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All Good Men Are Perverts 15

This is chapter 15 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

Damn she was hot and so was he. And I was just a measly secretary watching them from behind my desk. Damn. Damn. 

Mr and Mrs Smith had always been a lovely couple. However in the last couple of weeks I have noticed a change in the behavior of my boss. Mike has become more assertive and strong but still polite in a sort of way. I wasn’t sure about his wife, Maggie. In the few times I’ve seen her she always seemed like a normal housewife, beautiful but bland. But now she resembled a centerfold model. What a couple.

Oh why can’t I be just like her. But….


“Lily,” Mike called out from the internal communication unit.

“Yes Mr Smith,” I answered.

“Please hold all my calls for the next hour,” he ordered, “I’ll be with Maggie in my office and I don’t want any one bothering us,” he explained.

“Ok Mr Smith,” I replied, “if anybody calls I’ll tell them you have a meeting.”

Yeh right. Who was I kidding. A meeting with his hot wife, more likely an intimate one I would say. No! Could it be true? Could Mike be fucking his wife in there? That can’t be. Who would do something like that? And in the middle of the day?

Maggie’s visit at that time was unusual but the way she dressed with her tight almost unbuttoned top and the short mini dress fueled my suspicions. As she came in the office I knew she was up to something. 

Although I had a whole load of crap to type I could not bring myself to work. How could I concentrate on my job when I suspected that my boss was screwing his lovely wife in the next room? I had always been the curious girl and I was tingling all over to find out.

Mike occupied the large corner office and his desk was off to one side of the room so I had to go into his office to see if my hunch was correct. I sneaked up and opened the door very slowly. I just wanted to take a quick peek. I entered the office and there they were. The husband and wife clearly at it. I knew it. 

I hurriedly wanted to leave the room before they found I was there but Mike’s voice intrigued me. So I hid behind one of the large plants at the entrance to the room and watched the show.

“Oh honey, suck it good,” he said while sitting behind his desk. 

But where was Maggie? At first I couldn’t see her from where I was standing. She was squatting underneath Mike’s desk. Even though Mike was still dressed with his shirt and tie however I had a feeling he wasn’t so well attired in the lower section. Unfortunately I couldn’t see any of the action but Mike wasn’t holding anything back.

“Fuck Maggie. Put it all in your mouth and suck good,” he painted a good picture, “ok go down now, oh yes. Lick those balls well. Oh shit yes put them in your mouth like that, oh fuck,” he kept swearing. 

I was loving this. The wife was giving her husband a blow job in his office. How horny could this be? I could almost feel my own pussy starting to drip. My panties were getting wet from the action. Oh why can’t I have a husband just like Mike.

“Ok honey that’s enough,” Mike stopped his wife, “if you keep this up I might come in your mouth.”

Maggie emerged from beneath Mike’s desk and stood to give her husband a kiss. He was still siting in his chair. “Oh dear, we don’t want to do that,” she said, “you still have a lot more work to do before we come to that,” and she climbed on to his desk. She sat on her knees with her hands on the desk so that her ass was in front of his face inviting him to proceed. So that’s the work she was talking about.

I could clearly see her face now. She was looking directly towards me and I could see the front buttons on her dress opened exposing her small breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra underneath her dress. Could she see me from over there? No I was well hidden behind the plant. Besides if she did then she would have squealed. Well I would.

Mike slowly started to lift her dress up exposing her ass. And what do you know. She wasn’t wearing any panties either. Oh she must have came prepared alright. 

Mike didn’t have any problem accessing her private parts and that is exactly where he put his face and immediately started to lick his wife’s entrance from behind.

“Oh yes dear lick it good,” she inhaled, “oh shit yes there suck it there,” she added, “ok go up now, yes up there. Oh shit I love it when you lick my asshole.”

Holy fuck. He was rimming his wife in front of me. What a show. 

“Ok honey stop,” she ordered, “I want you inside of me right now.” 

Mike stopped what he was doing, stood up, and backed away letting his wife go down and stand in front of his desk. She still had her back to him so he brought both his hands around to reach her breasts and squeezed them hard. She had small but lovely breasts with two dark red nipples which Mike pinched with his thumbs and fingers.

He pushed Maggie forward on to the desk, his pants were already down and his dick must have been in full mast because he immediately proceeded to do as his wife requested. I couldn’t see how he inserted his cock into his wife’s pussy from where I was standing but I could see the effect of his work on his wife’s face. She was almost in heaven.

“Oh fuck Mike that is so good. I want you to give it to me harder, oh shiiiiiit.” She said and he kept pumping and pumping for a long time until I thought he wasn’t going to come.

“Ok honey I want you to put it in my ass now,” Maggie suddenly told her husband.

“What?” Mike was surprised, “are you sure about that?” Oh he was definitely surprised.

“Don’t argue with me right now,” she yelled, “I want it in my fucking ass NOW.”

He didn’t have any choice in the matter and he slowly started to insert his cock in his wife’s asshole. Again I couldn’t see how he did that from where I was standing however Maggie’s face showed it all. At first I thought she was in pain but as I looked deeper into her eyes I saw the pain turn into lust. She was in pure ecstasy.

“Are you ok honey,” Mike tried to check on his wife as his dick was penetrating deeper and deeper into Maggie’s tight hole. He wasn’t sure if she was enjoying herself or not since he was behind her and couldn’t see her face. 

“Oh shut up honey and pump faster,” she whined, “oh fuck this is so good. Why haven’t we done this before,” and Mike increased the fucking pace into his wife’s anal passage.

“Oh shit honey here it comes,” Mike was almost done, “what do you want me to do?” he almost panicked.

“I want you to shoot your load in my ass,” a command he was not able to ignore.

“Oh yes I can feel your cum inside my ass,” Maggie shouted, “oh I am also coming hooonneeeeyyy.” And she collapsed face down on her husband’s desk exhausted after a good orgasm.

That was my cue to run out of Mike’ office. Woof. That was a close one. I was glad I wasn’t caught otherwise I would have lost my job.

A few minutes later Maggie came out of Mike’s office. She must have freshened up and adjusted her makeup. No one would have guessed what she had been doing in there. I sat behind my desk pretending to be typing with my pupils following her every move as she headed toward the elevator.

Suddenly she stopped in the middle of the corridor turned around and came back to where I was sitting. She must have forgotten something. She stood right in front of me and put both of her hands on my desk and leaned forward until her face was just a few inches from mine.

“Did you enjoy the show dear?” she whispered and my jaw just dropped. Of course I couldn’t answer if I wanted to. I was flabbergasted.

She straightened up, winked at me, then turned around and walked away.

Oh shit. I think I have to look for another job. But then why the hell can’t I be just like her.


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