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All Good Men Are Perverts 10

This is chapter 10 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

“Sweet eighteen.” Why don’t I find it so sweet. I just had my birthday and I can’t wait to finish school to leave this dump. Unfortunately I have to finish summer school otherwise they won’t let me graduate. I hate this. The only positive thing about high school was sex. I am not a virgin anymore but I don’t have a boyfriend either. I find boys my age to be idiots. Mrs Smith or Maggie as I sometimes call her was kind enough to let me be her babysitter this summer. I enjoy working for the Smith’s and I really need the cash which they seem to have plenty of.

Oh why can’t I have a man like Mr Smith. But…


“Anybody home,” I shouted as I opened the door. 

Maggie had given me the key to the house so that I could check on her kids whenever she needed to go out. She must’ve forgotten that she told me to be here on Saturday morning. I was surprised no one answered the bell so I used the key to let myself in.

I love to come here. The Smith’s have a wonderful house. It is a change from our cramped condo. Besides Mr Smith or Mike makes me so hot I love to hang around whenever he is home.

“Mrs Smith?” I yelled. Where could they be? Fuck she didn’t even bother to call.

I passed through the kitchen, opened the refrigerator door, took out a beer and walked over to the living room. I sat on the sofa, opened the can and switched on the large 60 inch TV. Oh that’s one other thing I love about this place.

Suddenly I heard a squeaking noise coming from upstairs. I panicked. I didn’t want the Smith’s to see me drinking so I ran to the kitchen and threw the beer in the dumpster. Oof, that was a close one. 

But who’s in the house and why didn’t anyone answer the bell? I decided to check it out. 

I slowly walked up stairs towards the bedrooms. I opened the kids bedroom door and no one was there. Could Maggie or better yet Mike be taking a shower in their bedroom? It is a possibility.

I opened the door to the master’s bedroom very slowly and I was flabbergasted. I saw Mike spread on the bed with his hands and feet tied to the bed frame. What the fuck was going on?

“What are you doing here?” Mike shouted.

Unable to speak, unable to think I quickly closed the door and retreated a few steps back. What the hell was going on in there? I had to find out if Mike was ok. He must’ve been. Isn’t he?

I opened the door once again and went inside.

“Get out,” Mike screamed at me but this time I didn’t move.

I looked at him sprawled on the large bed. What the fuck! What was this thing strapped to his penis? It looked really painful.

Collecting my courage I asked, “are you ok Mr Smith?” he just grunted.

“What the hell. This couldn’t get any worse,” I heard him say.

“Can I help you? You sound like you’re in pain,” I asked.

“Oh just leave Cindy,” he sounded defeated but I didn’t move.

I walked over and tried to pull at one of the cuffs holding his hands, “who the hell tied you up like that?” I was so curious to find out. It couldn’t be Mrs Smith, could it?

“Oh I tried to do this but the cuffs are locked very tight,” he explained, “it is useless.”

I pulled the cuffs again a few more times but they didn’t budge. I tried the other two on his feet and I couldn’t pull them out either. He was stuck in there.

“I told you,” he said.

“Can I do anything to help?” I offered while still looking at his beautiful body all spread out on the bed in front of me. I couldn’t help but stare.

“Oh just get out,” he whimpered but I didn’t move. “Oh God. I so need to pee,” he was speaking to himself out load.

From the movement of his hips and the weird looking contraption which engulfed his dick I knew that he was in pain. “Shall I go and get help?” I offered and I was startled with his reaction.

“NO'” he screamed, “Don’t fucking go anywhere,” he added. 

This is when I knew I had him under my mercy. I was the only one who could help help him and he knew it. “Tell you what! I’ll help you if you do something for me,” I said and he looked me in the eye as I asked him, “you said you wanted to pee didn’t you?” he nodded.

“I’ll help you,” and I ran down stairs to bring him something to fill his load into.

“What the hell is that?” He yelled as he saw me holding a big flower vase in my hand.

“I thought that maybe you could pee in this,” I suggested.

Surrendering to the inevitable he accepted and I jumped on the bed and squatted on his stomach with my back to him facing the metallic cock cage. OMG it even had a lock. What the fuck? I put the vase on the bed next to Mike and grabbed hold of his dick with both my hands. Oh shit I could just see his cock inside this thing. His two balls were so painfully squashed they looked like as a pair of ripped tomatoes. Oh how I wanted to remove this fucking cage and put his cock in my mouth. I hope I’ll have a chance some day but now to business.

“Ok Mr Smith, I’ll slide your dick inside the vase and you can start to pee,” I explained and he just exploded his load before I finished my sentence. What the hell? How could anyone hold all this liquid inside his body?

“Oh shit,” Mike relaxed, “this was so good,” as he offloaded all his piss inside the large vase.

I was still on top of him as he finished and I said, “are you done?” I asked and he just sighed.

“Ok it is your turn now,” I said as I put down the vase with the yellow liquid on the dresser next to the bed.

“What ever do you mean?” He asked.

I gradually started to move from my position on his stomach towards his head, “Oh you’re going to help me come as I helped you piss,” I explained as I started to remove my panties.

“Whaa…?” Before he could finish the word I sat on top of his face. I quickly aligned the entrance of my vagina to his mouth and held his head between my thighs so he could not escape. Well where was he going to go anyway?

“Come on start licking Mike,” I yelled, “I want you to make me come so hard,”

I kept grinding my pussy on his mouth, oh it was so good. He tried to move away but this only added to my enjoyment, “come on I want your tongue insides of me,” I screamed as I came all over his face. That was so wonderful. 

I stood up and put on my panties. I looked at Mike again. He looked so delicious like that with my juices dripping of his face and on to his chin. I don’t know what came over me but I took out my cell phone and started to take pictures of him all tied up on the bed.

“And what do you think you are doing Cindy?” Mike was outraged. 

“Oh just to remember you by,” I said, “I’ll also cherish these photos so that I could get you to fuck me whenever I want.” 

Oh shit. I didn’t know that I could blackmail anyone but I just did and it felt so good. I am fucking going to enjoy Mike next time. Only I want him without the cock cage. I kept thinking of all the ways I’ll be fucking Mr Smith as I took the vase filled with his piss and ran downstairs and out of the house leaving him all tied up in bed.

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