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All Good Men Are Perverts 17

This is chapter 17 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

I don’t recognize myself anymore. I am not the Elizabeth I used to be. But I am not complaining.

Everything changed the day I met Sonya and Jake. They opened my eyes to a world which I didn’t think existed and I am loving every second of it. After my daughter got married and moved away with her husband ten years ago I thought my life as well as my menopause had reached their climax. Even thought I was only 51 years old I became a recluse and I lived the life of a woman who was waiting for the final chapter to end. Fortunately for me I was rescued and I’m just entering a new era in my life.

I remember the day I met those two. I thought I was nothing like them. But….


“How is the coffee?” Sonya asked me, “I know it’s not like the one you make but I tried, I hope it’s ok,” Sonya continued to talk about how she was a terrible cook and how Jake always dreads when she’s in the kitchen blah blah blah…. But I liked Sonya and I enjoy her blabbering, sometimes. I needed a friend and she eventually became one of my closest ones. Well almost to close.

“We are going to the beach next week. Would you like to come with us?” Sonya asked.

I hadn’t been to the beach for decades and I thought it might be a good opportunity to get to know my neighbors a little better. They had moved a few months earlier and I had gotten to enjoy their company of late. 

So on Saturday morning I was ready to go to the beach. 

However before we stepped in Jake’s car Sonya took me aside and said, “Elizabeth I want to tell you something before we go,” and my heart just sank. I was sure that Sonya didn’t want me to go with them so she was trying to come up with an excuse. I could understand that. She wanted time alone with Jake. Peh. It’s as if they didn’t spend too much time already. Well it was back to my sofa and books once again.

“I hope you won’t feel awkward,” oh here she goes, “but the beach we are going to isn’t your typical kind of beach.”

“Oh don’t worry Sonya,” I wanted to show her I was ok for being stood down like that, “if you don’t want me to go with you I understand.”

But I was greatly surprised when she yelled back, “Nooo. Of course I want you to come with us. It is just that the beach we are going to is what you would call a free easy going place, if you know what I mean.”

“What do you mean by easy,” at first I didn’t understand what she meant, “how free is it?”

“Well it’s much freer than you might prefer,” she said, “it’s a nude beach. So I thought I might warn you before we leave,” she added, “I’d understand if you don’t want to join us. Not everyone is comfortable in such a place.” 

I stood in silence not knowing what to do. I had never been to a nude beach before. Of course I’ve read about them but I had never imagined myself going to one. However I had been cooped up in my flat for the past ten years and now I had a chance to taste a sip of what’s out there be it a wicked one. So why the hell not. It is not that I haven’t seen those two naked anyway. I believe most of the neighborhood must have already. So why not take the chance.

Jake was already in the car with the engine running waiting for Sonya. He was hugely surprised when I stepped in the back seat of his car.

“I am glad Sonya was able to persuade you to come with us,” he said.

With a big smile oh her face Sonya replied while she was buckling her front seat belt, “well honey I didn’t need to try so hard,” and we all laughed as we headed to the free easy going beach.

We drove for more than an hour on the highway then we took the back road towards the open country until we finally reached the place. No one would have guessed this to be a nude beach. The gate was guarded by an old man who just looked at us sideways took the ten dollars entrance fee and waved us through without uttering a word.

There weren’t many cars in the parking lot so Jake parked under a tree and we collected our stuff and walked towards the beach.

Oh shit. What have I gotten myself into. I thought to myself. This wasn’t me. How could I let Sonya push me into coming here. No. It wasn’t her fault. She tried to warn me but I didn’t listen. 

I walked among all kind of people, young, old, beautiful, not so beautiful, bold, hairy, fat, slim, tall, short…..and they were all completely naked. Oh shit.

“Are you ok honey?” Sonya was concerned for me. She must have seen my white face getting paler and paler.

“Eehh, I am fine,” I said, “this is just so new to me. I need a few minutes to get used to it,” I explained.

“Let us sit over there honey,” Sonya told Jake, “away from the crowd.” I knew Sonya was trying to find a secluded spot just for my sake. That was one of the reasons I liked this woman, she was so considerate. Well that is what I thought at first.

We each spread our beach towels on the sand behind a large bush which hid us a little from the other people around. It wasn’t a great spot but it was acceptable. Sonya sat in the middle between Jake and me and they both proceeded to take off their clothes. Oh shit.

Sonya had a lovely body with two large full breasts and a nicely trimmed pussy. As for Jake he wasn’t that much of a health enthusiast. He did let his figure slip a little but not too much. He was a little plum with a little belly fat but the thing that sprang underneath all that gave me a big surprised. At first I thought he was getting a hard-on but upon looking closely I figured it was his usual size and it was huge. Now I knew why Sonya loved this guy. His cock was dangling a few inches from my face so how was I not to look at it. Sonya must have caught me ogling him and she smiled. Oh shit.

