10 Must-Read Erotic Novels: Classic and Kink Gems

Recently we encouraged you to pick up some new erotic novels and reap the rewards in the bedroom. Yet, the erotic section of your local bookstore can be a daunting place for the uninitiated. So, we’re here to celebrate 10 of the steamiest books around. Whether you enjoy a good bodice ripper or black latex and whips, our X-rated reading list has something for you!

Classic Erotic Verse

1. “Delta of Venus” by Anaïs Nin

What it’s all about: A collection of daring short stories that take readers from crowded Paris cafes to the opium dens of Peru. Originally commissioned by a mysterious private client in the ’40s, the book has grown to be one of Nin’s most revered works.

Why you’ll love it: Nin creates rich imagery, brimming with sensuality and literary flourishes. Many readers remark on the emotional content of her work, even in the most scandalous of scenes.

2. “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” by D.H. Lawrence

What it’s all about: Stuck in a loveless marriage to a paralyzed war veteran, Constance Chatterley seeks comfort in the arms of her sexy gamekeeper, Oliver Mellors.

Why you’ll love it: While the sex scenes will get you hot and bothered, the story will also get you thinking about your own relationships and desires. Although it was penned in 1928, this novel’s themes of the need for physical and emotional fulfillment still resonate.

3. “Fanny Hill: Memoirs Of A Woman of Pleasure” by John Cleland

What it’s all about: Through a series of letters we learn about Fanny Hill, a sweet-natured young prostitute who rises above her station and marries a nobleman. Thankfully she enjoys a few orgies and one-night stands before settling down!

Why you’ll love it: Written way back in 1748, Fanny Hill is considered the world’s first English-language erotic novel. It was deemed so scandalous that the writer served jail time, and American companies refused to publish it until 1966!

4. “Story of O” by Pauline Réage

What it’s all about: Parisian fashion photographer “O” discovers the delight of a submissive lifestyle thanks to her lover, René, and new master, Sir Stephen.

Why you’ll love it: It’s the original “Fifty Shades” complete with charismatic male mentors and toe-curlingly kinky scenes. The novel was so provocative that French writer Anne Desclos published it under a pen name in the ’50s, and only admitted to writing it 40 years later! (Did you read “50 Shades?” Here are 9 Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask.)

5. “Emmanuelle” by Emmanuelle Arsan

What it’s all about: This autobiographical novel introduces us to Emmanuelle, the wife of a French diplomat and a slave to her own desires. Not content with the loving arms of her husband, Emmanuelle also seeks pleasure with the wives of his business associates and handsome strangers.

Why you’ll love it: It’s uncertain whether Arsan really behaved as scandalously as the Emmanuelle in her book, but the autobiographical style gives the novel a sense of authority. You’ll want to believe it’s all true!

Kinky Lit

1. “Lofting” by Alma Marceau

What it’s all about: Claire is a woman who wants to experience it all, whether it’s cyber-sex with her married virtual lover, Andres, or a real-life sexual encounter in a reptile house!

Why you’ll love it: “Lofting” goes beyond the popular BDSM story lines and delivers a more diverse selection of kinky stuff, including exhibitionism and voyeurism. You might even discover a new fetish among its pages …

2. “Bound” by Sasha White

What it’s all about: Katie Long is a small-town girl with dreams of meeting Mr. Right. Of course, she never imagined he’d come in the form of Joe Carson, a magnetic figure who introduces her to the darker side of sex.

Why you’ll love it: Katie is a relatable heroine for anyone who’s used to playing the good girl. You’ll feel inspired as Katie evolves from innocent young thing to a woman in touch with her sexuality.

3. “Slave To Love” by Nikita Black

What it’s all about: When Vice Sergeant Caroline Palmer isn’t exploring her kinky side with Lieutenant Michael McGraw, she’s helping him hunt down a sexual predator.

Why you’ll love it: Black skilfully blends erotica with a page-turning mystery. Caroline’s strong character should also appeal to readers who love heroines of substance.

4. “Summer’s Journey: Losing Control” by Summer Daniels

What it’s all about: Recently divorced Summer hopes for nothing more than a one-night stand when she connects with Mark online. Instead, the chance encounter leads Summer to discover the joy of surrendering control.

Why you’ll love it: The memoir style helps readers take the journey of self-discovery along with Summer . It’s also just the first in a series, so you can read it knowing there’s more to come!

5. “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E.L. James

What it’s all about: Suave and sophisticated entrepreneur Christian Grey introduces virginal college student Anastasia Steele to the pleasures of BDSM. This is the first in the best-selling “Fifty Shades” trilogy.

Why you’ll love it: It’s the novel that started the modern erotica revival! The writing is pretty basic, but reading it ensures you can participate in the water cooler discussion.

So what are you waiting for? Cozy up with one of these sexy reads tonight. They’re guaranteed to stimulate – and we don’t just mean your mind.

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