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All Good Men Are Perverts 13

This is chapter 13 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

The culmination in Maggie and Mike relationship. Can they survive this confrontation?

Chapter 13 is a pivotal chapter in “All Good Men Are Perverts”. (by no means not the last one).

I hope you enjoy it and tell me what you think.

My life has just been turned upside down. My husband is cheating on me with I don’t know who or what. He has all those sexual toys and devices hidden away. He is a pervert. God I don’t know what he is anymore. I just saw my mother being fucked by a couple. Oh Mother! A fucking threesome for heavens sake!? How can I ever look her in the eye again? As for me, I just had my pussy licked by another woman. Shit I don’t even know what I am anymore.

I have to get hold of myself. I have to face this otherwise… But…..


I knocked on the door to Mike’s flat. Oh God I had a key so why was I knocking?

Mike opened the door and looked at me. We stood staring at each other until I got enough courage to say, “can I come in?”

“Oh Sorry. Please do,” Mike swung the door wide open showing me inside.

We walked together between the contraptions and various racks filled with all kinds of sex toys heading towards the sitting area at the back of the apartment. It was as if I was walking down the aisle with guests aligned on either side. Oh I was definitely fucked up.

Mike pointed at the sofa inviting me to sit as he himself sank on the opposite chair waiting for me to start the conversation.

“I believe we need to talk,” I said.

“Yes. We do,” he agreed. 

“So do mind explaining all this?” I almost shouted at him waving both my hands in the air.

“Yes. I don’t know where to begin,” he almost choked but I remained silent waiting for him to continue.

“I did all this for you,” he said. 

Now that was the most outrageous explanation I have ever heard. I didn’t expect this coming.

“You what?” I exploded. This time I was really shouting back.

He kept looking at me and said, “this is all yours,” he paused, “I bought all this for you but I didn’t have the courage to give them to you.”

“And you want me to believe all that crap,” I gave up. Who does he think I was? An idiot!

“I know it is hard to believe,” he tired to explain. “Fuck. I don’t even know if I believe it myself.”

I remained silent once again waiting for another explanation. Of course he was lying to me. I wanted him to confess he was having an affair. He must have. Otherwise why come up with such a stupid excuse.

“Of course you don’t believe me,” he sighed. 

Why was he sticking to this stupid story?

“Ok fine. You don’t want to admit anything. Fine,” I said, “but please don’t think I am that stupid.”

“I am sorry Maggie but everything I said is true. I hope you believe me.” 

OH God why was he insisting on this?

“Now that you have seen all this why would I lie to you?” he tried to explain, “for the past couple of years I have been buying all this stuff to give to you. But every time I chicken out.” 

I remained quiet letting him continue.

“It all started with our first toy. You know the small vibrator I bought for your birthday. I had such a kick out of that so I thought I’d get another. But after I got a few more I began to feel that you weren’t interested. But I kept buying more and more hoping that I might persuade you to try them again,” he took a few seconds to regain his thoughts and continued.

“I guess it blew out of proportion. So I rented this place and kept collecting everything in here,” he said, “I became obsessed with buying all kinds of sex toys, accessories, devices, clothes everything you see here I bought for you.”

“I am sorry Maggie. I was stupid. Hell I am a pervert Maggie. I hope you’ll forgive me,” and his tears started flowing down his cheeks.

We remained in our seats for a while looking at one another. This was all a bunch of lies. And I stood up to leave. 

“Please don’t leave,” he pleaded but I wasn’t going to stand for this. I had to leave this place.

As I was walking out towards the door I kept looking at the toys. I saw that most were still in their boxes. Hell they were almost brand new. Oh fuck. Could this be true? I looked around and I noticed that many outfits and clothes even had their tags still attached. Could Mike be telling me the truth? One piece of accessory caught my eye. It was a round mouth gag. It still had the nylon rapped around it. I picked it up and looked at it closely. This thing had not even been used. But why? I had to find out more.

I turned around towards my husband who was still sitting in his seat crying. His head was bent forward between his knees with his hands on his face. I walked to him grabbed him by his head and hair and pulled him up, “are you telling me the truth Mike?” I shouted, “if not then by God I am going to fucking kill you right now.”

Our faces were a few inches from one another and he said, “oh Maggie I swear I am telling the truth,” he sniffled, “why won’t you believe me?” and at that instance I did. My husband was a stupid fucking pervert and I believed him. But how was I going to deal with this?

“Oh shit, now what?” I asked. I was still holding his head in my hand.

“I don’t know Maggie, I don’t know,” sniffing up his tears dry he said, ” but I know I love you and I would never do anything to hurt you.” 

