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A Kiss

A Kiss

You work hard everyday.
I see the exhaustion
in your eyes.
I know you are tired. I will let you
sleep for awhile.

I long to kiss you, but I don’t want to
disturb your sleeping eyes.
I will wait for morning light,
So I can kiss you like I want.


When morning comes. I will start with an embrace,
and a kiss to your head, that will lead to kisses
to your eyes, cheeks, and ears. Those kisses are
to show my affection, that I really do care.

Trailing morning kisses that land on your lips.
Mmm..those juicy red lips, that I just adore.
To kiss you there, shows passion, fire, and there
will be so much more.

A kiss to your neck,
and then down to your breast.
Sucking and kissing those beautiful breast.
Mmm..the moans that come from you.
Tell me your awake.
Your intake of breathe, and the arch of your back.
My love, is awake, and it’s now our time for fun.

Can you feel the passion, lust, and
the desire I have for you?
Open your beautiful brown eyes, so I can look at you.
Do you see, the lust in my eyes, that say I want you.
I move down your body, worshiping every inch.
In every kiss that I give you, sets your body on fire.
I smell your arousal, as I kiss, lick, and caress your thighs.

What I love about you. Is you know what I crave.

A kiss on your lips, that hide between your soft thighs.

It’s more, more than a kiss, but a feast for my eyes.

What started out, as Just a Kiss….turned into morning pleasures

we both will never forget.

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