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All Good Men Are Perverts 12

This is chapter 12 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

To be married or not to be married,? I never want to ask this question ever again. After my disastrous two time brushes with this institution I now know too well the answer to this question. I am now enjoying my life to the fullest and I don’t want anybody to judge me for what I do.

I don’t want to push my views on anyone either, but….


“You did what!?” I shouted.

“Yeh, you heard me,” Maggie said, “I locked him up in a cock cage, whipped him up and left.”

“Oh damn girl. I didn’t know you had it in you,” I said.

“I still don’t believe it myself,” Maggie confessed, “when I came back the next day I released him from the cuffs and kicked him out of the house.”

“Damn. But what did Mike have to say for himself?” I tried to get more detail out of her.

“Oh he tried but frankly I wasn’t in the mood to listen,” she continued, “I want to think about this for a few more days. He can stay in his fucking flat for all I care.”

“Right girl. But you have to confront this eventually,” I told my friend.

“What? You’re my Mother now!?” She snapped at me and I didn’t know why.

I was surprised at this sudden outbreak from Maggie especially regarding her mother Elizabeth. I had always thought that they were close. Why the sudden change of heart?

“Oh I am sorry Julie,” Maggie apologized, “it is that my mother just told what you just did. Oh God I hate her.” 

I didn’t want to make things worse, I only want to help a friend. That is when a thought crossed my mind, “I think we should do something to take your mind of your troubles.”

“Oh no. Not the strip club again?” 

“No nothing that good,” I wished, “what I am suggesting is a visit to a masseur to take the tension away.”

Maggie remained quit for a few seconds thinking about what I just said. I knew her mind was a jumble right now but a good massage might not be a bad idea.

“Ok,” she agreed, “what do you suggest?”

“I know a very good place which would take your breath away,” I said but from the way she looked at me sideways I could see she still didn’t believe I was telling her everything.

“Don’t look at me like that. I think you’ll like it,” I tried to reassure her, “do you remember Mindy and Mandy?”

“Oh God. Not those two again,” she exhaled.

“Come on they’re not that bad,” I tried to defend myself, “besides you were the one who asked me what other things those two were capable off, remember?” The best defense is an offense, I’ve heard it said so I tried to use this strategy and it worked.

“Ok I believe you,” she surrendered, “but what do these two have to do with a massage?” She wanted to know a little more details before committing herself.

“Oh you’ll be surprised,” I wasn’t going to tell her everything.

The next day Maggie picked me up and we drove to the Shrine of M&M.

The twins greeted us at the door and welcomed us to their living room. They were duly prepared for the session because I had already called them and explained the situation before making the appointment. They were dressed up in matching short kimonos, silk, simple and plain.

“Ok girls, shall we start?” I was eager for a relaxing massage myself.

“But don’t you want any payment before we begin?” Maggie surprisingly offered.

“Oh don’t worry dear,” the first twin replied. It was probably Mindy. I really can’t distinguish between the two. “Consider this as a free first session,” Mandy the other twin added, “besides we’ll do anything for Julie,” Mindy said again, “she’s been like a big sister to us,” Mandy finally completed her sister’s last sentence.

Then they showed us into their Shrine. Yes the room really resembled an eastern temple with drapes on the walls and lit candles scattered all around the simple furniture free room. It was a beautiful place, very peaceful and tranquil. They must have entertained many well satisfied clients in here. In the middle of the room they prepared two comfy looking mattresses with white simple matching covers and small pillows.

“There is a bathroom in there with clean towels if you care to wash up and take of your clothes,” Mindy pointed out as the twins left the room.

I offered Maggie the use of the bathroom and commenced to take all my clothes off and lay naked face down on one of the mattresses waiting for the twins to return.

Maggie stepped out of the bathroom with a large towel tightly rapped around her body. She looked at me sprawled on the floor with my naked ass exposed, “and I thought this was a simple massage!” she said, “I should have guessed you’d be up to your tricks,” she smiled.

“Oh don’t worry it is simple alright,” I assured her, “but maybe it slipped my mind to mention that the twins are expert in what you call Tantric body massages,” I smiled back.

