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All Good Men Are Perverts 14

This is chapter 14 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

I have known Maggie since college. The thing that attracted about my wife was her integrity and commitment not to mention a knockout body and a beautiful face to kill for. However I would never have guessed how she turned out to be. I always knew not to mess with women. Specially those who were on a mission or those committed to the protection of their lairs.

I should have thought before blabbering out. But…. 


“She did what?” Maggie shouted as she jumped up on her knees on the bed.

I was glad I wasn’t the one at the receiving end of her anger.

“Yes she took pictures while I was tied up to the bed,” I repeated what I had told her earlier. 

We were resting in bed after a night of pure passion the day we returned from our secret flat. Yes we decided to call it our secret flat. We spent a full day discussing what we were going to do with the apartment and we decided to keep it. Besides we had so many things we needed to try out but still, home is where our kids were and that is where we loved to be.

“But how did you let Cindy do that?” She yelled at me.

“You had me tied to the bed, remember?” I tried to defend myself.

“Well it served you right,” she replied as she returned to lay on her back beside me.

“Yes that is another thing I’ve been meaning to discuss,” I wanted to deflect the angel of attack.

“I guess we haven’t discussed that,” she whispered.

“No we haven’t,” I tried to hide my smirk.

“Ok so what do you want to know?” she unwillingly asked.

“Who the hell gave you the idea of tying me up in bed like that?” I really wanted to know.

“You did,” she said.

“I what?”

“Yes you did with all those things in the flat,” she explained. “After I first stepped in there I didn’t know what to think. The only thing that went through my mind was how much I wanted to hurt you. So I took the cuffs and the whip and did what I did,”

“What about the cock cage?” I asked.

“Oh that was an added bonus,” she smiled.

“Thief,” I just said.

“Don’t push your luck mister,” she warned, “I think you enjoyed the cage more than the whip.”

“Yeh but you’re still a thief,” I said.

“and your still a liar,” she replied and we laughed as we remained tangled in each other’s arms.

After a few minutes of silence Maggie asked, “so what are we going to do with Cindy?”

“I don’t know, she is only a kid,” I said, “I don’t think she’ll do anything with those pictures, will she?”

“No but we can’t leave this to chance,” she replied, “I have an idea but you have to play along.” 

“Oh gosh, what are you planning to do?” I hesitated to ask.

“Don’t worry,” she said, “I just want to give her a taste of her own medicine.”

I looked into my wife’s eyes and I was surprised. The devilish smile wasn’t so reassuring either. Oh poor Cindy.

I was told to come back early from work the next day. Well more likely ordered then told.

“Are the cuffs comfortable?” Maggie asked.

I was again laying completely naked on our bed with my hands locked to the brass frame. However I wasn’t about to get whipped this time. Maggie didn’t even tie my feet so I believe she wanted me to enjoy the show. My dick was also allowed to swing free as bait for the unsuspecting babysitter.

“Honey? Are you sure about this?” I was hesitant to say the least.

“Don’t worry dear,” she assured me as she pulled again on the handcuffs making sure my hands were secured to the bed frame, “trust me,” but her reply didn’t help.

“Just for the record I don’t like to be alone with her,” I was trying to state my final objection to the plan.

“Oh you wish,” she smiled, “but don’t worry you’ll be wearing this mask,” and she slid on the black head mask and buckled it on my neck. The mask was a full leather head gear that engulfed my entire head. The only opening was a small round circle for my mouth so I could breath. I was completely in the dark.

“You won’t be seeing anything,” Maggie explained, “So technically you won’t be cheating if you don’t see what is going on.”

Now who could argue with that.

“Oh don’t worry honey. I’ll just be in the other room waiting,” she finally said as she exited the bedroom.

The bell rang and of course no one answered. A few minutes later I heard someone walking up the stairs. 

“Anyone here?” Cindy shouted as she came up to the upper floor.

“This is the second time that bitch bails out on me,” I heard Cindy say, “why doesn’t she have the decency to call and cancel.”

The door to our bedroom squeaked open.

“Oh my, oh my” Cindy cried out in delight.

“Who’s there?” I managed to conceal my surprise.

“You must be a hell of a naughty boy for Mrs S. to keep tying you up like that,” she said.

“Oh please Cindy leave me alone,” I was following the script which my wife laid out.

“But where is Maggie?” Cindy asked wanting to make sure we were alone in the house.

“She took the kids to her mother’s again,” I untruthfully explained.

I heard Cindy walking around the bed examining the specimen in front of her. I could just imagine the hunger in her eyes as she looked at my dangling cock.

“I am glad she didn’t put on a cock cage this time,” she said.

“Don’t you dare come near me,” I yelled but she didn’t listen. 

Suddenly she jumped on the bed next to me. She flipped my dick with one of her fingers and waited. I remained still waiting for my wife to come into the room any minute now. But where did she go?

“I think he needs a little more encouragement,” Cindy said and she grabbed my dick with both her hands. She squeezed a little then pulled a few times and my cock started to respond.

“This is it,” she said and she squeezed again. I was surprised when she put it in her mouth. It wasn’t the act that bewildered me but the fact that my wife still didn’t show up.

Cindy must have been enjoying herself. I could not see her reaction but I could feel every single lick, suck and bite on my cock. She stroked it with her tongue, she caressed it with her lips, hell she even bit it with her teeth. I almost came and my wife still didn’t show up.

