A Visit From a Friend

I had a FWB come and visit me, as she lives a long way from me. It was good to see her again, as she could only stop by for a weekend. Her name is Robin, and she is about five feet nine inches tall, with long black hair and the most beautiful DD breasts that you have ever seen.

She called me at work and said, “I just checked into the hotel and just got into my room. I told the front desk that you are coming to see me and to give you a room key.”

She also told me, “I am tired from the plane trip and this way I don’t have to get up to let you in.”

I told her, “I will be there in about an hour and a half.”

I finished work and quickly drove to her hotel. They gave me a room key to her room. I went up to the room and did not knock on the door, since she might be sleeping. I was surprised when I opened the door.

I saw Robin’s bare legs on top of the bed, there was a beautiful blonde in a white robe beside the bed was rubbing her bare legs. The woman looked as surprised as I was and looked at Robin.

I walked into the room, when I noticed Robin was naked propped up in bed with a towel wrapped around her hair. Robin looked at Mary and told her to continue. Mary just smiled and continued putting lotion on Robin’s legs.

Robin looked at me, “I didn’t know how soon you would be here, and I wanted to be perfect for you, so I called, and Mary came over to shave me smooth.”

Mary had Robin strip down and get into the shower where she washed her top to bottom including her long, beautiful hair. I walked in as she was putting a moisturizing lotion on her before she started.

Mary looked at Robin, “If you want, I could also shave your friend, there is no extra charge.”

Robin looked at me, “Go and get a shower and lay beside me as I want to watch her shave you also.”

I then stripped down and walked naked into the bathroom and took a shower. I dried off and walked out naked and was already hard. Robin patted the bed beside her, as Mary was shaving her under arm.

Mary had Robin pull her knees up and open her legs as she started to shave her mons and her pussy.

She took her time shaving Robin and then had her pull her legs back and very carefully shaved Robin’s ass area smooth.

Mary moved to my side of the bed, had me pull my heels up to my butt and spread my legs. Mary put shaving cream on my pubic area and balls. Then she began to shave me slowly and gently. Robin turned towards me and put her one breast up to my mouth, for me to suck and lick it.

While I was sucking on Robin’s magnificent breasts, I look down and seen Robin was rubbing and fondling her clit and pussy.

I made her nipple hard and excited as I sucked on one breast and fondled the other. We both looked and noticed that her robe had parted and exposed both of her breasts, and her hard and excited nipples.  She had beautiful breasts that looked like DD cup size and very full.

It felt so nice as she was holding and shaving my dick and balls. When she finished with my dick and balls, she had me pull my legs back and gently shaved my ass area. Now the area between my legs was nice and smooth.

Mary took her time cleaning me up. After I was nice and clean, Mary stood and dropped her robe, showing her nicely shaved pussy. She went to the other side of the bed and got between Robin’s legs and went down on her.

As Mary was going down on Robin and enjoying her smooth and sexy pussy and her clit. I got behind Mary and went down on her pussy, it tasted so good. I was also sucking on her clit. As I reached between her legs and fondled her beautiful and full breasts and nipples, Robin was doing the same thing. We were fondling both of her breasts.

After a few minutes Mary began to cum and she had a noticeably big orgasm and came hard, shaking all over. This also caused Robin to cum with her. After Mary recovered from cumming so hard, she picked up her robe, then got her clothes on. Mary then left us alone.

I slowly slid up Robin’s body, I started to suck on her breasts, with her guiding my dick where it should be. Right between her legs and inside her wet and waiting pussy. I begin to slowly fuck her, and suck on her excited hard nipples.

I heard the door open and close and thought that it was Mary coming back into the room.

Robin started to cum, and I just keep my dick buried deep inside her pussy till her orgasm subsides. I rolled Robin onto her knees and started fucking her doggy style.

While I was fucking her doggy style, a male friend of Robin’s walks up to the edge of the bed. He was naked and hard. Robin turned her head and reached for his hard dick.

He looked at me, “I’m a friend of Robin’s and she had said to stop by for an enjoyable time. My name is Dennis.”

As he was introducing himself, Robin was grabbing his dick and sucking it as she is fondled his balls. When she felt that he was wet enough and ready she stopped sucking him, and he also stopped fondling her breasts and nipples.

Robin then turned to me and said, “Honey please get under me as I want to feel Dennis’s dick in my pussy and filling me up.”