“I knew it,” Maggie said as she walked over to the other mattress and lay on her stomach with her head turned towards me. She still kept the towel on.

The twins entered the room each carrying a large bottle of massage oil and sat on either side of us facing each other, “we heated the oil a little to make it comfortable,” Mindy said. She was the one sitting next to Maggie while her sister Mandy was next to me.

“Relax,” Mindy whispered into Maggie’s ear, “we only do light massage using the tips of our hands,” Mindy explained, “if you aren’t comfortable with anything please tell me,” and Maggie nodded her head slightly.

“I will take away the towel now. Ok?” Mindy said. Maggie’s silence was a sign of acceptance as the twin gently pulled the towel off and threw it on the floor.

That was the first time I saw Maggie naked and she was beautiful. Even though her small breasts were squashed on the mattress but I could almost glimpse a nipple. Only she still had her panties on. Well not for long.

The twins started to squirt oil on our backs all the way down. Then they spread the oil all over our bodies and on to our hands and legs. It was really amazing how these two can work almost in simultaneous movements. I was looking at Maggie being massaged by Mindy while Maggie was looking at me with Mandy working my back. It was as if we were looking at a mirror image of one another.

“Can I remove you panties? I don’t want to spoil them with oil. Ok?” Mindy asked Maggie once again and I was surprised she didn’t object.

Then the twins smudged more and more oil on our backs and on our legs. Of course they didn’t  neglect our asses which by now were completely covered with the slippery liquid.

Then the twins took off the skimpy kimonos and sat completely naked next to us. They squirted more oil on their hands but instead of applying it on us they proceeded to put it on their own bodies. They made sure that their breasts where completely covered with oil before they laid flat on top of us. With their own bodies they massaged our backs. I could feel the erect nipples of Mandy mapping its way up and down my back. From the other side I saw Mindy doing the same, pressing her full body on top of Maggie who was now starting to breath heavily.

“Please turn around now,” Mindy quietly ordered as the sisters sat back up and we did as she suggested. Now our front bodies were fully exposed as we lay on our backs.

Then they proceeded to apply more oil on the rest of our bodies until we were glittering all over. Maggie continued to look into my eyes fixated with what was happening around her. She must have been grappling for reassurance which my smile continued to offer her.

The twins again did the same exercise as before only this time they laid on top of us with their faces to ours. Nipples and breasts were rubbing against each other. Up and down they slipped trying to massage as much of our bodies with theirs. As Mindy slipped further up, her nipples almost reached Maggie’s head just a few inches from her mouth.

Then the twins stopped and sat up to prepare for their final act. They applied more of the oil on our bodies and gently started to rub our breasts with the tips of their fingers squeezing our breasts and nipples as they went along. After a few minutes of this stimulus their hands started to drift south. Maggie was holding the mattress covers with both her hands and squeezing tightly.

“Open wide please,” Mindy ordered and Maggie’s legs immediately flew wide apart. I almost laughed.

Of course you can imagine what the twins proceeded to do next. I can’t put it into words. The effect of the liquid oil rubbing at the entrance of our vagina and the touch of Mindy’s hands on Maggie’s pussy immediately pushed her to her first orgasm. She bucked from the shock. Her body twisting before she collapsed back on the mattress with her eyes closed recovering her breath. So Mindy stopped and sat back waiting for her sister to finish.

Unfortunately for me I needed more effort to reach that stage and Mandy knew that. She opened my legs wider apart and brought her head in between my thighs. She found what she was looking for and commenced to lick my pussy helping me reach my climax. 

Maggie opened her eyes and looked at us. She remained on her back trying to absorb what she was seeing. She turned her head about and looked at Mindy who was sitting next to her. Mindy was a smart girl and from the looks of Maggie’s pleading eyes she knew what she had to do. She crawled around Maggie and did what her sister was doing to me. Then Maggie looked back at me and smiled as Mindy was eating her pussy. We came together Maggie and I. It was a joyfully blissful day which I am sure we would be repeating again very soon.


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