A Woman Scorned

I usually don’t drink. Every time I do I end up doing something stupid.
I met her while I was attending a conference in some hotel downtown. She was having a drink at the bar. That red hair and those piercing blue eyes weren’t so bad but what caught my attention was that interact interwoven tattoo which she displayed on her back. It was beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it. As a matter of fact I’ve never been with a woman who had a tattoo before. She said it was called a dreamcatcher to catch bad dreams or ward off evil. I guess it didn’t work because we ended up in bed on that same night. But this is not the story I am going to tell. It is something much more worse.
Laura Harrington was a dentist. She was a married woman. Well, when I met her she was still married. I guess I managed to break those vows of hers. But I swear it wasn’t entirely my fault. It all happened by chance. If my tooth wasn’t bothering me so much she might still have been married to her orthodontist husband. She said they made a good husband and wife team. But all that is behind them right now. Literally behind them. I’ll try to explain as much as I can and you’ll be the judge of that.
It was the day she told me to come to her office to check up on that tooth. “This is not so bad,” she said, “it will only take me a few minutes to fix it.” She was talking about my tooth. We were alone in her practice on a Sunday afternoon. So as you all suspect she wanted to fix much more than my tooth. After she straightened that out she turned her attention to another one of my crocked extremities and again we ended up having sex on the dental chair. But again this is not the story I wanted you to hear. It is something much more terrible than that.
It all happened after I finished fucking her. We were both naked and alone in her office when suddenly we heard the door to her practice squeaking open.
“Oh shit,” she cried out, “this is my husband, but I thought he was out of town.” She jumped off the chair and squirmed in the room like a fish out of water. Then she pushed me inside a utility room and closed the door behind us. I would have tried to sneak out of there if I had my clothes on but they were all scattered on the floor in the other room. So both Laura and I were standing stark naked inside a utility room unable to do anything about it except to wait for her husband to leave. Only he didn’t.
“I’ve always wanted to be fucked on the dentist chair.” By the way, that was not Laura speaking. It was the voice of a woman who was about to be entertained by an orthodontist and Laura was practically exploding in my arms.
“Ooo… I’m going to kill that son of a bitch,” she was boiling and I was trying to stop her from doing something foolish. I really tried hard to stop her from bursting out of that hiding place but I couldn’t. She pushed me aside and snuck out to see what was going on. All I could do was to crawl right behind her to give her my support and of course to try to look for my clothes to get the hell out of there if possible.
“I am going to kill him,” she kept saying that as she watched her husband screwing some bimbo on her back. I could see the husband’s nakedness as his ass kept going up and down fucking that woman. “I am going to screw that ass of his to kingdom come,” Laura finally told me.
Now I would not have given that any further thought if not for the fact that she ran to the other side of the room, opened a drawer and took out something which I’ve only seen in a porn movie. It was a fucking strap-on dildo which she quickly put on and barged out of the room towards her unsuspecting husband. I really thought of stopping her. I swear. But seeing that huge wobbly thing coming towards me, the only thing I could do was to get out of its way. What kind of a dentist keeps a strap-on in her office anyway?!
As she tiptoed behind her poor husband she spat in her hands and tried to lubricate the large dildo with her saliva. I don’t think she was too much concerned with her husband’s well being. It was more to help her with the technicality of the thrust and that was exactly what happened. She stood behind him and shoved that thing right inside his asshole with one quick stroke as she held him tight with both arms lest he gets away from her vengeance.
I will never forget the squeal of that man’s pain as he was being penetrated so forcefully. I had no idea why he didn’t move to stop her assault. He just froze in his place as that big dildo entered his back side all the way. “You son of a bitch,” she kept shouting as she pushed it further and further.
“LAURAAAAAA….,” he screamed, “what the hell are you doing?”
“I’ve always known you’ve been screwing around,” she said, “this is what you deserve for fucking that slut of yours in my practice you son of a bitch.”
As the husband and wife became interlocked, both the bimbo and me were mesmerized with what was happening. What ever her name was, that slut remained on her back with her mouth open and the husband’s cock still ¬†inside her pussy. As for me I was standing behind the door watching this scene unfold right in front of my eyes. Of course I was naked so my cock sprang to life as if it was watching a live porn movie.
