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All Good Men Are Perverts 16

This is chapter 16 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

I have never seen anyone change more than my friend Maggie. In just in a few weeks she has become almost a different person. I would love to have taken the credit for her transformation but alas no. I only helped with the last push. However many other factors contributed to her rise or demise. Well that depends from which view point you look at it. I for one prefer to call it an eye opener, and she certainly didn’t disappoint.

Of course I was one of her greatest supporters. But….


“Hi Julie. Come in. Come in,” Maggie welcomed me to the flat with a big smile. She was wearing a leather corset with matching high heel boots that emanated the essence of a strict dominatrix. She looked amazing.

Maggie had told me all about Mike’s hideout which she now considers to be her own. She told me how they settled the ownership of this property and all its contents and how she finalized the deal with her husband on the fucking bench. She also told me about the encounter with the babysitter and the secretary. Hell she even told me all about her mother’s threesome which I still find difficult to believe. But I was even more surprised when Maggie invited me to the flat that weekend. Of course I couldn’t turn her down. Now I was standing at the entrance to this secret apartment and I couldn’t wait to come in to see her perverted husband’s collection.

“Thank you for inviting me Maggie,” I said as I was about to go in, “I hope you don’t feel awkward for having me in here?” I was trying to test the water to see if she was nervous or not.

“Oh no. Not at all,” she replied, “come in. Look around. I am sure you’ll like it,” she added.

“OMG. This is incredible,” I yelled out. Of course it wasn’t my first exposure to this kind of stuff but I was shocked to see the extent of adult toys and equipments in there. I’ve been to hundreds of sex shops, clubs, swinger places even dungeons and fetish chambers but still the amount of stuff in there was a great surprise.

“What the fuck?” my eyes were trying to absorb everything around me. All kind of sex toys, dildos, bondage stuff, sexy clothes, this was unbelievable. Oh this was my kind of place. I can stay in here for ever.

“So what do you think?” I forgot that Maggie was just behind me and she was waiting to know my professional opinion on the matter.

“This is unbelievable!” I answered and it was my delightful impression which made her smile.

“I know. Isn’t it?” She confirmed, “I love it also. I come here every day and spend a good amount of time trying out many of the toys and clothes and still there are so many things I haven’t yet touched.”

“I can imagine,” I said, “your outfit looks amazing by the way,” I complemented her on her attire.

“Thanks. It’s one of my favorites,” she replied, “why don’t you try out one yourself?”

How can this girl keep on surprising me like that, “are you sure?” I asked so I wasn’t trespassing on her domain or property. I didn’t want to show how eager I was to try out some of her stuff but her big smile confirmed her acceptance. Oh I love this girl.

So I ran to choose an outfit that I liked but she said, “pick one of the leather ones. They are all beautiful,” and I did. I chose another leather body corset with fishnet stocking.

“You look lavishing yourself,” she said after I was buckling my shoes. “Everyday I come here and wear one of Mike’s outfits. I can’t help myself but I love how they feel on me.”

“Yeh wearing sexy clothes everyday makes you appreciate your body,” I added, “so where is Mike by the way?” I asked.

“Oh he’s here somewhere,” she answered and I just froze up. I must have misunderstood her.

“You mean he’s here as in here in town?” I asked.

“No silly. He is here in the flat,” she confirmed. If I wasn’t a strong and healthy woman I would have had a heart attack right there on the spot.

“You’re kidding me right?” I asked, “here where? I can’t see him anywhere.”

She looked at me with a devilish smirk on her face and walked to the other side of the dim room. I haven’t really notice the large chest which lay a few feet from the bed. I had thought it was a large box full of stuff. It was completely covered with a large black sheet from all sides.

She approached the chest and pulled away the black sheet and threw it on the floor.

“Holy shit,” I cried. I almost felt the heart attack this time. Maggie just revealed where she kept her husband. Mike was sprawled on his hands and knees inside a black metal cage. He was completely naked except for a cock cage and a neck collar hooked to a silver chain and locked to the gate of the metal cage.

“Say hello to my slave,” she pointed to the man inside the cage.

“Holy shit Maggie,” I cried again, “this is awesome.” I was shocked. “Have you been doing this a long time?” I tried to comprehend the extent of my friend’s commitment to this life style.

She sat on the bed, knees crossed with her hands behind her and said, “we have been experimenting with all kind of role play and I might say this is one of my favorites,” she explained, “but we still want to experience all kind of other flavors, if you know what I mean,” she said.

Maggie stood up and brought one of her legs between the steel bars inside the cage. Mike immediately grabbed her boots and started to lick it. With his saliva he tried to clean the leather soul of her boots. He even put the sharp heel inside his mouth and sucked at it as if sucking on a straw.

She pulled back her leg again and turned around resting her weight on the cage. She was inviting her slave to his next task to which he was eager to begin. Mike grabbed her ass and proceeded to kiss it and she moaned. “Isn’t this wonderful?” she said as she looked at me.

I knew she was talking to me and not to her slave. She wanted me to initiate our intimate contact but was a little shy to do it directly herself. Well I wasn’t. So I approached her as she was still being served from behind by her husband. We were face to face almost touching. We looked into each other’s eyes for the final commitment and I kissed her. “Eeemm,” she moaned. Yep that is the approval I needed.

I pulled her on to the bed and laid her on her back. She didn’t stop me. I proceeded to take of her clothes one piece after another starting with the boots then the corset until she was completely naked on the bed. Then I started to take off my own outfit. She didn’t take her eyes of me as I stripped in front of her. As for Mike he was still in his cage admiring the show. Poor thing. His dick was locked in the cock cage which he was trying to pull and turn in the hope of self release if that was even possible.

We were both naked now looking at each other. Maggie was on the bed and I was standing next to her waiting for the final sign to commence. She extended her hand to me inviting me towards her. I sat on the edge of the bed and started to lightly massage her small breasts with one of my hands. Then I touched her nipple and she flinched. It was too sensitive. I touched the second nipple and she inhaled again. I brought my head down and lightly stroked them with my tongue until she got used to the sensation. While I was licking away on her nipples Maggie brought her own hand to my breast and squeezed. I looked her in the eye and smiled.

My other hand was free to roam the beautiful silk body and I brought it to good use. I directed it towards the entrance of her vagina and started to caress the area to make it ready. Fortunately for me she was already prepared. Her pussy was wet and dripping and my hand was slipping all around down there.

I stopped what I was doing to her nipples and proceeded to go down licking my way towards her golden entrance. The aroma of her juices was intoxicating. As my mouth approached Maggie’s pussy I heard her say, “oh yes Julie. Lick it there.” And I did.

As I was concentrating on my task I felt Maggie hands pulling my legs up and on to her body. We were laying on top of each other in a 69 position. I was on top with my head between her legs and she was on the bottom spreading my legs apart to access my pussy. She licked me good down there. I don’t know where she learned to do that. I always thought she didn’t have the experience but I guess she had it in her genes and she was perfect. We came together screaming both of us and we stayed on top of each other to regain our breath.

“I hope you enjoyed the show Mike,” I heard Maggie tell her husband while she was still underneath me, “Don’t worry honey you’ll get your chance one day, but not today.” 

Oh poor Mike.     

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