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All Good Men Are Perverts 11

This is chapter 11 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

Isn’t it strange that when you’re young you always say that you will never grow up to be like your mother. But when you grow older you find out you’re an exact replica. Well that wasn’t true for me. I loved my mother and I have always wanted to be exactly like her.

Elizabeth has always been there for me. She raised me up to be a descent person, a loving daughter and a good wife. My father died when I was young. I don’t really recall much about him but Elizabeth managed to pull us to safety. She was the pillar which stood strong when everything around us was falling to pieces.

She was my role model. But….


I stood outside my mother’s apartment and rang the bell. I was carrying one of my kids on one shoulder and dragging the other half a sleep to the door.

“Oh my God, Maggie what brings you here so late? Come in, come in,” mom rushed us inside and took us straight to the guest room. I laid my two kids on the bed and collapsed into my mother’s arms crying.

“Oh I missed you so much mom,” I hugged her tight trying to remember the last time I did that.

“Sit, sit and relax. I’ll make you a cup of tea,” she offered, “how is Mike? Is everything ok?” But I didn’t answer.

“Come on sit and tell me all about it,” her voice was the most relaxing thing I’ve heard for a long time.

So I sat and told her everything. Well not exactly everything. I omitted the details of the sex toys and the other things I found in Mike’s apartment. Of course I omitted the fact that I just whipped him to bits and left him tied up in our bedroom. Oh gosh what has gone over me? I have been shivering from adrenaline for three hours all the way here.

I only told her how I managed to find out that Mike has been keeping a secret flat hidden away. Of course I didn’t tell her about my visit to a strip club with Julie. Oh God she would have flipped out. Mother has always been a very conservative lady. She took me to church every Sundays and tried to raised me up with good moral values which she took from her own family.

“Well I wouldn’t have thought Mike would do something like that,” mother said and I just sat there in silence. Now that everything was of my chest I didn’t have anything further to say.

“Did you have a fight with Mike? That is why you brought the kids over here?” She asked.

“We did,” I replied, “I don’t know what I am going to do now mom.”

“You know that you can stay here as much as you want but you have to confront this sometime,” mom has always been a strong forward person. Oh God how I wished to be like her right now.

“Yes you are right. I have to have a good talk with Mike,” I added.

“Honey I am proud of you. You must have the interest of your kids before anything, you know that, don’t you?” and of course she was right again.

By eleven at night I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore so I went to bed in the guest room with my kids.

“Oh shit Jake faster faster, of shit yes that is it, faster,” I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of a woman’s ecstasy spelled out load for all the neighborhood to hear.

What the hell was going on out there. How could mom stand for this? She must have heard this loud shouting from her own bedroom. Didn’t she?

“Come on fuck her harder you son of a bitch, harder,” the woman shouted again.

That was getting ridiculous. The kids will surly wake up if this keeps going on. But where was the noise coming from? I had to find out. So I got out of bed and walked over to the bedroom window. I opened the curtains trying to see where the fucking sound was coming from and I saw everything.

Oh shit. That was unbelievable. Across the other building a window was fully opened and a complete porn film was being played just in front of my eyes. 

A man was on his back in bed with two women on top of him. The loud mouth milf was splattered on his face shouting out in joy as he was probably eating her pussy in hunger. The other woman was straddling his cock. Her back was to me so I could not see her face. She must have also been in bliss. Her hands were holding her breasts as she was moving up and down on the man’ shaft.

Fuck! Why is it that everywhere I go for the past couple of weeks sex has been thrown right in my face. Either God is trying to punish me or he is testing my limits which was about to snap out right now.

I continued to watch the threesome display in front of me. What can I say? I must have failed the test so why not enjoy the show.

“Oh fuck Jake. I want to see you fuck her harder,” the woman ordered the man as he started to move his hips faster and faster.

“Oh Jake I am coming, I am cooominnnng,” she must have finally exploded on her man’s face.

Then they suddenly changed positions. The milf laid on the bed opening her legs wide apart with her back to me now. The other woman hurried to put her head between her friends legs probably licking away the juices from her pussy. As for the man he positioned himself behind the other woman and inserted his cock in her entrance. I could now see the man’s face. He was middle aged, a little plump but a good looking guy non the less. They kept at it for a few minutes. The woman on her back shouting out her joy while the other lady which I still could not see her face was licking her between her legs. 

The show was about to be over so I waited to see the final act of this sex extravaganza. I was mesmerized behind the window. I haven’t seen anything like this in my life. Of course I saw a movie or two about threesomes on the internet but seeing this alive was something else. 

“Oh shit Elizabeth I am coming again oh shit oh shit,” the woman shouted out again.

“I am coming also I am coming,” the man added and the act was over.

The other woman brought her head up from the milf’s sensitive pussy and she half sat with her knees on the bed. First she pulled her hair backwards with her two hands then she put one hand on her chin wiping away the juices which were dripping on her chin while her other hand was rubbing her own dripping pussy. Now I could clearly see her face.



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