“Laura! Please..” The husband tried to explain, “let’s talk about this,” I have no idea what was it he wanted to explain but he was just caught with his cock still inside a woman. I wouldn’t know where to begin explaining that.
“TALK!?” Laura yelled out, “there is nothing to talk about. I want the last image I have of you with this thing inside your asshole.” Laura was fuming, “I want the image of you fucking your slut to be burned inside my mind so I’ll know what a fucking idiot I had married,” giving him another thrust to prove her point.
“Laaaaura! Pleeeeeeease..” the husband squealed as he tried to stand up but she pushed him forward so that he remained where he was; on top of his girlfriend with his cock inside her pussy.
“Do you know why I am here on a Sunday?” Laura asked her husband and my heart just skipped a beat. I didn’t like how that conversation was going to end and I was right. “You want to fuck your slut and so do I,” she said.
WHAT?! I AM A WHAT !? I almost screamed myself but the husband beat me to it.
“WHAT !?” He shouted out what should have been my line.
“Oh yes,” Laura chuckled like the wicked witch of the north then she called out to me, “SAM.” I wanted to run out of that office even if I didn’t have any clothes on. But I couldn’t.
“Come here and show that fucking husband of mine what he can never be,” she ordered as her strap-on was still imbedded in her husband’s ass.
At first I didn’t want to come out of my hiding place. Would you? I wasn’t so much afraid of the husband. I was now afraid of the wife. But I couldn’t ignore her final command as she cried out, “NOW SAM.” So I approached with my head between my legs and my eyes pointing to the floor. I was afraid to make eye contact with her.
“See that dick,” Laura was talking about my 8 inch. “This is what I want,” she was really giving it to him, both mentally as well as physical. “That is what you’ll never amount to,” she pathetically explained to her husband lifting my spirit up a little bit.
“You’re a whore,” the husband tried for a mental swing at his wife but he should have remained silent. He wasn’t even in her league.
“SAM,” Laura cried again, “come and put that dick of yours in me.” She ordered, “I want to show this piece of shit how a man fucks a woman.”
At that moment I thought of jumping out of the office window but Laura’s, “NOW,” made me scramble to stand behind her and do as she requested.
As I was trying to put my cock inside of her pussy she said, “not there you moron. I want to feel you up there. The other hole.”
“Are you sure about that?” I didn’t believe what I was hearing. She wanted me to fuck her asshole as she was fucking her husband’s.
“DO IT,” she yelled and I did. Like I saw her do earlier I tried to lubricate my dick with my own saliva and that was for my own well being rather than hers. I slowly inserted my very very hard cock inside of her anus until I thought I reached the end of the road.
“Fuck me hard Sam,” she said. “let’s see who can come first; your slut or me,” I believe she was addressing her husband rather than me with that last remark.
So now it was up to me to prove that I was better than him. I usually don’t like to be compared with anyone else but I had no choice. Laura had put me on the spot and I had to perform. So it was a race, one I couldn’t back away from. And so it began. As the husband tried to shove his cock inside his girlfriend to make her come I tried to work hard to fuck Laura’s ass as efficiently and passionately as possible. I had to admit he was a little hampered by the dildo in his ass but he tried his best. At times it seemed we were all working in unisons. But no, it was a race. We were four people locked together as one yet each had a point to prove. In and out of each other like a seesaw we scrambled to see who would come up the winner? Four people moaning out load; me for fucking a tight asshole, Laura for enjoying being fucked and happily giving it to her husband, he for feeling the pain of being fucked while fucking his girlfriend and finally the slut on her back for seeing all three of us fucking her. She was the loudest of the lot.
After a few minutes I felt Laura start to shudder. As she shivered and bucked I knew that I had won. Laura exploded in my arms as she tried not to let go of her husband so that the dildo remained embedded in his ass. Then I heard the slut shouting out loud announcing she had reached the finish line herself. Upon hearing the sounds of the two screaming women, I unloaded my juices inside Laura’s asshole as her husband did the same inside his girlfriend’s pussy.
“You’ll hear from my lawyers tomorrow,” Laura told her husband as she walked out of the room with me trailing behind her with my cum still dripping out of my cock.
I never felt so stupid in my entire life but I am still getting free dental consultations up to this day. Now that is not so bad is it? What do you think?

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