Even though I was a middle aged woman however my figure wasn’t so bad. I tried to keep fit and eat healthy for my age. However I remained in my one piece bathing suit looking at Sonya and Jake as they slowly stripped in front of me. Oh shit. This was unbelievable. I was getting wet all over and not only from the heat.

Jake lay on his belly hiding his big dick underneath his body but his ass was exposed to us and I was still ogling him. Oh shit. Behave yourself woman. 

Sonya took out the sunscreen oil from her beach bag and proceeded to squirt it on Jake’s back. She spread it all the way down on to his ass and legs. Then she turned around and looked at me. Oh shit.

“Why don’t you take off your bathing suit so that I can put this on,” she said.

Can I do it? This was it. It is now or never. If anyone said I was about to take of my clothes in front of complete strangers I would say they were lying but there I was. I pulled away the straps of my bathing suit and brought it all the way down. I was completely naked in front of Sonya and Jake was staring at us with a slight grin on his face. Oh shit.

“Ok on your back,” Sonya ordered and she commenced to apply the oil on me. She also spread it on my ass and legs all the way down to my feet. 

“You have a lovely body,” she surprisingly said, “your ass is so firm,” and she squeezed a little. I was feeling some drops of my juices seeping slowly out of me. “What do you do to stay in shape like that?” Sonya asked as she squeezed both of my ass cheeks again almost pulling them apart.” Oh shit.

“Oh, I walk to work everyday and I try not to eat too much junk food,” I answered her almost panting.

“Ok it is your turn,” she finally said. Oh shit. What do I do now?

She lay on her towel as I did before waiting for me to reciprocate. So I sat on my knees next to her and I held the bottle of oil in my hand. I must have forgotten that I didn’t have anything on but Jake’s smile reminded me of that. He was staring at my breasts while he lay on his towel next to Sonya and I looked him in the eye with an awkward smile.

“Come on honey. My back is burning up already,” Sonya brought me out of my trance. She knew what was going on and she wickedly grinned at me.

I applied the oil so fast I knew I  left out so many areas untouched on her back. I must have been shaking from fright or lust. I wasn’t sure which one. All sorts of uncontrollable feelings were washing over me as I returned to my place in a flash.

“Ok turn around you two,” Sonya ordered, “I have to put oil to your fronts now.” Oh shit.

Both Jake and I flipped over on our backs facing Sonya who was in the middle of us waiting to apply the oil. Holy shit. Jake’s dick was now pointing to the sky. I was looking at the extent of his full masted hard-on and it was really huge. Oh shit.

“Ok honey calm down,” Sonya address her partner, “there is no need for all that excitement.”

“Come on dear, I can’t help it,” he said, “with two lovely girls next to me no wonder it hasn’t reached the moon by now,” and we all burst out laughing. 

At first Sonya ignored him and started to put the oil on me. She quickly spread it all around and slowly started to concentrate on my breasts. She was making sure the oil covered every pore. My nipples became harder and harder and she knew it, “you have lovely breasts,” she complimented me as she squeezed my nipples with her fingers. Oh shit.

“I am waiting here dear,” Jake reminded her. He was holding his dick in his hands and pulling at the hugh long shaft.

“Hold on to your horses,” she reproached him ignoring his request for another few seconds as she continued to pull on my nipples squeezing my breasts at the same time. Then she stopped. Oh shit. I almost came right there.

She turned around to look at Jake who was pulling at his cock, “you horny son of a bitch,” she yelled, “can’t you ever get enough?”

“Oh no dear. Not when you’re around,” he replied as she proceeded to apply the oil on her partner. She covered his body from head to toe. She even spread it on his dick down to his balls.

Then she turned half way around in the middle of us. With one hand still on Jake’s cock she brought her other hand back on to my breasts and squeezed once again. Oh shit. 

While she was pumping Jake’s cock she was caressing my breasts and pulling on my nipples. Then she slowly started to bring her hand down to my pussy. She was looking straight into my eyes hoping I wasn’t going to stop her. Oh shit I fucking couldn’t even if I wanted to. My body was in turmoil. I parted my legs giving her more access to my entrance and she smiled. She what I wanted. Her hand started to rub my pussy touching my clit on the way. Then she inserted one of her fingers inside and I flinched. Oh shit. This was wonderful. Her other hand didn’t ignore Jake either. The oil was helping her glad her hand faster and faster on his dick. He was almost there.

“Oh honey, I am coming,” Jake burst out loud as his semen shot out and sprayed all around covering Sonya’s hand. 

I came at the same time as he did. My body twisted up from the force of my orgasm and I slumped on the towel from exhaustion. Oh shit.

“Are you horny birds finished?” Sonya asked but no one answered her, “good. After you rest up it will be your turn to help me come.” Oh shit, shit, shit, I didn’t see that coming.

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