amazed as she emerged from the fitting room wearing the fishnet outfit. Now I knew what she was up to, almost.

She walked again to where the vibrators were displayed. We could clearly see her breasts and nipples behind the fishnet fabric but the crotchless less area was fully exposed. She looked amazing and our dicks must have immediately sprung to life. I know mine did.

We kept watching her every move as she chose a small vinyl tingler with a pointy finger. She switched it on and said, “I wonder how you use this,” and she brought it down to her pussy.

She brushed the tingler a few times on her entrance until she found her clit and touched it lightly, “oh shit,” she moaned. She kept doing that for a few more seconds until she was almost on the verge of coming, “oh yes. This is a good one. Oh fuuucccck,” and she came standing on her feet. 

“Are you boys enjoying the show,” she looked at us with our hands on our pants trying to stifle the anger we felt inside our trousers. It wasn’t working.

“Come here you two,” she ordered, “I’ll help you with that,” she pointed at our lower sections.

We both ran and stood in front of her as she knelt on her knees. First she put her hands on our pants and said, “naughty boys,” and she simultaneously brought both our zippers down. Her hands explored inside our pants making sure we were up to the challenge, “naughty, naughty boys.”

“Help me take them of,” she ordered and we hurriedly unbuckled our belts, unbuttoned our trousers and pulled our pants and underpants down exposing our cocks which sprang in front of her face. She grabbed each cock in one hand and proceeded to stroke them and pull them towards her. First she put Dave’s dick in her mouth and sucked it a few times. “Eehmm. Not bad,” she said. Then she put my cock in her mouth and did the same. “Oh honey. You’re always the best,” she said and I was grinning like a peacock. 

She continued to suck and lick our dicks up and down. She would play with the first then concentrate on the second. She didn’t forget our balls either. They had their good share of the fun. The show was almost coming to an end. Our cocks had almost reached their climax and we were about to burst. “I want your loads on my breasts,” she said and she pulled away the top of the fishnet bodystocking exposing her two small breasts to our great delight.

“Oh yes. That is it boys,” she yelled out loud as we splashed our juices on her breasts with a few drops spraying up and on to her chin.

 “Good work boys,” Maggie finally said, “you both taste good,” as she spread our cum all over her breasts licking her fingers in her mouth.

Of course Maggie wanted to buy the fishnet outfit from Dave’s store but he would not take her money, “consider this a gift from me Maggie,” he said, “and you’re both always welcome to visit my store anytime.”  

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