Suddenly I heard the door crash open and a furious Maggie rushed into the room. Finally.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” My wife yelled out and Cindy froze up with my dick in her mouth. “You take of your paws from my slave,” she added.

“Mrs Smith! But I thought, I thought you were… ” Cindy stuttered.

“You bitch,” Maggie shouted at her, “and you thought you can come in here and use up my property.”

“I am sorry Mrs Smith,” Cindy apologized, “I won’t do this again.”

“You bet you won’t,” Maggie said, “I have been watching you sucking my hubby’s dick and I have it all filmed on my cell phone you fucking bitch.” 

“Oh shit. I am so sorry Mrs Smith please forgive me,” Cindy begged.

“Oh you’re going to be sorry alright,” my wife exploded, “I am going to put this film on every porn site from here to china,” she explained, “you’ll be so fucking sorry you’ll never be able to show your face in the street.”

“Oh shit oh shit,” Cindy was about to cry, “please Mrs Smith I won’t do this again. Please don’t do that,” and I could almost hear a sob.

It was about time I intervened. I thought that Cindy learned her lesson so I just said, “oh honey ple…”

“You shut your mouth up Mike,” Maggie yelled back at me. What the hell? We didn’t rehearse that. But I wasn’t going to argue with an angry goddess so I shut up.

“Please Mrs Smith I won’t do this ever again. Please I’ll do whatever you want but please don’t hurt me,” and Cindy began to cry.

“You bet your life you would,” Maggie finally said, “I want you to take off your clothes now,” and that was a surprise for both of us.

I wished I could see what was happening however the mask was on my head but I bet Cindy was shivering from fear unable to comprehend what Maggie was telling her because she simply froze up. She didn’t move or respond to the last request.

“I told you to take off your fucking clothes NOW all off it NOW,” Maggie yelled again.

This time Cindy scrambled to do as Maggie ordered. I heard the zipper of her skirt go down and the flutter of her shirt swirl as it flew in the air. I don’t know if she took every single piece of clothing but she must have because my wife was satisfied.

“Ok now that you’re completely naked I want you to finish the job you started,” Maggie said, “and I will take more pictures of you to add to my collection.”

Cindy didn’t know what to respond to that either. She must have stood there probably with her mouth wide open wondering if what she heard was correct.

“NOW BITCH,” Maggie shouted again, “go between his legs and start sucking,” and Cindy jumped on the bed again and commenced where she left of.

“Oh honey. What are you doing?” I tried to ask.

“I don’t want to hear another shit from your fucking mouth again,” Maggie blew up, “DO YOU HEAR ME SLAVE,” now I closed up my mouth for good. 

Then Maggie climbed on to bed and straddled my chest facing my cock with her ass almost touching my covered face. I could sense she wasn’t wearing much but I could definitely feel she didn’t have any panties on. I could smell her juices dripping just a few inches away from my mouth.

“Ok bitch, lick it good,” Maggie yelled, “all the way in your mouth now,” for she must have grabbed Cindy’s head and pushed her until her lips touched my balls and I heard a gag.


“Click” I heard the sound of a picture being taken

“Click” and another.

“Oh these are hot pictures,” Maggie said.

Then I felt someone grab both my ankles and lift my legs up. It must have been my wife.

“Ok bitch, now go down and lick his asshole,” Maggie ordered Cindy and she rushed to do as she was told. 

That was exquisite. I was being rimmed by the babysitter as my wife held my legs up. This was so damn fucked up.

Maggie must have been enjoying this as well for I heard her say, “Oh yes lick him good. I want to see your tongue go all the ways inside his hole.” What the hell was happening to my wife?

“Click” I heard the sound of a picture being taken again.

“Click” and another.

Maggie was taking more pictures with her cell phone while still holding one of my legs up high.

“Ok that is enough bitch,” Maggie finally said and she dropped my legs back on to the bed, “back of now. It is my turn.” She added.

I felt Maggie start to drag her body forward towards my cock. I thought she was going to take it in her mouth but instead she just sat on it.

“Oh fuck,” I inhaled out loud.

Maggie started to go up then down on my shaft. “Come lick his balls while I finish him off,” she commanded Cindy who didn’t hesitate this time. 

“Oh fuck I am coming,” I warned the two that I was almost done and I was prepared to shoot my load inside my wife’s pussy but that didn’t happen.

Maggie suddenly backed off and yelled, “open your mouth and take it all,” and Cindy’s mouth was already positioned exactly right to put my cock in her mouth and swallow my entire cum up her throat. 

“Click” I heard the sound of a picture being taken another time.

“Click” and another.

“His juice is dripping out of your mouth, ” Maggie warned, “make sure you don’t loose any single drop.”

“Ok now you can go,” Maggie ordered Cindy. 

“But mistress,” I heard Cindy say, “please mistress. I will do what ever you want but please don’t make me leave.”

“You fucking bitch. Now take all your clothes and leave my house right now,” Maggie yelled, “I will summon you again whenever I want to. NOW GO,” she added.

“Thank you mistress,” I heard Cindy say again, “thank you mistress. I will be your slave forever,” as I heard her collect her clothes and run out of the door.

“Oh honey that was great,” I finally said, “I love you.”

“Yes honey. I know you do,” Maggie replied, “now shut up and start licking,” as she sat on my face and pushed her pussy towards the only open area in the mask where my tongue was waiting to lick Mistress Maggie’s pussy.


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