I quickly pulled out of Robin’s pussy and slid under her with my head between Robin’s legs and started to lick her pussy and suck on her excited clit. I noticed Dennis’s large and hard cock and rubbed it onto Robin’s wet pussy lips and clit.

I took and guided his hard cock inside Robin’s pussy and watching it stretch her pussy wide. He had to stop a couple of times for her pussy to accommodate his large girth. As Dennis was inserting his cock into her pussy, I could not help but to lick his cock to get it wet to slide into her.

Dennis finally slid all the way inside of her, I then started to lick and suck on his balls. As Dennis slowly started to fuck her. I licked both Robin’s pussy and his large glistening shaft.

As Robin began to cum again squeezing Dennis’s dick hard, he pulled his cock out of Robin’s pussy, just before he shot several ropes of warm cum across Robin’s ass and between her ass cheeks.

Robin turned and squatted down on my hard cock, sliding me deep into her pussy. Dennis then rubbed his cum on Robin’s beautiful ass. He slid three fingers into her ass stretching her out. Once Robin was wet, and relaxed, Dennis started to slowly putting his large cock into and out of Robin’s perfect ass.

I feel Robin cumming again, as she was squeezing my cock with her pussy. I could feel Dennis stop fucking Robin’s ass. After Robin had her orgasm, we all three collapsed onto the bed, holding each other tightly.

Sometime during the night Robin’s friend, Dennis had gotten up and left. I was not sure what time it was, but the sun was up, and so was I due to the knocking at the door. Robin and I were there on the bed naked as the housekeeper came into the room.

She was an incredibly beautiful and sexy woman. She had long blonde hair down to her chest and speaking of breasts they looked fantastic. They had to be at least a DD cup or a little larger and her breasts barely inside her top.

She looked and said, “Looks like someone had a fucking good time last night.”

I looked at her, “If you want to strip naked and join us, it will even be a fucking great day.”

She started to pull off her shirt and expose those very sexy breasts.

Then she said, “This was the last room to clean today, so why not join the two of you.”

She turned and dropped her leggings and her thong panties after kicking off her shoes.

She said, “My name is Rose, would you want me to fuck your female friend or you first?”

By now Robin was waking up and looking at Rose, with lust in her eyes. Rose was turning around, and we saw the most fantastic she-cock that we had ever seen. It was at least eight inches, fully hard and exciting.

I looked at Rose, “You have one extremely hot and sexy body. Please do Robin first and then I want to taste you in my mouth.”

Rose looked at me, “Let me suck your cock and get you hard. Then as I am fucking your girlfriend, you can be fucking me in the ass.”

After that, Rose got onto the bed and started to suck on my cock and bringing it to life. I pulled Rose’s hips over my face and began to suck on her sexy she-cock. As I was doing that Robin began sucking her balls.

After Rose got me hard, she had Robin lay back on the bed and spread her legs. Rose rubbed her cock on Robin’s clit and up and down on her pussy lips till they opened wide. She slowly slid her cock into Robin’s pussy and began to slowly fuck her.

I took some lube from the nightstand and coated my cock and Rose’s sexy ass. Rose paused for a minute till I was able to slip into her exceptionally beautiful and sexy ass. I took my time, slowly going in till my balls were touching her

We then took some time to get the proper rhythm but, I as able to do Rose anally, as she was fucking Robin’s pussy. It felt fine doing it this way and once we had it down with Rose being the first to shoot her cum into Robin.

This caused Robin to have an orgasm, as Robin had her orgasm, I then unloaded a stream of cum into Rose’s ass. After Robin and Rose were full of cum, we decided to all three take a long and relaxing shower to clean each other up.

While in the shower Rose decided to give me a very sensual blow job. As she finished it, Robin got on to her knees and gave Rose an excellent blow job. We decided to both go down on Robin and we made her cum again.

Rose looked at the time as she was dressing and took off saying that she was late to clock out. Robin said that she was exhausted, so she and I went to bed to try and sleep. Which was extremely hard when you both are naked, and you are in bed with a sex goddess.

Robin reminded me that she had a flight out the next day and she reminded me that she will return for a week next time.

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    1. Wow, Dennis! That’s a lot going on in a hotel room for less than 24 hours! Good Gracious! I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting a Trans to show up. I guess it was a surprise for the speaker as well. It certainly was threesome city. You pack a punch with your stories, baby.

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