I don’t know what came over me but I just kissed him. Yeh I know what you’re going to say. I was an idiot, a fucked up idiot but I put my mouth on his and kissed him right there. I was standing over him holding his head by his hair and I kissed him good. He almost had a heart attach from the shock but I could feel the tension in his body slowly dissipate as he slumped back on the chair.

I straightened up and stepped back to look around, “I see you got new sheets for the bed,” I said and I pointed to the steel bed in the other corner.

“Yeh, I was sleeping on the bed so had to bring those,” he briefly explained.

“And how many of your lady friends have you entertained in that bed?” I asked swinging my last jibe.

“Oh Maggie,” the tension returned and he whined as he said, “I swear I have never slept on that bed before this week.” 

“Ok, ok I believe you,” I wanted to test him. I guess I will always be testing him. He fucked up good and I will always make him pay for that.

“So what now?” I finally asked.

“I don’t know. I guess I will be throwing all this away,” he suggested.

“NO,” I snapped and he flinched. “No. This must have cost you a fortune,” I said.

“Yeh It did. Now you know how much a little saving in lunch money can buy you,” he said raising his hands in the air indicating all this stuff in the room.

“I guess I could sell some of this,” he tried to offer a new solution.

“NO,” I snapped again.

“So what do you suggest?” He asked giving up. He was out of options.

“You said you bought all this for me?” I asked and he just nodded, “so technically all this is mine.”

“Yes all this is yours,” he said, “technically.”

“And I can do what ever I want with it?” I asked, “technically.”

“Yes,” he just didn’t know where I was going with this.

“So I want to use every single thing in here,” I let the bomb explode, “technically of course.”

“Are you sure about that?” He asked. 

Oh God why are men so thick headed sometimes.

“Of course I am sure,” I yelled, “I want you to teach me how to use every piece of shit in this room,” there I just blurted it out hoping he’d finally understand.  

A few seconds later he did. Idiot. From the smile on his face I knew that my proposal must have finally sunk in.

 “Ok. So where do you want to start?” He proposed.

I walked back to the shelves of toys and started to look around. OH MY. 

Mike’s collection was truly amazing. No it was all mine now ‘technically’ and I smiled. 

Many of the bondage toys on the rack caught my eye. Next to those were some electro devices which I didn’t know how to use. I picked up a weird looking stick which looked like a long rod with a glass bulb on top. What the fuck? What was this thing used for? I had to know? I plugged  it into the electric mains and waved it at Mike who was still sitting in the chair looking at me.

He walked over and stood next to me, “this is a little extreme for beginners,” he said.

But I wasn’t going to surrender. So I switched it on and it suddenly flashed up. I was startled. I almost threw it away. It sizzled but I held my self together. Sparks were flying around inside the light bulb. I was afraid they might break out of the glass and electrocute one of us.

Mike continued to look at me fascinated by my show of strength, “this is used to give a jolt of high voltage electricity,” he explained but I kept holding it in my hand. I wasn’t going to give in.

However I was more surprised when Mike put his hands over mine and brought the rod towards his exposed arm. As the bulb touched his skin I saw the spark fly towards him. It struck his arm with a vengeance and he flinched.

“Oh shit,” I cried out, “did It hurt you?” I was concerned for my husband. 

“No,” he must have lied, “it only gives a little shock. The intensity can be adjusted as you wish.”

Now that the lines had been drawn I wasn’t going to have Mike win the first round. So I slowly brought the rod closer to my own arm and prepared for the worse. Mike’s hand was still on mine but I was dictating the show. He was only there for the ride and he was mesmerized.

The rod touched my arm and I cried out loud, “ouch.” Oh shit he lied. 

Even though the zap wasn’t too painful but it was a surprising shock even if you were anticipating it. Oh I am definitely going to enjoy this one day. But not today. So I switched the rod off and returned it to the shelf rack.

I stepped again toward the larger contraptions in the room to inspect my gifts. I was starting to accept the idea that all these were mine. Oh fuck and I thought Mike was the pervert here.

I came upon a strange looking bench with dangling straps and levers spilling out from its sides. “And what is that used for?” I asked my perverted husband.

“This is a torture bench,” he tried to explain, “you lay down with your legs and arms strapped on the sides.”

“And what do you do after one is tied to it?”

“Usually your ass would be in the air and your legs spread wide to receive all kinds of torture, spanking, things inserted inside of you,” now my husband was being technical and I was fascinated.

I slowly started to take off my clothes. Mike was still behind me looking in bewilderment. I laid completely naked on the bench face down and put my arms and legs where I thought they should be going. I didn’t know if I was in the right position, “are you going to just stand there?” I yelled at Mike, “or am I going to do this all by myself?” Idiot.

He came over in a flash and started to fasten the straps one at a time. When he finished his task I tested the vinyl cuffs and they were tightly secured. Yeh he did a good job and I was stuck in this for the remaining of the ride.

