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A Session on How to Dominate Your Slave

This is a guide for you women on how to dominate, abuse and torture your slaves. Make sure that you are ready and well prepared. Domination is a sex art therefore you are free to explore and do what ever you want This is only a guide for one nightly session to get you started. You are the boss so don’t hesitate to experiment. You can also explore the internet to see what you fancy and your slave will obey. Don’t worry about him, you are the master he will take it as a slave should and thank you for it.

How should you start the Session
First you tell him to follow you to the bedroom where you will be waiting for him. You will be wearing a sexy leather or dominant outfit that makes you look lavishing. A high heels shoes or boots might also increase the effect. But he is not allowed to touch you, not yet. You order him to strip his cloths off and fall on his hands and knees on the ground. You put a mask on his eyes. It would be preferable if you cover his entire face with a scarf or a ski mask to completely block his vision leaving only his mouth because he will be using it to pleasure you later (picture). You tie a leash or rope around his neck (or you can use one of his ties). You pull him and make him crawl on his hands and knees around the room (picture). You can use your wipe or cane to show him who is the boss. Ride him. Just get on his back and ride him around the room while striking him with the wipe. Don’t worry you will not be braking anything. You will only be braking him (picture).
Now the fun part begins.
While he is still on his knees you grab his head by his hair and you pull strongly. His eyes should still be covered and they will be for the whole night. He will not be able to see you. You guide him where you want him to kiss and lick you starting all the way down (picture). Tell him to kiss and lick your boots until they shine. After he is finished you take them off. You guide him again to kiss and lick your feet, legs, ass until he reaches your clit (picture). You can let him kiss, lick or suck your spot or just let him smell it without touching it. If you want you can let him have a feast until you come in his face, or you want to save your energy for later.
You then order him to stand up. You tie his hands behind his back and leave him for a few minutes just standing there. The wait is killing him. He doesn’t know where you are and what will you do next (picture). This time you go down on him and start playing with his dick and balls. Lick it, suck it, bite it, torture it. Use you tongue, your lips, your teeth, It is your toy. Make it dance in your mouth. Make him come if you want however and where ever you want (picture).
Don’t worry this is not over. He will be coming again tonight and so will you. Just let him rest or lie on the bed and leave him for a few minutes (maybe 15-20 minutes until he regain his strength) (picture). Don’t forget never take his mask or head cover off. You can also take a rest yourself while he is powering up for you.
Now the fun part continues.
Next you have to deprive him of his other senses, his hearing. Put a headphone with loud music on his ears while his eyes are still covered. Take off your panties and stuff it in his mouth. Make him lie on his back and you can restart your torturing once again. Use the wipe again. Torture his dick and balls but only for a few seconds. Torture his nipples. Pull them. Suck them. Bite them until they become red. Scratch his chest, his dick, his balls with your fingernails. Put your toes in his mouth and let him suck them one by one. Use your feet to play and torture his cock. Don’t be afraid to press hard. If you want you can sit on his face and let him see and smell your juices for a little while (picture). Turn him on his back. Walk on him. Put your feet in his ass. Caress his asshole with your toes and try to insert your large toe in the entrance to his hole.
Now bring a vibrating cock ring and put it around his balls and cock. Don’t switch it on yet. Use a lot of those yummy lubricants while doing this (picture). Take your panties from his mouth and sit on his face and make him eat you. Now switch the vibrating ring on and you start eating his cock. He will explode in your face and you will come on his face once again (picture).
Take another rest. Just leave him tied on the bed again for a few minutes. (again 15-20 minutes to gain his strength)
Now the fun part can start again.
You both need a bath and it is his job to clean you up. Don’t forget his eyes should still be covered and his hands still tied behind his back. You take him to the bathroom. You guide him to the toilet and let him pee. His boils must be full by now. You should guide his penis to pee in the toilet otherwise he will make a mess (picture). Then take him inside the shower or tub and let him kneel on his knees (picture). Put a sponge in his mouth and use it as well as his hair to give you a sponge bath. let him clean every inch of your body; your legs, back, tits, and ass. Then you can clean him up. You can make him dry you up with his tongue specially those difficult places such as your clit all the way up to your asshole (picture). Take him back to the bed and stuff your panties in his mouth once again and leave him for a few minutes (picture).
Now the torture starts once again.
Use the wipe again. Torture his dick and balls only for a few seconds again.

Torture his nipples; pull them, suck them, bite them until they become red again. Scratch his chest, his dick, his balls with your fingernails…
Now bring the vibrating cock ring once again and put it around his cock and balls. Don’t switch it on yet. Then bring a vibrating anal beads and put it in his asshole. Don’ switch it on yet again. Use a lot of lubricant while doing this. Then bring a large cock vibrator and put it in his mouth (picture).

Now switch them all together, the vibrating ring, the vibrating anal beads and the cock vibrator. Now you can jump on his cock and ride him and listen to him scream until he comes. He will explode in you and you will come maybe with a multiple orgasm.
Again as I said this is only a guide so don’t forget to experiment. You are the master so your commands are to be obeyed.

The End

P.S. You can make pictures so you can later show your slave who was the boss. I have included the word (picture) to remind you when is the best time to take a picture of your slave.

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