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All Good Men Are Perverts 1

This is chapter 1 of 30 chapters in the series All Good Men Are Perverts

All humans are sexual perverts. That is what Freud said and it is true.

Every one has their own secret sexual desires. Those who act strongly upon those desires are sometimes labeled as ‘perverts’. While others who manage to hide them well are often applauded. We tend to think of those as the good guys.

So every man is a pervert in nature and the good guys are those who haven’t been caught yet.

They were the perfect couple. But…


“Mike is a great husband,” Julie told Maggie.

“I know. Aren’t I the lucky one? I have every thing I want out of life, two kids and a wonderful  man,” Maggie replied.

Julie, Maggie’s friend, continued, “if every man is as loving as Mike then the world would be perfect”

“Mike takes good care of us. He helps me out with the kids, does his part in the house and even helps with the dishes. But most of all we love each other,” Maggie said.

“Ok,ok enough of the loving part how about the sex life?” Julie asked

A few seconds later Maggie reluctantly replied,” I believe we have a normal sex life like everyone else. A few times a month when the kids aren’t in the way.”

“Come on I want to know the dirty secrets. Spill it out girlfriend,” Julie insisted.

Should she tell her friend what she does with her husband? Why not. There was really not that much to tell except for a few intimate surprises that Mike had initiated on occasions. So here goes nothing, “a few months ago Mike got me one of those hand vibrators for my birthday. You know those back massagers that are sold everywhere.” Maggie said.

“That is it?” Julie interrupted.

“No but I was surprised when Mike brought it out when we were making love and put it on my pussy. He made me hold it on my clit and he watched until I came. He then went down on me and licked out my juices until I came again. It is not that we don’t do any oral sex. We do and we both enjoy it every once in a while but I was really surprised when he made me use the massager and I liked it. It was also the first time I came twice in one session.”

“Hheeemmm. Now we are talking. Has he brought you any other sex toy before?” asked Julie 

Was she getting way over her head here? Should she tell her friend more? She has never told anyone what she does in bed with her husband, not even to her mother. Oh god Specially not to her mother. She was really enjoying this conversation with her friend and a few dirty stories won’t hurt.

“He has brought a few sex toys a couple of times but we seldom was use them anymore,”  Maggie sadly replied.

“Come on, don’t leave me hanging here. What did he get you?” Julie asked again.

“The first sex toy he got was for my birthday just after we got married. It was a small vibrator. You know those small dildos which you can carry around in your purse. We used it once but that was it. Another time he brought a small rubber tingler that vibrates. We used it once on my nipples then on my pussy and another time on his dick.” Maggie continued.

“What about you. Have you ever gotten yourself anything to spice up your sex life?” Julie kept on insisting to know more about Maggie’s sex life.

“Oh my God No. I am too shy to visit those adult shops myself,” Maggie blushed.

“So it is always Mike who brought the good stuff?” Julie asked and Maggie’s confirmed with a slight nod of her head.

“Oh I remember. Last year Mike got us one of those starters bondage kits which included the handcuffs a whip and an eye mask. I guess this was at the hipe of the ’50 Shades’ phenomena. He used the cuffs to tie me up to the bed then licked my pussy until I came. I also liked the sensation of being whipped unfortunately that was again the last time we used it in bed,” Maggie regretfully explained.

“But why? If you both liked all those toys why don’t you use them again and again?” Julie asked in surprise.

“Oh I don’t know. I guess I am a little shy to ask but mainly it is the kids. We seldom have enough time for a long night of passion. Although to tell you the truth Mike asked me a few times to bring out those toys but again it is the kids. They are always in the way I guess,” Maggie explained.

“Poor Mike. Oh and poor you. You should find the time. Any other thing I should know about?” Julie asked again.

After a long moments of contemplating silence Maggie finally said, “a few times when Mike was on business trips he bought some sexy clothes and on other times some lubricants which we seldom use. Oh once he got a small tube of woman’s intimate gel which I did not like. It made my pussy hot and itchy.”

“Looks like Mike is not the guy I pictured him to be,” Julie said in surprise.

“What ever do you mean?” Maggie was shocked by her friend’s comment. “He is just a normal guy with normal sexual appetite. Isn’t he?” 

“Maybe he is and maybe he isn’t. But him bringing all these sex toys is a surprise to me, especially the vibrators. It is usually the woman who buys vibrators and uses them on herself.” Julie explained, “I might be wrong but I think Mike has more vibrant sexual fantasies then you might have realized. I am telling you this out of experience girl. After two marriages and a half dozen boyfriends I think I know a thing or two about sexual fantasies to fill a book.”

“But I thought many men buy such things for their wives. That is what I read on the internet,” Maggie said.

“Well it is not for me to judge but you had better check what your husband fantasies about. He seems to have plenty of those to spread around. I know for a fact that every man has a fetish side to him. It is for you to find out and decide what you want to do about it. If you don’t then you might have a big problem on your hands.” Maggie’s friend finally said before leaving her to her thoughts.

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