“Ok what now?” I asked.

“Are you sure about this?” He stupidly asked again.

“And what do you think Mike?” I shouted.

“Do you want me to use a vibrator on you?” He asked once again.

Oh god I was the one strapped in here and he was taking my permission. How fucked up could we be?

“MIKE,” I exploded, “you fucking go grab one of the biggest things you have and put it in me right now or by GOD I am going to fuck you with it,” I hoped the neighbors didn’t hear me.

As I was facing the other end of the room. I couldn’t see what Mike was doing but I could hear him scrambling to get one of his toys before I changed my mind. 

“Is this ok?” He asked as he put a big thing in my face. 

What the fuck was that? I wondered. It was a vibrating dildo alright but it had two protruding tongues from either sides. The actual shaft was made of some plastic transparent material. I could clearly see a few metallic balls swimming inside. It was purple so how bad could it be. So I nodded my approval.

He came behind me and put his hands on my ass and asked, “Can I kiss you?”

How the hell was I going to reply to such an absurd request, “Mike honey. My ass is in your face. My legs are so fucking wide they might split open. You have that thing in your hands. So you fucking do whatever you damn want to do. I’m the one strapped in here for heavens sake.” 

I guess he needed this last push to wake up and start doing his job properly because I immediately felt it. He knelt between my legs and started kissing my ass. First the two cheeks then slowly approaching the entrance to my two widely exposed holes. With his tongue he started to explore the first one inching his way up to the second. Oh shit not that. I didn’t expect that. My asshole was being licked by my husband and I loved it. Then he stopped.

“Oh Mike please don’t stop,” I pleaded.

Suddenly I felt a jolt down there. Mike was squirting some kind of liquid lubricant all over my back end. It felt cold at first but I got used to it. He spread the liquid equally from my pussy all the way up to the entrance of my other tight hole. He made sure a large amount of liquid covered the area. 

“I am going to insert this slowly,” he explained, “if you don’t like it tell me.”

Then he began to push the dildo slowly inside. It was still turned off. Every few seconds he would wiggle it in and out making sure it was properly digging its way through. Fuck it was so big. I thought it would never go all the way in but it did. Then he positioned the two tongues at their rightful places. One was to touch my clit and the other on the entrance of my hole.

“I am going to put this inside there, ok?” Mike was asking me if he could insert one of the pointy things inside my forbidden hole. Shit.

I had never allowed Mike to do that. Mother always said that this was a bad thing. For heavens  sake, she was a participant in a fucking threesome. So what did she know. The hell with it.

“Ok,” I replied, “but please take it easy,” I was a little tense.

He started to insert the thin wiggly finger inside my tight hole and it wasn’t so bad. I could take this. I thought. But I didn’t expect what was to come. Suddenly he pressed the first button on the vibrator.

“Oh shit, oh shit,” I yelled, “they are fucking vibrating,” and I was in ecstasy. The first plastic tongue was tingling my clit and the other one was inside my asshole moving so rapidly I wanted to cry out. I thought that was one of the most electrifying thing I had ever experienced. But I was wrong again until he pressed the second button on the vibrator.

“OMG OMG OMG,” I yelled louder and louder. The actual dildo shaft which was already embedded inside of me was starting to move. It was wiggling left and right digging all the way inside my pussy. It’s tip was going around in circles. Round and round it kept going for ever and ever.

“OH SHIT OH SHIT,” I was sure my voice was being heard somewhere on the other side of town, “I am coming Mike,” the first orgasm exploded in my pussy, “OH SHIT,” the second was preparing to follow, “oh fuck I am coming again,” I tried to hold it but I couldn’t , “Ooooohhhh Fuuuuck,” I didn’t expect this. That was unbelievable.

“Take it out, take it out,” I finally shouted.

Mike panicked and he shut the vibrator off. He slowly pulled it out and said, “Oh honey I’m sorry are you ok?” He was afraid he had hurt me.

“NO NO,” I cried out load, “I want you now Mike,” I added, “I need your fucking dick inside of me right NOW.”

I believe it was the fastest time Mike had ever dropped his pants down for I immediately felt his hard rock dick go all the way inside my pussy at the same place the dildo was digging earlier. And he commenced with pumping his cock in and out of my entrance harder and harder.

“Oh Mike,” I was coming again, “what the Hellllll!” Could I take it? 

And I did, “OH SHIT OH SHIT, not another one,” I shouted out again.

“I am also coming honey,” he added, “SHIIIIIIIITTTT,” as he collapsed on top of me.

“Damn Mike,” I could barely raise my voice, “if you ever hide anything like this from me ever again so help me God I am going to kill you.”


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